Over the last few days

Hey hey!

Nights like last night make me want to dive head first in my freshly stocked wine fridge.  It wasn’t anything terrible, just a little hectic.  I think Zach got the flu (thank goodness we got Bean his flu shot at his appt last Friday), which meant that I was  taking care of Bean solo, as well as the other beasts (aka pets).  Bean and I ran to the mall, did some damage at Target, then I attempted to get everyone fed.  It took some convincing but Bean eventually liked the lentil mozzarella quesadillas (I personally love the combo, especially topped with marinara) and only managed to make a small disaster in the kitchen.  Then came the usual Sunday chores: vacuum, take out trash, walk Naava, pick out Bean’s clothes, pick out my work clothes for the week…yada yada yada.  You know a lot of nothing that somehow takes the whole day.

But hey, speaking of that freshly stocked wine fridge, Zach and I joined Zagat Wine Club.  They had a faboosh introductory offer right before Christmas for 15 wines for $70 and then subsequent wine shipments every 3 months for $150 (12 bottles of wine — we’re doing all red).  We’ve tried 2 (or 3? err…) already and both were great.  In future shipments, I can make swaps in advance if I know there is a wine I particularly like or would not like (read: Zinfandels..ick).

I squeezed in a nail appt on Saturday and am in love with this tawny taupe-y color:

photo 1-3Is it acceptable to continuously shellac your nails the same color time after time?  Because I think I just may.

Last week our good friends had their baby (nearly 3 weeks early!), so we met him on Saturday.  He is perfect in every way and is just the cutest, tiniest, little peanut.  Makes me almost want a newborn…almost ;)  And nothing helps new parents in survival mode than brownies, right?

photo 2-3That would be the last of the Pumpkin Butterscotch Brownies I made from Picky Palate.  These are insanely moist and incredibly tasty.  And I’m not even a brownie person!

I also made it to Spin class this weekend after a longer than 2 week hiatus.  If only I could motivate myself for early AM workouts, because I really think I’d benefit from hitting up the 6am Spin class daily.  But sleep will always win!

Try any good wines lately?  Part of a wine club?

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25 responses to “Over the last few days

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I am in love with that nail color as well! Happy Monday girl!

  2. Those brownies look so tasty! And now I’m totally craving one. I made some banana bread this weekend, but perhaps I should have made these instead. I hope you don’t end up getting the flu too! I’ll be sending healthy thoughts your way! :)

  3. No wine club here. I usually just get a few interesting bottles at Costco or Wegmans. I looooove that nail color. I don’r paint my nails because they would look awful within a day, but if I did, I’d pick that! I have a similar color from Essie but it’s a tad more gray with a purple tint.

  4. What a pretty polish! Those brownies look great too!

  5. A wine club would be so fun! I need to look into that. I always see 6 AM yoga classes and think “I could go before work!” But then I remember that means I have to get up much earlier than 6 just to get there on time and it becomes out of the question :)

  6. i love love that nail color! get it every time!

  7. I LOVE that nail color! I need to find one like that, it’s so pretty.

  8. I have really been loving sweet shirazs lately. YUM!

  9. That is a great nail color, I say stick with it. Do you remember what brand it was? – I’m needing some new picks! Hope your husband recovers quickly!

  10. Danielle

    Shanna – Does Bean sleep through the night? Just wondering bc I have a 1 year old son that most definitely does not…

    • Hi Danielle — yes Bean sleeps through the night..he’s been a good sleeper since birth (I attribute to his hefty weight..ha!). He goes down at 7p and wakes beetween 7a and 8a. He may whimper or talk in the middle of the night for about 30sec to a minute, but finds his binky and falls back asleep. We still cluster feed at night. He has his dinner (about 200 cals) at 5ish, then he has a bottle of about 100-120 cals (milk/formula combo) at about 645p. Email me if you have any other questions ..and good luck!

  11. Love that nail color!! I know what color I’m getting next time I go in :D

  12. Your nails look lovely! Yay for joining a wine club! :-)

  13. AWE. Sorry to hear of the hectic schedule but your nails look glorious and hope the wine cures all! (in my life it does!)

  14. Pretty color! Your nails look great.

  15. I love that polish color. I’ve always wanted to join a wine club. Lately we’ve just been going mega cheap and getting some from Trader Joe’s. It isn’t great, but it serves its purpose. ;)

  16. Is that color “You don’t know Jacques!” – I love it and always use it too :)

    You totally just reminded me that we joined a wine club and havent received ours from last month or this month yet… Hm…..

  17. I like that nail color. Enjoy the wines. I’m sure I’d like those too. ;) K, now I’m off to check out those brownies…

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