You win some, you lose some

Hey there

Well if you recall I live in the SF bay area, you may understand the title.  I’m sorry 9ers, it just wasn’t your game.  Though I found it highly entertaining to watch the Har-Bowl, the Ravens just seemed to have more heart in it.  Next time, my friends, next time.

So one loss, but over all a good weekend.

We took Bean to the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo on Saturday and it was such fun. Seeing bean light up at the all the exhibits and animals brought such a smile to my face.  Although admittedly his favorite thing was walking over the footbridge.  (over and over and over and then playing with the bolts that fastened the planks).  The museum was featuring bugs so they had cute little bug outfits for adornment:

Feb 2 PA museumHe looks good as a praying mantis, no?

Feb 2 PA zoo

The bridge was just behind us. And now that we have a full-fledged walker (!!!) he really thought it was the coolest thing ever.

After our midday adventures we walked to downtown Palo Alto and got fro-yo for the first time in 6+ months.  A combo of chocolate milkshake, toasted coconut, and cookies and cream (with toppings of course) was good, but not quite good enough for me to become fro-yo obsessed once again.

Saturday night we had a last minute date/movie night and saw Zero Dark Thirty.  Fascinating, intriguing, depressing, intense, thoughtful. That’s how I would sum it up.  Certainly not a feel good movie, but worth seeing.

And that gets us to Super Bowl Sunday.  We had our friends and their 1 month old over for apps, vino, beer, pizza, wings, and homemade cookies

photo 3-4

The game didn’t turn out great but the cookies did.  FYI, these are good ol’ Nestle chocolate chip cookies (plus cinnamon in the mix).  Simple and delish.

So there ya go.  Some ‘bad,’ but mostly good.  Overall, a win.

Any wins or losses you care to share?

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10 responses to “You win some, you lose some

  1. Chocolate chip cookies… just can’t go wrong with those! yum! I love love love the pic of you and Bean at the PA Jr. museum/zoo! You look very stylish in your equestrian style blazer, and Bean looks incredibly adorable as always. ;)

  2. I agree about the super bowl…the Ravens just had more heart. You look absolutely stunning in the zoo photo (what a weird sentence) but I love the jacket too.

  3. Priya

    If only bugs came as cute as praying mantis bean, I would happily share my home with them! :-) Happy Monday..

  4. Erin

    Praying mantises are one of my biggest fears!! Ahh I hate them they’re so creepy..HOWEVER their is nothing scary about that precious little one in your pic (; And sorry about your team, I wasn’t really rooting for either team, just enjoying the game

  5. your hair looks gorgeous!! i’ve never put cinnamon in my CC cookies….here i thought i put cinnamon on everything! shoot!

  6. Little kids at the zoo is one of the funniest things ever – sensory overload! Glad you had a good weekend!

  7. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of the zoo. It’s just the best! I’m glad you guys had a good time. :)

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