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3 months postpartum

Happy Friday my friends!

Thanks again to my bestie for writing up her pregnancy story – she’s one tough cookie and I have a feeling her tator tot will be here soon rather than later. 

It’s been an interesting week going back to work.  It’s quite the effort to pack a diaper bag, breast pump bag, laptop/work bag, and lunch bag every day, on top of the typical household and pet duties.  Soon it will be second nature, but this week was a wake up call back to the ‘real world’ as it once was pre-soybean.  Maybe that’s worth a blog post?

On that note, I realize this blog has become very baby-heavy, but fact of the matter is that’s what’s at the forefront of my life right now.  And from the direct feedback I’ve received, readers are interested – more importantly, my friends (IRL) and family like reading those posts.  And, really, that’s the audience that I care most about.  Perhaps the blog will return to what it once was, perhaps not.  We shall see Winking smile

Anyway, back to my 3 months postpartum status.  I haven’t updated much since 6 weeks postpartum, mainly because there was so little change.  I didn’t expect anything drastic anyway for a couple of reasons: breastfeeding has my body holding on to some additional fat; I’m not working out regularly or at any high intensity to garner results; I’m not eating that great and definitely exceeding my required calories. 

Here is a recap of where I was at February 8, 2012, 6 weeks postpartum:

  • Weight: +10.9 lbs (down 2.1 lbs (16.1 lbs since birth))
  • Ribcage: 29” (down 1”)
  • Waist (smallest part above belly button): 30” (down 2” (~8” since birth))
  • Hips: 35.5” (no change)
  • Right Bicep: 10.75” (down .25”)
  • Left Bicep: 9.75” (down .25”)
  • Right Thigh: 21” (no change)
  • Left Thigh: 21.75” (down .25”)

And here is where I am at as of March 28, 2012, 3 months postpartum:

  • Weight: +9.5 lbs (down 1.4  lbs (17.5 lbs since birth))
  • Ribcage: 28.5” (down 0.5" since 6 week status)
  • Waist (smallest part above belly button): 29” (down 12” (~9” since birth))
  • Hips: 34.5” (down 1” since 6 week status)
  • Right Bicep: 10.75” (no change since 6 week status)
  • Left Bicep: 9.75” (no change since 6 week status)
  • Right Thigh: 21” (no change since 6 week status)
  • Left Thigh: 21.75” (no change since 6 week status)


  • Skinnygirl Workout 1-3x per week
  • Treadmill intervals (jogging/walking) 1-3x per week for 30-45 min
  • Weights 1x per week
  • Dog walks daily – approx 1-2 mile

The progress is marginal, but it’s there.  And you know what?  I’m okay with it.  Sure I wish the weight loss was super easy and just melted right off, but if I have to work for it, it will feel that much more of an accomplishment once it’s off (at least that’s what I keep telling myself Winking smile) However, if I could make some progress on my thighs, that would be super because right now they are preventing me from being able to fit into my work clothes.  And frankly I sorta need those clothes since it is awfully costly to have to buy new dress pants.

Here are two shots I took last weekend:

Mar 25 2012_3mo_3Mar 25 2012_3mo_4

And there you have it. My blog post on bean at 3 months will be far more interesting since he is cooing up a storm and smiling nonstop Open-mouthed smile

As for the weekend, no firm plans yet.  Hoping some Thai food is somewhere on the agenda!


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First things and next things

Happy Friday and welcome to the (almost) weekend friends!

I’ve had an interesting last few days filled with a few new-to-me experiences/things.

First of all, we are officially without family.  My SIL left on Wednesday Sad smile (Sawyer misses his aunt CC Winking smile).

Here is a photo of the first time Sawyer tried on glasses Nerd smile (he looks so smart, no?):

Jan 9 2012 smart

Monday was the first time I drove in weeks.  It was also the first time I used our stroller – trying to fit the infant carrier in was a bit of a feat, but I managed it.

After dropping off Carly at SFO on Wednesday I drove home – just me and the lil man – and all was well until I got out of the car.  For those that follow me on twitter, you may have got a hint of what happened, and it was not good.

Warning: TMI coming your way…

As I got out of my car, I felt a bit of a gush.  Now if you’ve had a baby. you know that you still bleed weeks after birth.  Completely normal.  What is not normal is what happened to me.  I bled so much that it went through my clothes and dripped in the parking space (yeah I told ya, TMI, but I’m writing because I think it’s helpful to share these experiences…).  Immediately I grabbed Sawyer and waddled up to my townhouse.  With Sawyer safe inside, I ran upstairs to the bathroom only to discover I passed a larger-than-golf-ball sized blood clot.  Ewww / yikes / meep!  Oddly enough the doctors at the hospital did mention this could happen and I filed that way back in my brain as “impossible.”   But sure enough, first blood clot.

To make a long story short, I had to see my doctor asap and subsequently had to have an internal exam (yes 2 weeks after birth Crying face) to determine whether there was still placenta or membranes inside.  Verdict was that things looked good, but I was put on anti-hemorrhage meds for a couple days to be sure.  Oye.  What an adventure.

Moving on to other more pleasant firsts.

Like Sawyer sleeping a whole 8 hours on Wednesday night for the first time.  Pure bliss!  However, we know it won’t last.  And since we had his first pediatrician’s appointment yesterday, she confirmed that it’s okay every once in awhile if he sleeps that long, but until he is two months, we need to wake him up every 4 hours to feed. Sigh. 

Yesterday I also went for a walk with both Sawyer and Naava on my own for the first time.  Wahooo!  The Baby Bjorn works great for walks. Yippeee!

Also yesterday, Sawyer has his first play date!  Here is with Preston Smile 

Jan 12 2012 with Preston

Adorable right?  Preston was born just 2 weeks before Sawyer.  He had a lot to say in this picture, but Sawyer wasn’t havin’ it Winking smile

So yeah, as for as ‘next things,’ it’s high time I get my @ss in gear.  And by that I mean, stop using postpartum recovery and holidays as an excuse not to get back into shape.  My doctor’s appointment on Wednesday confirmed my stitches are healed and I can start walking longer and being a bit more active.  With that, I need to stop the bad eating habits and start resuming a healthy eating life style.  For me, that will mean tracking calories so I can be accountable for what I eat. 

I’ll do a weekly weigh in with you guys so you can help me stay on track, starting on Monday.

But please know that should anything come up with my baby boy, he will always take precedence over my desire to lose weight or get an extra walk in. 

What are your tips for breaking bad eating habits and resuming a healthy lifestyle?


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