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Hey there!

Where the heck have I been?  Sheesh.  I just haven’t been feeling the blog thing so I didn’t write.  Simple as that, yup.

But I’ll catch you up more later this week.  For now, let’s get to Shoes-Day!

Post-pregnancy, I’ve rocked the heels a few times – I’d say about 30% of the time, you’ll find me in a heel higher than 2.5 inches.  The other 70% of the time, I’m either barefoot, in sneakers (gasp Surprised smile) or some sort of flat(er) shoes.

Problem is: I don’t have that many flat shoes.  Sooo, I’ve had to go shopping.  Oh darn Winking smile

A few weeks ago, I found these Anne Klein ballet slippers with about ~1.5” wedge at Marshalls:

Feb 9 2012 shoes

As always, they were a steal at $30 (?) – 0riginally over $60!  I love that these don’t slip off my feet like completely flat ballet shoes, and the wedge gave them more appeal as well as comfort (for me).

Feb 9 2012 1

Easy casual look that allows me to lug the car seat around with ease and walk a few miles to get my beloved daily lattes Smile with tongue out

I am looking for more medium-heeled wedged shoes – help me find some cute ones! 

What are your favorite brand/style wedges?  Links welcome!


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Shoes-Day! The Black Sandal

Happy Shoes-Day!  Since I didn’t plan ahead to show you a new pair of shoes from my closet, I thought I’d show you what I’m in need of:  the black sandal.

Why is it that black sandals and black purses seem so hard to find?

Last August,  showed you my Nine West sandals here.  Since then, they met their fate at goodwill.  You see, I just didn’t love them and my narrow feet kept slipping forward which drove me bonkers.  Now I’m left with one pair of black sandal wedges that I also don’t “love” so you can see my dilemma.

I’d like to find a cute pair that can go under dress pants for work, but are still sassy enough for jeans or a dress/skirt for going out.

These are a few options:

Covet: Christian Louboutin Noeud (love the bows!)

Guess Aland

Guess Anamarias (similar to the Aland)

Fergalicious Geena (good for work, lower heel, boring otherwise?)

Anne Klein Evanston (great print!)

Obviously the CL Noeuds are out based on their $1K pricetag.  I’m looking for something under $100 preferably, which all the others fall under.

Which shoe should I pick?

Any blogger that finds a shoe for me (send a link) gets a prize!


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Just when northern Cali was feeling some Fall love, I had to tromp off to DC where it’s in the mid-70’s and stormy.  Sigh.  Yes, I know mid-70’s to some is heaven.  But in October, I want 55 dangit!

A little over a week ago, we were still experiencing sunny H-O-T weather in norcal so that called for extending the spring like wardrobe and shoes a bit further.  Case in point:

Spring like weather calls for spring like clothes

Pink cap-sleeve sweater by BCBG, grey pinstriped pants from Limited, rose-hued shoes by Anne Klein.

Hello pink pumps

The heels are slightly higher than a kitten heel, but by no means the towering beasts you normally see me in.  They are actually quite wearable.  All. Day. Long.  No kidding ;)  Though these shoes appear pinkish, they are very much a neutral color and when worn against medium skin tones, can play up as a nude shoe.  Love!  I also love the scalloping near the back that gives ‘em an extra flair, don’t you agree?

I bought these within the last 6 months from Marshalls (my go-to shoe store) for about $35 on sale from around $60ish I believe.

If I could showcase Christian Louboutins every week, believe me I would, but these are a wee bit more in my price range ;)

Do you own a pair of pink(ish) pumps?

Are you dressed for Fall despite the warmer temps?


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