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Well hello there…

Let’s talk about Mondays Eats and Exercises before we get to the shoes:


  • 745a–Sbux venti 4pump vanilla non-fat latte (I had an appt near Starbucks ;))
  • 10a–Chobani strawberry banana Greek yogurt
  • 1230p–leftover turkey chili that I had thawed from the freezer
  • 330p–medium orange (which I’m loving lately!) and a Nature’s Valley PB granola bar
  • 630p–Annie’s mac ‘n cheese (made with only water (no milk/butter)) with 2 cut up tofu dogs and some arugula (gotta tell you that this combo blew my mind it was so good.  weird, but good)
  • 745ish–a nibble of the struesel for the hubby’s applecrisp topping and 1/2 of the new PB Snickers (a weakness buy, but I am soooo glad I did)
  • 8p–glass of Merlot (while watching The Bachelor)


  • 20 minute walk with Naava
  • 40 minutes on the treadmill — I started running for the first 5 min but got a weird pain in my hip so I just went easy for 3 miles
  • Circuit (3x) of 20 sumo squats, 20 lat pull downs, 20 tricep pull downs, 1 minute planks

Okey doke, on to shoes.  After working a 9 hour day Saturday, I needed to put something different on so I could at least feel like going out.

Enter plenum BCBG peep-hole blouse, skinny jeans, and pointy toed mid-calf boots.

Saturday night wear

Can you see how tired I am?  Hopefully not…just focus on the boots okay?

Carlos Santana boots circa 2006

I purchased these Carlos Santana boots off of Zappos.com for about $100 in the  Fall of 2006.  Oddly enough I have only worn them a dozen times  in over 4 years.   For some reason they just don’t make an appearance very often, though maybe I ought to because they are surprisingly comfy for 3.75″ ;)

Before heading out, I slipped on my grey blazer and made the hubby take a photo:

A quick family photo and we're out ;)

Are you still digging the pointy toed trend? I have narrow feet so they work great for me, but I do love the rounded toe options out there!

Any tricks you have to motivate yourself to go out after a long brain-sapping day?

And have you tried the new PB Snickers? If you haven’t, may I highly suggest you do!


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The spider beside me

This morning before my second all day weekend work day, I wanted to get in a nice sweaty workout before sitting on my bootay for the rest of the day.

Before lacing up, I took Naava out to do her business and noticed a spider (big, huge, and hairy, of course) building its web on the overhang of our front door.  I quickly scurried past and went inside to feed the beasts before hitting our apartment gym.

When I opened the front door to leave, the spider had moved! EEEK!  Where did it move?  Right in front of the door about 1 ft above my head.  I literally slammed the door and whimpered.  I watched the creepy arachnid through the glass at the top of the door.  I think it was mocking at me…or flipping me off (can I spider do that?).

After standing there for a few minutes and contemplating spraying it with Windex (to kill it), I slipped out the sliding doors and broke  snapdragon stem off to thwart away my nemesis.  Then I remembered that the tensile strength of a spider web is ridiculously high and my flower twig would only enrage the spider.

A few more minutes of fretting and I finally decided to buck up and race through the door: mouth closed, body hunched, hands over head, and mentally praying the little bugger wouldn’t land on me.

That’s how my day started.  How did yours start?

Today’s eats started with this:


Chobani maple pumpkin goodness

Seriously, so amazing.  I only wish I remembered to add some dry cereal flakes for crunch.  Ahh well, next time.


Today’s Eats:

  • 845a–2.5 cups maple nut coffee with 1 tbsp creamer each
  • 930a–Chobani non-fat plain yogurt with 1 heaping tbsp of maple pumpkin butter and a dash of cinnamon
  • 1245p–last bit of tofu broccoli slaw and a banana
  • 4p–Nature’s Valley maple cinn granola bar

Today’s Exercises:

  • 45 minutes on treadmill — alternating 5 minutes walking on incline, 5 minutes running
  • Ab work (1 minute planks, both sides and front)

Saturday Eats:

  • 9a–2.5 cups maple nut coffee with 1 tbsp creamer each
  • 945a–1 TJ’s apple-cinn oatmeal packet with 1 tbsp maple pumpkin butter (beyond tasty)
  • 1245p–leftover tofu slaw
  • 4p–Diet Mt Dew and a banana (power snack, no?)
  • 6p–very small glass of Pinot
  • 745p–Dinner at Mantra where I had 1/3 rd of a too-sweet girly  martini, 2 pieces of wheat roti, 1 piece of garlic naan, and a fabulous entree Nawabi Murg (Saffron Breast of Chicken, Roasted Cashew and Onion Sauce, Dry Ginger Bok Choy, Jalapeno Peppers) – super light (not saucy)…sadly the restaurant was too dark for photos.
  • 1 bag of smart pop popcorn while watching Dinner for Schmucks

Saturday Exercise:

  • 30+ sweaty minutes on elliptical
  • Weights: 3 sets (20 bicep curls, 20 lateral raises, 20 tricep kickbacks, 20 lunges, 20 curtsey squats) and 20 rollups for abs and 30 each side cross overs
  • 20 minute walk with Naava

Question:  Are you afraid of spiders? If not, what are you afraid of?


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Long work days and food guilt

Hi guys…I’m exhausted.  Can I just tell you that I’m not one of those people that thinks working 12+ hour deserves a badge of merit.  In fact, I think it makes me lame.  Lame for putting work above life.   I can appreciate and understand that it is necessary at times (and dare I say, fun!) but nevertheless it is still has the ability to drain me! :?

And did I ever mention how I get super crabby if I don’t eat on time?  It’s frightening.  You don’t want to see a 30 yr old throw a temper tantrum believe me.  And usually I’m good about popping a snack or something; but if I eat later at night, I feel like every calorie is just going to turn into fat on my thighs as I sleep, so I end up not snacking.

Sp pre-Date Night (Wed) I may have looked something like this:


Yeah I’m a real peach to hang out with ;)  Date Night wasn’t off to a good start.  I was late from work (after the hubby, which never happens).  And I had my cranky pants glued on.  I didn’t think those suckers were coming off for anything!

While Zach was chattin’ away at Gumba’s, he noticed my glazed over expression and one-sided silence, to which he smartly stated “How about I not talk to you until you’ve had 3 bites of food.”  Brilliant idea.

Sure enough, a few bites into my salad and I was A-Ok :)

The rest of Date Night was quite nice actually and I felt nearly de-stressed by the time the night ended.  WIN! :D

Now to recap the eats and exercises…

Wed Eats:

  • 715a–12 oz coffee with 1tbsp creamer
  • 9a–1 packet TJs cinn-apple oatmeal with 1 tbsp pecans
  • 12–Asian salad togo’s with <1/2 dressing (400 cals according to the nutrition info online)
  • 245p–Sbux venti 4pump vanilla nonfat latte
  • 515p–half a medium banana
  • 720p–romaine salad with oil/vinegar and 1.5 pieces garlic bread
  • 740p–pasta primavera (zucchini, peppers, onions, carrots, asparagus).  I ate all the veggies and half the noodles
  • 8p–1 glass of Merlot

Exercises: N/A :(

Thursday Eats:

  • 745a–16 oz mug of home brewed maple nut coffee with 1+ tbsp vanilla creamer
  • 845a–Nature’s Valley PB granola bar (on the way to a meeting)
  • 1145a–small work-catered Italian salad (romaine lettuce, red onions, olives) and ZonePerfect Fudge Graham bar
  • 3p–1 medium orange, 1 bag of Miss Vicky’s jalapeno chips
  • 7p–3 slices feta/spinach frozen pizza (to which I added cut up green olives and arugula) (about 400 cals total) and 10 carrots with <2tbsp spicy hummus


  • 2o minute walk with Naava
  • 40 minute treadmill (variation of walk/running for 20 minutes, then 20 minutes at 4mph / 5deg incline)
  • Ab work: 50 crunches, 1 minute (each) side planks, 60 dolphin planks
  • Tricep dips (while watching tv)

So how do I feel about all this eating?  Guilty.  Yep.  Guilty.

I realize I haven’t eaten anything too horribly bad — or in excess, for that matter–but my current sedentary work situation is making me feel a major lard@ss, hence the guilt over eating anything that is not 100% fresh, nutritious and low-cal.  And yet, all I want to do is eat !  Why the heck is that?

What I am telling myself is that this proposal will be done and gone in less than 2 weeks at which time I can kick it back into health-mode and up my workouts.  Kauai is a month and a half away –>  motivation 8)

What motivates you?

Desk job?  or do you stand / move around?


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