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3 months postpartum

Happy Friday my friends!

Thanks again to my bestie for writing up her pregnancy story – she’s one tough cookie and I have a feeling her tator tot will be here soon rather than later. 

It’s been an interesting week going back to work.  It’s quite the effort to pack a diaper bag, breast pump bag, laptop/work bag, and lunch bag every day, on top of the typical household and pet duties.  Soon it will be second nature, but this week was a wake up call back to the ‘real world’ as it once was pre-soybean.  Maybe that’s worth a blog post?

On that note, I realize this blog has become very baby-heavy, but fact of the matter is that’s what’s at the forefront of my life right now.  And from the direct feedback I’ve received, readers are interested – more importantly, my friends (IRL) and family like reading those posts.  And, really, that’s the audience that I care most about.  Perhaps the blog will return to what it once was, perhaps not.  We shall see Winking smile

Anyway, back to my 3 months postpartum status.  I haven’t updated much since 6 weeks postpartum, mainly because there was so little change.  I didn’t expect anything drastic anyway for a couple of reasons: breastfeeding has my body holding on to some additional fat; I’m not working out regularly or at any high intensity to garner results; I’m not eating that great and definitely exceeding my required calories. 

Here is a recap of where I was at February 8, 2012, 6 weeks postpartum:

  • Weight: +10.9 lbs (down 2.1 lbs (16.1 lbs since birth))
  • Ribcage: 29” (down 1”)
  • Waist (smallest part above belly button): 30” (down 2” (~8” since birth))
  • Hips: 35.5” (no change)
  • Right Bicep: 10.75” (down .25”)
  • Left Bicep: 9.75” (down .25”)
  • Right Thigh: 21” (no change)
  • Left Thigh: 21.75” (down .25”)

And here is where I am at as of March 28, 2012, 3 months postpartum:

  • Weight: +9.5 lbs (down 1.4  lbs (17.5 lbs since birth))
  • Ribcage: 28.5” (down 0.5" since 6 week status)
  • Waist (smallest part above belly button): 29” (down 12” (~9” since birth))
  • Hips: 34.5” (down 1” since 6 week status)
  • Right Bicep: 10.75” (no change since 6 week status)
  • Left Bicep: 9.75” (no change since 6 week status)
  • Right Thigh: 21” (no change since 6 week status)
  • Left Thigh: 21.75” (no change since 6 week status)


  • Skinnygirl Workout 1-3x per week
  • Treadmill intervals (jogging/walking) 1-3x per week for 30-45 min
  • Weights 1x per week
  • Dog walks daily – approx 1-2 mile

The progress is marginal, but it’s there.  And you know what?  I’m okay with it.  Sure I wish the weight loss was super easy and just melted right off, but if I have to work for it, it will feel that much more of an accomplishment once it’s off (at least that’s what I keep telling myself Winking smile) However, if I could make some progress on my thighs, that would be super because right now they are preventing me from being able to fit into my work clothes.  And frankly I sorta need those clothes since it is awfully costly to have to buy new dress pants.

Here are two shots I took last weekend:

Mar 25 2012_3mo_3Mar 25 2012_3mo_4

And there you have it. My blog post on bean at 3 months will be far more interesting since he is cooing up a storm and smiling nonstop Open-mouthed smile

As for the weekend, no firm plans yet.  Hoping some Thai food is somewhere on the agenda!


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