33 things

Hey there…in the spirit of my birthday, here are 33 things you never needed to know (or cared to know) about me ;)


  1. I hate napping.  And I actually get frustrated when other people nap — how irrational is that?
  2. I pick out my outfits for the week every Sunday.  It’s a habit I’ve had for about 20 years.
  3. I’m a lot more chipper at 8a than I am at 8p.
  4. I don’t think more than one cereal box should be opened at once (however, Zach does).
  5. My life as a Mom is far better than I imagined.
  6. A big reason I continue to get shellac manicures is for the neck massage that comes with it.
  7. I’m notoriously early…even with a baby in tow.
  8. I’d love to open a bakery (but probably would not love the early, early wake up call).
  9. I have hair envy. 
  10. I’m not a fan of my thighs.  Turning 33 hasn’t made me embrace them any more (hey just being honest).
  11. I want to start volunteering at the SPCA again, though we may end with five more cats/dogs.
  12. I loathe driving (unless it is traffic free, which never happens in NorCal).
  13. I haven’t had froyo in about 3 or 4 months (must be a new record).
  14. Pizza always, always sounds delicious to me. 
  15. It scares me to think that some day Bean will be a teenager.
  16. I’d rather clean toilets than fold laundry.
  17. I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire jar of PB every day if I wanted. 
  18. Given the choice, I’d rather go to Paris or Rome, than lay on a beach.
  19. I read about a book a week (fiction, true crime, mysteries, chicklit).
  20. I’m allergic to peanut oil (but not peanuts or peanut butter).
  21. I always feel frumpy in flats.
  22. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, or Yellowstone.
  23. My next trip will be back to Spain or perhaps Argentina.
  24. Long dinners with great wine is one of my favorite activities.
  25. As I get older, family becomes more and more important.
  26. I don’t go to Farmer’s Markets nearly enough.  I really do love them.
  27. I’m an Extrovert, but always assumed I was an Introvert (I’m ENTJ by the way).
  28. I don’t understand being indecisive.
  29. My toenails are always painted. Always. (I also happen to like my feet).
  30. Sometimes I’m shy and get stuck in my head.
  31. I wonder if I’ll ever snowboard again (I’m less daring now that bean is here).
  32. I’ve never waxed my eyebrows.
  33. 33 is officially old!

And with that, I’m going to get through this work day, get a pedi, drink some bubby, eat Thai food and have cupcakes!

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27 responses to “33 things

  1. Happy happy birthday – 33 years young! ;) I agree with so many of these facts, but mostly with numbers 14, 24, and 25. Enjoy your day! <3

  2. 33 is officially young! I love hearing about how happy being a mom makes you. Makes me excited to feel that way someday. I didn’t know you were such a big reader! But I share your love of pizza. Any day, any time, any kind. Happy Birthday!

  3. Okay so I relate to 99% of this list. A few things: I hate napping too! Unless I actually fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, which usually doesn’t happen. I always plan out my outfits for the week too! Usually in my head, but still, same idea. And if my toe nails aren’t painted, I feel naked.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling!!!! xoxo

  4. allisonhayes91

    I agree with so many things on your list! Pizza is wonderful. 8am is a great time. Farmer’s Markets should be open every day. I can’t wait to own my own bakery one day. Happy birthday!! 33 is not old :)

  5. I hate napping, too. My family always takes them during vacations and I end up reading or working out. I just don’t get how people can sleep in the middle of the day!

    And Happy Birthday!!!! Now you get to rock that palindrome of an age for a year :D

  6. I’d like to combine number 20 and 21 and say that I am allergic to flats. Unless I’m working out, I just can’t do it. Even my “flat” boots have a little heel. :) Happy Birthday again! I shall keep sending you interweb hugs throughout the day.

  7. Pizza AND french fries always sound good to me. And Mexican food. And sushi. ….clearly I have a problem. ;) And #10? I’d say most of us have that hang up! But I’ll say this – you’re looking great! Happy birthday! Here’s to a great year!

  8. Happy 33! Haha we have a lot in common but especially 1 & 3. No napping!! ;)

  9. Naps baffle me..even after having a baby..sure I like that bean naps, but that’s my go-go-go time!

  10. Lisa

    I guess it goes along with having twinnie babies but I could have written this list myself. Me too on every point minus #31 – I am certain I will never snowboard again. I hate being cold, out of control, and careening down mountains at high speeds. I’ll stay in the lodge next to a fireplace with a hot cocoa any day!

  11. Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope it’s a great one!

  12. Happy Birthday, friend! Loved learning more about you. I’m an ENTJ as well. :)

  13. I love learning more about you. I’m the same way, 8am I’m so chipper and then I basically just pass out at 8pm ha ha.

  14. I love this! YES! Pizza sounds amazing no matter what time of day! Hope you had a fabulous birthday! :-)

  15. So much in common! I would prefer washing toilets than folding laundry too!! so funny! but i love doing laundry, just when it dries it just sits there for weeks… Can you do a post on some books you recommend? I’m in a book rut. haven’t read a good book since Gone Girl.

  16. Happy Birthday Shanna!!
    I’m oddly chipper in the mornings too, especially since I don’t consider myself to be a morning person at all. It may just be all the coffee.

  17. Meg

    Tell me your secret! How did you manage to ditch your beloved froyo habit? I keept going back for more.

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