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Florida in review

I have to say, I could really get used to a 2 day workweek! In a matter of hours, I will be free for the weekend and plan on treating myself today with a shoe-hunting trip to Marshall’s and a venti latte from Peet’s…mmmm…

Side note: I just lost my entire post because WordPress is a major pain in my arse.  Argh.

Anyway, yeah so my visit in Florida was not long enough and my visits are not frequent enough for that matter.  The last time I visited my Mom was Christmas 2008.  Tell me this hasn’t been a long stretch.  I had visions of showing off all my photos using Windows Live Writer, which I’m in the process of downloading, but my patience has worn thin, so you will get a slide show instead.


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How often do you see your parents?

What is your favorite Blizzard flavor?  Mine is Cookie Dough or Reeses PB Cup (but I was craving some old school mint oreo)


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