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WIAW: Persian food edition

Hey hey, it’s Wednesday!  Busy busy is the name of the game this week (and apparently I like to repeat words).

It’s time for Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday food party, so let’s get it started!


I’m pretty lucky to have such a diverse group of friends.  Especially when those friends like to share their culinary specialties.  My friend Mojan and her hubby Ali had us over on Saturday night for a Persian feast. 

We started the evening with some apps including figs, olives, cheese, grapes, and almonds, and of course some vino (Gloria Ferrer Carneros Pinot Noir – yum!).

Mojan even had some Persian candies laid out:

027 (5)

These were just tasty fruit leather-like things.  I should have stuffed some in my purse for later – hehe Winking smile

While we were waiting for some elements to finish cooking (the rice), Mojan had an “interesting” way of preparing us for the meal we were about to embark on.  See her food descriptions below.  Needless to say, I think she was trying to set our expectations pretty low. 

029 (3)

On the left is a yogurt drink that Mojan described as salty and thick and said that no white people have ever liked.  We were so excited to try it after hearing that [insert sarcasm].  But we did indeed try it and it wasn’t bad – it reminded me of liquefied cheese curds.  It was a bit too salty for a beverage, but I’m definitely glad I tasted it.

On the right is Baghali Polo Ba Morgh (the rice part of it anyway – you can see the chicken part on my plate below).  This rice blew my mind!  So tasty!  It’s cooked in a Persian rice cooker (allows bottom to get crispy) and is peppered with lima beans and dried dill as well as salt.  The crunchy parts were my fave Smile with tongue out

028 (3)

Kashk-E Bademjan – eggplant spread made with a fermented whey product that Mojan described as the discarded water part of Greek yogurt that turns to stone…sounds yummy, huh?  This was served room temperature with Lavash bread and I loved the easy smooth flavors.  It would make a good dip!

030 (3)

Kookoo Sabzi – Mojan described this as a chilled quiche type dish with mixed vegetables that she didn’t know that were Winking smile  And while I sort of hate eggs, I sort of loved this dish!  It didn’t taste eggy at all, but did have the consistency of quiche.  The mixed veggies were actually more like a pureed herb blend. 

031 (3)

Mixed salad – Mediterranean / Persian in flavors

032 (3)

Above is my plate –> now just multiply it by 2.5 Winking smile

033 (3)

Mojan even bought Persian ice cream that is made with heavy whipping cream, rose water, and saffron.  It’s very sweet and dense, but I quite liked it.  Especially the scoop with pistachios in it.  Yum!

Have you ever had Persian food?

Do you like to try new foods in general?


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Adventures in new foods

Helloooooo!  I’m in a chipper mood and I think it’s because I got a few good doses of vitamin D this weekend 8)  Lounging by the pool reading The Girl Who Played with Fire on Saturday and going for a hike with my friend Rachel and her dog on Sunday.

What else did this pseudo vegetarian do?  Go to Hogs and Rocks of course.

(photo from H&R website)

If that looks like a plate of oyesters, ham, and beer/whiskey, you’re seeing correctly.   Ask me which one of these items I ever eat?  If you guessed none of the above, ding-ding, you are correct!  But this place popped up in the Mission District of San Francisco and has gotten rave reviews.  And what’s more is that it has my hubby’s dream menu.  Same goes for our friends R, K, K and D.  So I’m giving myself the “ultimate trooper award” for partaking in Saturday night’s activities ;)  Though I didn’t eat any of the jarred trout, oyster sampler, ham/speck, etc, I did eat some super tasty hush puppies, fried pickled okra, and a root veggie salad.  Not bad eh?  At least the night ended with malted vanilla ice cream with bits of milk chocolate and peanut brittle.  Nom!  That was the highlight for this non-oyster-non-ham-eating girl!

Thursday I arrived home to a special little package on my doorstep from Zone Perfect.

Hmm, what could be in here?

Zone is testing the waters of sweet and salty — two of my favorite vices combined into one!  Bestowed upon me were 2 bars: cashew pretzel and trail mix.  Yesterday I broke into the cashew pretzel and I have to say the taste is spot on!  It almost has a marshmallowy flavor.  The only downside is that it’s quite small for the 200 calorie packed punch.  Sigh.  I’d love this bar for half the cals, please!  But thank you Zone Perfect for letting me try these!  I’m stoked to test the trail mix.

My last foray into new foods included a new find from Trader Joe’s.

TJ's Mango Butter!

Btw, doesn’t that look like a runny egg?  I put about 1 tbsp (35 cals) of the mango butter atop 3/4 cup of fat-free cottage cheese and 1/2 cup of strawberries.  So good!  I can’t wait to put try this in a banana mango butter smoothie :)

Are you a sweet or salty person?  I’m pretty equally divided, but when I have one, I inevitably want the other.

Do you ever go to restaurants for the company but not for the food?


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