Shoes-day Tuesday!

Hey there, Shoes-day Tuesday does exist!

Today I’m featuring a shoe every woman needs: the red pump.  I was without this much-needed shoe for several months since I went on a shoe purging spree and threw these red pumps away (they lost the rubber heel stop).   So when Zach and I visited the Gilroy Outlets after Thanksgiving, I honed in on Nine West for some classic, easy, every day type red heels.  Seek and you shall find:


These are a 7.5 and run true to size (as do most Nine West shoes, I’ve found).  The 3.5″ heel makes them quite comfortable for a 9+ hour day as well.  As for cost, because of the sales, I don’t quite remember, but I want to say I got them for about $50.  This style goes on sale quite a bit, so it’s pretty easy to avoid the $89 price tag if you keep your eyes peeled.

This is a way I’ve worn the shoes to work (black Limited pants, striped Gap sweater):

Dec 4 2012 2

And on another note, I picked up a new scent.  I really wanted to get the Hanae Mori again (I’m nearly out), but Zach convinced me to get something new.  So I returned to Burberry Brit, though this time I got Sheer.  It’s slightly more floral than I’d normal get, but it’s fun and good for daily wear.

Favorite  color for a heel?  I have to say red or nude

Favorite scent? Vanilla, without a doubt

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12 responses to “Shoes-day Tuesday!

  1. Love Nine West. It’s kind of a dangerous store for me though. I ALWAYS find a pair (or 2 or 3) of shoes I “need.”

    And my favorite scent is Amazing Grace by Philosophy. Check it out. You may like it!

  2. I love red heels. I only have one pair right now, and I feel like I should really do something about that.
    As for scents, I used to always wear this stuff that smelled like oranges. I ran out awhile ago, and I miss it. It’s the only smell that’s ever really suited me.

  3. I love my classic black and nude pumps – I find I wear my red patent flats more then my red heels. MJ Daisy is my everyday scent, Coco Mademoiselle for “occasions”. :)

  4. I forgot to comment on the new scents in your email yesterday. I remember really liking the Burberry Brit scent you had before, so I’m betting this one is also lovely. And it’s funny that Zach got The One from Dolce & Gabbana, because that’s what I wear (though in perfume version, not cologne). Is the cologne scent nice? Ilya needs some new cologne so I’ll be on the lookout for something.

    • It is nice…we also like BVG by Bulgari and I liked a Lacoste that was in a white bottle (don’t remember the name). Oh and I liked Fehrenheit, but Zach’s says it smells like cinnamon. Probably why I like it :P

  5. Cookie

    Kind of scary . . . I’ve worn Burberry Brit for years! Where’s a Bean pic?

  6. Priya

    Love the red pumps and may I just say, I really like the Duvet cover in the background too. :-D I need to find me some nice red flats or perhaps a wedge for work wear. I think my shoes really need a pop of color. I always pick black, grey, silver or brown when it comes to footwear and that really needs to change. Wanna go show shopping me? :-)

  7. Free info like this is an apple from the tree of knodwelge. Sinful?

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