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Feeding the beast

You think I’m talking about myself dontcha?  Nope, I’m referring to the pint-sized beast who is semi-permanently attached to my boob: Soybean (aka Sawyer).

Jan 31 2012

Before I merge onto that topic into depth, I wanted to fill you in on how my post-baby body progress is coming along.  I don’t want to do a weekly update because the changes will likely be minimal, so I’ll let you know in full how things are going next week when I have my 6 week postpartum doctor’s appointment.  I have been getting in more activity though including a 4 mile hike on Saturday, weights on Sunday and cardio on Monday.  All of it has been very mild, but it feels oh so very good to get back to the gym.  It does absolute wonders for my disposition. 

Okay back to "feeding the beast"…While lil soybean has been a really pretty easy baby, life hasn’t been without hurdles.  Breastfeeding is one of the most immediate trials.  Women have been doing it since the beginning of time so you’d think it would be easy as can be, but really there is a learning curve.  And the learning curve, for me, had a lot to do with getting over the discomfort (and sometimes pain).

But based on some horror stories I heard, my experience was a cinch!  Sure there was a few blisters, tenderness, etc, but no mastitis, clogged ducts, or swollen montgomery glands (…yet).

I started breastfeeding in the hospital right after giving birth and don’t remember a single thing.  During my stay I was fortunate to see a lactation consultant who went through holds and technique:


Nice visual eh?

For me, I quickly learned the football hold was easiest though I desperately wished the side lying hold would work so I could eventually feed in bed Winking smile

After leaving the hospital we had a visit at the "Newborn Club" where they checked Sawyer’s weight, then had me feed him, and checked his weight after feeding on each side.  I averaged about an ounce which is great for only 5 days after birth.  And it was wonderful having a lactation consultant check my latch and the girls to make sure all was well with the world Smile with tongue out  Because the soybean had lost nearly a pound since birth, we went back to the Newborn Club to weigh him again a few days later and he had gained a few more ounces so breastfeeding was working.  At this time he was feeding every 3-4 hours and even had a 6 hour stretch and an 8 hour stretch.

I should also note that we had already been using a pacifier simultaneously since the hospital.  The nurses provided one and asked my permission before giving him one. There were no issues with nipple confusion using the binky and breastfeeding.  We have been using the Nuk brand pacifier.

Pumping was another story.  Though I’ve had my pump (Medela Pump in Style) since pregnancy, it took me until 3 weeks postpartum to give it a go.  I blame my slow recovery.  Pumping is seriously a hoot.  My hubby and I gave it a go one evening and were cracking up at how ridiculous I looked.  I felt like a total cow.  I only pumped one side at a time and still do, mainly because I was usually using my other hand to play on my phone and I just broke out my hands-free bra yesterday.  Whoops. 

I’ve been pumping 1x per day and storing it in the freezer, though we did introduce a bottle about a week ago with no issues whatsoever. 
However, last week Sawyer was a bit fussy and feeding a lot and I feared I wasn’t supplying him with enough food.  Sure he had plenty of wet/dirty diapers per day, but based on my low-perceived volume of pumping (about 2+ ounces total per time), I decided to call the advice nurse.

She assured me that my body was producing enough and to make sure I was drinking a ton of liquid especially while I’m in the act of breastfeeding.  She also suggested I burp in between sides to make sure all air is out of him so he can accept more food.  Both great tips.
Now this week, he’s been upping his desired feedings from 3-4 hours to close to every 2.  Oye. 

For this reason, I decided to start to supplement with formula.  What I want to say here is that I do NOT feel like a failure for supplementing at close to 5 weeks.  I read so many blogs with new moms saying they feel like their body faiiled them.  Why?  Every lifestyle and body is so different, we can’t expect that every women will as easily produce milk as the next.  There are so many factors that can affect milk production.  Besides, there is nothing wrong with formula-fed babies.  In fact, both my hubby and I were exclusively fed formula and we turned out fine (…we think..haha). 

So anyway, sure I could easily be at his beckon call every 2 hours, but that would have really tested my patience and my sanity particularly in the evenings when he cluster feeds a bit.  I wanted to have a bit of flexibility to leave the house if need be or get some extra stuff done if I so choose.
We chose the Enfamil Infant formula and so far so good.  Our plan is to feed him once a day with formula and the rest of the time breastfeed, but this could change.  Flexibility is key. 

As with everything in pregnancy, motherhood, life, it is easy to compare, but what’s most important is doing what’s right by you!  There is no one way, no right way, no best way.  It comes down to what works for you and your family so that you are healthy, sane, happy, and have a good quality of life. 

And with that, Happy Thursday!

PS I use the Boppy for all my feedings and love it!


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Weekend fun

Happy Monday my friends – how goes it?

My in-laws were visiting again this weekend.  Soybean is one lucky boy! 

Jan 29 2012 Poppy Cookie 2

We are all so, so lucky to have everyone so willing to travel to visit our little man.  It means the world to me that he is around his grandparents and aunt (uncle is coming soon!). 

In keeping with our normal routine, we’ve had a few excursions.  The main one being a 4 mile hike where we saw people walking their lama and their goat – on a leash – on the trail.  Where’s my camera when I needed it? Smile with tongue out  That hike was followed by froyo of course. 

Zach and I also got in a mini-date since we had a built-in babysitter Smile


Unfortunately it was pretty short, not because we didn’t trust Cookie (we had the nanny cam on her..kidding!), but because our service at the Mexi restaurant was a little too quick.  I find that annoying actually.  Going out to eat is an event and we really wanted to sit and enjoy it a bit more.  Sigh..maybe next date night…whenever that might be Winking smile

And yesterday I was able to finally make use of my Christmas gift from my SIL Carly –> donuts in my new donut pan using Stonewall Kitchen pumpkin donut mix with maple glaze. 


Sweet baby jesus these are good.  I want to hoard Stonewall mixes and make these daily.  Definite yum!

As of right now, I have absolutely no plans for the week so I’m thinking I’m going to have to get creative for some excursions to entertain me and the bean. 

Have you made donuts yet?  Please please please send me your favorite (easy) recipes!

Does overly speedy service annoy you?


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Mama clothes and baby clothes

Okay so time does in fact fly even when you’re not working. Today marks the end of 2 weeks of maternity leave already!  But I have got so much done and have needed every bit of it. 

Still I look forward to the weekends when others can come out and play.  I have a fun blend date tomorrow to bake cookies too Winking smile  And with any luck we’ll get our tree on Sunday.

So although I’m not working, I refuse to schlep around in sweats during the day (err, that and I don’t own sweats).  I am trying to wear similar clothes that I’d wear on casual Friday or the weekends. 

Here are a few more 3rd trimester looks for you:

Nov 13 2011

This is what I wore to Zach’s boss’s cabin when he hosted a baby shower for us. I’ve got skinny Motherhood (under belly panel) jeans paired with a long sleeved navy maternity tee by Pea in the Pod, my red Express cardi, camel Alfani boots, and a cream and brown scarf (from a shop in SF).

Nov 15 2011

An outfit made for shopping!  4 hours worth! Flat Steve Madden black boots (with foldover shaft), black Old Navy maternity leggings, and taupe tunic (via Marshalls)

Nov 30 2011

Luckily I live in a place where the winters aren’t that cold, but I still need a jacket now and then.  This is a fabulous trench by Vertigo that I got via Marshalls for a real steal.  I can only manage one button, but that’s where the buckle-less belt comes in handy!

Okay now onto the fun stuff Smile  Baby clothes!

I thought I had a ton of baby clothes, but it turns out, I really think I’m going to need more. 

And with this extra time on my hands, I’ve been obsessing over what to bring Sawyer home from the hospital in.  Will he fit in a newborn outfit (under 7lbs and <18”)?  Will he swim in the 0-3mo outfit?  Footies?  No footies?  Pants?  No pants (because of umbilical cord)?  Knit hat?  Cotton hat?  Something uber fabulous or practical?  GAHHHHH! 

I’ve finally decided on two outfits and I plan to bring both!


Being that Mr Sawyer is arriving in December, I wanted to make sure he is cozy warm, so I found this incrediblly soft one-piece cream outfit that I adore.  I searched high and low at the poshest of stores and found this at good ol’ Target (actually bestie picked it out Winking smile)!  Underneath I will put on a simple onesie, perhaps like the blue on to the side.  And although the his feet will be covered and the cream one-piece has foldover mittens, I’m bringing both just in case.  The knit hat completes the outfit (even though there is also a hood).  And of course he will be cuddled up in a blue knit blankie thanks to my blend Jillian!  *The cream one-piece and blue onesie are both newborn size. 

What’s even more brilliant is that there is a through hole for the car seat to buckle him in.  Love this aspect!



Now this outfit is a completely different look and more ‘mature’…ha!  It’s all from Gap Baby and I think it’s so festive and appropriate for the holidays.  A red plaid button down onesie paired with black pocketed knit pants.  I managed to clip off the top of the hat, but it actually has reindeer antlers on it too!  So appropriate for the season right!  And this time he will definitely need little mittens and some toasty socks.  He will be cuddled up in a fuzzy brown giraffe blankie that we were given from our friends Priya and Vijay. *This outfit is 0-3 months size.

Any thoughts or advice on the outfits? I’m all ears!!!!

Are babies and clothes like woman and shoes? There’s no such thing as too many?

What’s on deck for your weekend?


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