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WIAW: new foods

Wow, so apparently most of you are Mac fans.  I should have guessed Winking smile  I think it’s been my stubbornness that has prevented me from going the Mac route, but I’m feeling daring so I think I’ll be making a purchase this weekend!

This past week I’ve consumed quite a few new eats.  And I’m dedicating this What I Ate Wednesday to just that! 

I have been seeing the Simply bars everywhere!  (Not to be confused with Zone Perfect’s Perfectly Simple bar).  Both companies were kind enough to send me samples to try.

photo 2

The stats are really amazing – 16g of protein in only 160 cals or less!  And they offer a ton of flavors.  I’ve tried the PB-chocolate and cinn-pecan so far.  The verdict? Good (not outstanding).  If it wasn’t for the fabulous protein-to-calorie ratio, I would not be that impressed.  If they were $1.50 or less and I could buy them locally, I would definitely keep them as snack/small meal on the go, but they aren’t sold in northern CA yet.  I will keep my eyes peeled.

Another bar floating around the internet?  Gnu fiber bars.  Several bloggers highlighted their fabulous deal of $7.95 for a 5-bar sampler pack with free shipping.  For that steal, I had to get some.  Besides, I couldn’t pass up trying their tasty-sounding flavors:

photo 1

I’ve tried the blueberry cobbler and blondie and really enjoyed both.  They taste very natural, are pretty chewy, and all that fiber has some staying power.  I’d highly recommend.

So last weekend, I mentioned Zach and I went on date night (woohoo!).  We wanted to go to Palo Alto and were in the mood for some spice, so we tried a new (to us) restaurant, Thaiphoon, where we were able to snag a table outdoors. 

Both our meals and the app were good but…

photo 1(2)photo 2(2)

… we left hungry!  Seriously, are we that big of piggies?  We ordered the vegetarian spring rolls, kung pao chicken, and thai basil tofu.  We easily finished our plates with no leftovers – which is a rarity for eating Thai food. 

Soooo, we did what any normal couple does and walked across the street to a new(er) wine bar called Gravity, where I promptly had a flight of sparkling wines.

photo 3(2)

I absolutely want to come back to this place – faboosh!

No date night is complete without froyo:

photo 4

I’m pretty sure Zach tilted his cup that way so you wouldn’t realize he got the LARGE cup.  We both agreed that this was one of the more mediocre froyo experiences.  We’ve been here several times before and this time the froyo tasted really icy and the toppings were lacking.  Sigh.  Oh well.

What’s your favorite Thai food dish?

Have you tried Gnu or Simply bars?  Thoughts?


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Running through the weekend

…no, not the real kind of running.  Who do you think I am? Winking smile 

Here’s my weekend in review…


Right now, I’m not working Fridays.  It’s rather glorious.  Instead I catch up on all the chores I neglect in the week, spend quality time with the bean, and meet up with my mommy friends so our boys can ‘play’ together:

Apr 6 2012 P and bean

Friday evening I met Zach and his coworkers for a drink.  And rather than make dinner, we hit up Yoppi.  Again.  And, yes, I had the cake batter froyo.  Again.  It was everything I wanted and more.  Who needs dinner when you can have dessert?


I woke up ‘early’ ( as in 8am) to get in 40 minutes of cardio and about 10 minutes of weights/abs before Zach and bean got out of bed.  I wanted to check it off my list before I met up with my fab friend Miss Shayla for lunch in Palo Alto.  She introduced me to a new restaurant by Top Chef Art Smith (love), called Lyfe.  Because great minds think alike, we both ordered the Napa cabbage salad and split the side of butternut squash and brussel sprouts.  Delish and healthy too.


We putzed around PA for a bit, and clearly had to make a pit stop for froyo at Yogurtland.  Oh, what, you don’t have froyo twice in less than 24 hours?  Pssht.  Yoppi won the battle between the two.

Saturday afternoon Zach and I hit up Trader Joe’s for a massive grocery shopping trip.  Unfortunately we never meal plan all that well, so let’s hope we aren’t stocked up on snacks only.

That evening we did a spaghetti meatball dinner followed with the Easter egg dying:


Sunday (Easter):

Ahh, Easter.  Sadly we didn’t have any grand plans with extended family or friends, so we created our own little holiday, which started out with opening our family Easter basket and a gift from his Obbie:

015 (2)Apr 8 2012 Easter

What a lucky little boy Winking smile

For our activity, we went for a hike at Quicksilver canyon in San Jose with the dog in tow.  Our time was somewhat limited as Zach had grand plans of watching The Masters finale (yawn).  So while he did that, I prepped a Greek quinoa salad for the week, bathed bean, did massive amounts of laundry, and planned this week’s outfits.  Productivity at its finest.

And now it’s Monday.  Let the fun begin.

How did you spend your Easter holiday?



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Let’s catch up, shall we?

I think the one week hiatus was one of the longest I’ve gone since starting my blog (in May 2010 <—wow!).  Like I said, I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  I’ve gone back and forth recently on whether I want to keep it up as much as I have.  I’ve enjoyed blogging to record what’s gone on in my pregnancy and now with my lil’ Soybean here, but other than that, I’m not extremely motivated in the HLB  community as of late.  Perhaps that’s because my blog really doesn’t fit in the “healthy living blog” genre.  Ultimately my blog is just a diary of my life…


Let’s catch up.

Valentine’s Day was spent with little hoopla and fanfare.  Instead we opted for some vino, spaghetti and meatballs at home with the bean.  He splurged on some formula.  What a wild man. 

Feb 13 2012 smile

Wednesday I went to a Mommy and Me class that was fabulous.  I am loving bonding with new mommies and spending the day talking about all the craziness we’re experiencing.

Thursday 2 of my new mommy friends came over for a lunch date and more gossip.  We tried convincing the lil ones to pose for a pic, but Sawyer was not having it.  Poor guy!

Feb 16 2012 S Willamina Preston

Friday Zach’s brother arrived along with his fiancé to meet the soybean!  He’s so lucky to be so loved by all his family Smile  Despite having a 7 week old, we were able to do quite a bit in the short time they were here:

Saturday: Coffee shop in the AM, SF in the afternoon – Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square and drinks at McCormicks, then Little Italy for an early dinner.

Feb 18 2012 Pier 39

Sunday: AM walk to the coffee shop, excursion to Nebbia Winery in Half Moon Bay, followed by lunch at Moss Beach Distillery, and a stroll and sparkling wine at Ritz Carlton.  

Feb 20 2012 Moss beach

We capped off the visit with some Cali staples: In & Out and Pinkberry.  Btw, the salted caramel froyo is ah-maz-ing!

So there ya go.  That’s what’s been happening in a nutshell.  And while you’re reading this, I’m at at follow up doctor’s appointment with the OB.  Wish me luck!


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