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Things are looking up

Hey there friends!  Happy  Monday to you!  I’m entering my last 6 weeks of maternity leave {sniffle} – it’s going by so fast!

I have to give a big thanks for your comments on last Thursday’s post regarding my postpartum issues.  It sounds like complications are actually fairly common, but rarely talked about.  I for one would have appreciated a bit more knowledge of what could happen.

My specialist appointment ended up getting moved to last Friday.  The diagnosis was nerve and muscle damage, but no tearing.  Therefore no surgery (at this time), thank goodness.  I’m to alter my diet a bit and do pelvic floor exercises to improve strength.  The doctor stated that it could take 6 month to a year to fully heal.  Oh dear lord Sad smile 

While we were at the clinic, we stopped in the newborn club to weigh the soybean since he hadn’t been weighed since his 2 week appointment and still wasn’t up to birth weight.  Well, he has surpassed it! At 6 weeks and 2 days, he hit double digits at exactly 10 lbs.  Woot! Open-mouthed smile

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was quite good, starting on Thursday afternoon when Sawyer had a play date with his buddy Preston – how cute are the?

Feb 9 2012 P S 2_small

Friday night, Zach and I ventured on our first date with the bean.  The hubby was craving sushi since has also on a hiatus during my pregnancy.  Though I only eat vegetarian sushi, I enjoy the experience.  Soybean did too Winking smile (yes he knows how to use chopsticks..haha)

Feb 10 2012 sushi 1Feb 10 2012 sushi 2

Saturday, Zach took the bean to the driving range (he’s starting him early!) while I got a much needed mani / pedi (as you can see from the photo above).  Ahh pure bliss. 

We had yet another dinner out Saturday night when our friends Priya and Vijay had us over for a fabulous Thaali Indian dinner.  So.Darn.Good!  My favorite was the paneer kofta and Vijay’s cardamom crème brulee.  I failed to snap pictures of the spread, though trust me it was as delish as it looked.  I did however snap a photo of how dapper the soybean looked in his cords, white button down and argyle sweater:

Feb 11 2012

After a late night, Sunday morning came too soon.  But I was fortunate to start my day with a postpartum massage.  Yes yes yes!  I didn’t realize how much tension I was carrying in my shoulders from breastfeeding.  Yowsa. 

The rest of the sunny afternoon was spent on the activity mat and a long walk with Naava. 

And last but not least, the good people at Popchips sent me their new coveted sweet potato flavor – with incentive to share!


These are just as good as you’d imagine and may just boot the BBQ flavor as my new fave.  Thank you Popchips!!!

So yup, despite some less than stellar news last week, things are looking up!

In what ways are things ‘lookin’ up’ for you?


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Bestie eats her way around Boston

Hello again bestie blogger friends!  I’m back to blog for S about the wondrous eats in Boston.  Before I get started, I’ll put the disclaimer out there that I’ve only been in Boston 4 months or so now, so I have not by any means done a complete survey of all the yummy places Boston has to offer.  I’m just here to give you a few wins, so you have more info if you ever end up here with an empty stomach.

Let’s start where I started… which would be the suburbs of Boston since that’s where I now live.  When I first moved here I was alone, except for my girls Lacie and Lola.  That meant if I wanted to go out, I had to dine alone, since most restaurants wouldn’t allow springer spaniel and border collie patrons sitting at the table. ;)  So instead of trekking all the way to downtown to eat by myself, I just explored the places near home base (which also meant I wasn’t far from the girls for too long).

The first place I went was the Flatbread Pizza Company in Bedford, MA.  And can I just say, DANG that was good pizza!  I’ve had many a pizza in my day (deep dish from Chicago, thin authentic style in Italy, crappy generic pizza in a moment of weakness), but this place had just enough uniqueness and fantastic taste to put it near the top of my list.  I loved the layout and decor of the restaurant, built around a giant wood burning pizza oven.  My husband would describe it as a Berkeley/forest feel (kinda hippie, free love style, but more rustic than city), and I would say that’s probably what locals would call Vermont.  If you’re from Vermont and I’m mistaken, I apologize.  Clearly from my previous post, I nurture and coddle my stereotypes and learning I’m wrong about them clearly does not make me any more cultured.  The food at Flatbread is clearly the best part though.  All the ingredients are organic…although I still don’t know exactly what that means aside from: “we didn’t use chemicals we know to be cancer-causing on these veggies, but watch out for the bug poop.”  Anyway, the variety of veggie combos on the pizzas was spectacular, and totally made my taste buds sing.  And I can also say the salads and desserts are just as delicious.  Even if you only pop in for a drink, the blueberry beer is a fantastic find!

Gingerbread dessert at Flatbread

Next, I’ll move on down to Cambridge.  Once the hubby moved out to join me, I became much more adventurous, which is good because Cambridge has a slew of restaurant options.  The first place we went was Hana Sushi.  I don’t have any pics from Hana because I mostly inhaled the food.  But I can say, the fish was super fresh, and the rolls were craftily made.  If you know me, you’d know I’m a bit of a sushi snob, so when I say this place is good, I mean it’s really really good.

But the food love didn’t stop with sushi in Cambridge, because off a tip from a friend of Shanna’s, I managed to stumble upon Ole.  I mentioned in my last post that I was a sucker for Mexican food.  And by that I mean, the way to my heart is through a burrito.  So what better day to visit Ole?  You guessed it… Valentine’s Day!  It was actually not the best idea because the restaurant was packed (it’s not only pretty small, but apparently also very popular).  The only seats available the whole night were at the bar.  But I was there to eat, and eat I did!  And it turned out the bar was the best seat in the house because the bartender was very talkative and steered us in the right direction with our meal.  He suggested a bunch of small plates instead of entrees, and we were not disappointed.  Ole is my new, all time favorite sit-down mexi place.  Serious win!

Ole: Cheese covered corn on the cob (oh yeah!)

The last places I’ll let you in on are in Boston’s North End – the furthest trek from my new suburban home.  The North End is known for its Italian cuisine, and the few times I’ve been, that’s what we’ve had.  It’s pretty hard to screw up Italian food, but that also makes it really hard to wow someone with Italian food.  But both restaurants I’m going to point out really had that wow factor.  The first restaurant on my North End “win list,” Taranta, we visited to make use of a gift certificate from my bestie S.  Super yummy food (I had a maple-glazed pork and delicious salad with beets and goat cheese), great organic red wines from Chile, and interesting décor made Taranta a clear winner on my hubby date night.  But the prices were also a bit high, so if I hadn’t had a gift certificate I’d probably have placed it lower on my list.  It was a romantic place and made for a great night though, and I’m very grateful bestie got us such a thoughtful gift!  The second place in the North End I’ll give a shout out to is called Pomodoro.  When I say Pomodoro is small, I mean really really small.  Like 15 people max.  But it made the meal seem that much more like authentic Italy.  The dish I got was a pasta with white beans, that was very rustic and unique, and super delicious.  And the people watching at Mike’s Pastry across the street made it a super fun meal.  I love people watching!

A very European setting at Pomodoro

Ok blogger buddiess… that’s all the food recollection I have in me today.  If I write anymore I’ll either bore you, or possibly start salivating on my keyboard.  Or both.  J

But since I know Shanna always ends with a question, so here’s mine to you:

Is the way to your heart through a certain cuisine?

And do you plan romantic holidays around filling your belly?  Or is that just me?


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