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Sawyer 7 month update

Good evening friends,

I hope you’re gearing up for Friday!  I have off tomorrow and am taking my first Dailey Method class with a friend (hi Mojan!).  It will also be the first time I’m making use of a ‘gym’ daycare for Bean (<–admittedly a little nervous about that).  The rest of the day is up in the air, though I’m thinking low key capped off by a homemade pizza night ;)

Last Saturday marked Bean’s 7 month birthday.  With each passing month, I feel a sense of sadness that my little baby is not so much a baby, but becoming a little boy.  I love all the new things he’s doing, but my heart also aches for how little he once was.  This just serves as a reminder to take in every single moment, every laugh, every new step…

So what’s new with my Bean?

He can stand (while holding on to something)

He now uses his highchair to eat.  It is the Ingelsina attaching highchair and I absolutely love love love it.  He can join us at our kitchen island while we eat and cleanup is a cinch since it’s just a matter of cleaning the island like normal.


He swings!  He loves it for a short while, but then I think gets a little overwhelmed.

He explored his first playground:

And of course, he practices being just plain adorable

Other fun facts (that are notable changes from the 6 month update)

  • Eats: 2 ‘meals’ of solids a day — usually rice cereal mixed with pureed fruit in the AM and veggies in the evening.  Bean loves all fruits, greek yogurt, and most veggies, but not broccoli (!) and is picky about textures.
  • Sleeps: 7p-7a on average with 2 1-hour naps or 1 2-hour nap and a shorter nap.
  • Sounds: dada (though I’m working on mama big time!), ttthhhh, daaaaaaaa.
  • Movements: no crawling, but can roll and rotate to where he wants to go.  Can sit up unassisted and can stand while leaning against something.
  • Toys: blocks, Jacque the Peacock (still), Sophi, random boxes, my hand, pieces of banana (yes, not really a toy), eating books, having books read to him (favorites = Mr Brown Can Moo, The Night You Were Born, Llama Llama Red Pajama, Larry’s Loud Roar)
  • Clothes: size 3 diapers by day, size 4 sleeper by nights.  Wears some 12-18 month onesies, shorts are usually 6-12 month.
  • Teeth: none!  Where are they???

One thing I’ve realized: I’m capturing Bean’s life on my iPhone — an old one at that (3GS)–due to its convenience.  I feel like most of his pics aren’t any better quality than the pics of me when I was a baby!  Hmm…

Are we losing quality for convenience?



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Sawyer has something to say

Happy Easter!


And because I couldn’t just post one adorable picture, here are some others:



Our Easter Sunday will likely be low key.  Perhaps a hike, a nice dinner, and eating some Easter candy from bean’s Easter basket Winking smile

Have a lovely holiday weekend!



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A lot of nothing

Happy Friday friends!

Or if you’re me, Happy-last-Friday-before-end-of-maternity-leave!  Yep, last day before I go back on Monday.  Gah!  I’m clearly not over it, huh? 

I don’t have any sort of central theme to today’s post so I’m just going to ramble about whatever, or a whole lot of nothing.

I realized I owe you a post-baby-body update.   I’ll take some pics this weekend and do an update next week.  There is still about 10 stubborn pounds on my body and I’ve had to purchase some new work clothes to accommodate.  Not so pleased about that, but I’ll write more later.

Peets vanilla lattes are pretty much the best thing on earth.  I’ve taken to having one every single day.  No lie.  My wallet is going to appreciate not spending $4.50/day.

photo 2(2)

Drinking it outside in the sunshine is even better Winking smile

Lately I seem to have an aversion to chicken.  Sometimes I think I could easily revert back to being a vegetarian.  However, the other night I made a pretty tasty stir-fry that masked the chicky enough for me to eat:


I served Zach’s over white rice and mine over cabbage.  Delish.

My baby is ridiculously happy and smiley.  I find him to be quite adorable:

Mar 20 2012

Mar 22 2012 1Mar 22 2012 2

Since it’s my last weekend before returning to work, I feel the need to celebrate.  I’m thinking wine bar and flights of champagne.  The hubby should indulge me on this one.

What are you up to this weekend?

Anything random you feeling like sharing?


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