Sawyer 1 year update

Getting older sucks.  Why?  Because time seems to fly by at warp speed and I’d rather freeze this precious moment in time with Bean forever.


In a blink of an eye, he turned 1.  In just 12 months, he became a little boy, full of personality, (now toothy) grins, infectious squeals, love, and crazy mobility and understanding.  It makes me last 12 months look lackluster and sluggish.  Ha!’


Although he turned 1 last Friday, I wanted to wait til his 1 year check-up so I can provide all the status.

  • Weight/Height: weight – 25lbs 1 oz (chunky ;)) 90%; height – 30.25″ 90%; head – 19″ 94%.  Big boy!
  • Eats: Bean officially eats three distinct meals a day: Breakfast — roasted apples (chunky and pureed) mixed with oats, and cinnamon + 1/2 a banana (lately we’ve introduced Cheerios in whole milk).  Lunch — 1 2% cheese stick, 1/2 english muffin with peanut butter, carrot sticks.  Dinner — Sprout packaged meal or sweet potatoes or a hodge podge of what we are eating.  Bean’s fave foods are puffs, peanut butter, pears, and CHEESE!  The biggest change the last couple of weeks is the introduction of cow’s milk.  We are also trying to wean from the bottle.  Both have  not been simple.  We try to do his daily milk in a sippy cup (it’s about 2.5 oz whole milk mixed with 2.5 oz formula).  He will not yet take the cow’s milk plain.  At night, we’re still giving him a warm bottle (half formula/half milk) right before bed.  He doesn’t fall asleep eating so I hope to move this last ‘snack’ up earlier so that his bedtime routine no longer includes milk (at least within a  half hour).   I believe he’s getting about 800-900 cals a day.
  • Sleeps:7p-730a on average with one 1.5-2 hr.  I think we’ve moved into the territory of only one nap per day, which is actually okay by me.  Hopefully the time at which he gets tired will become more predictable.  I’d say it’s usually about 3 hours after he wakes up.
  • Sounds:dada, something that sort of sounds like mama, throat gurgling, clicking his tongue, snorting, blowing raspberries, sticking his tongue in/out fast to make noise, ‘da’ (for dog?). He seems to ‘know’ a lot of word’s meaning, but isn’t keen on mimicking a lot yet.
  • Movements: He is a walking machine.  Just not solo.  He loves, loves, loves to push anything around: rolling chairs, kitchen stools, his new tricycle, his Pewi push toy, his baby rocking chair, etc.  If it moves, he’ll push it.  He can walk pretty steadily holding only one hand.  He also can stand still without any support for a few moments.
  • Toys, etc: random boxes,Tupperware, drawers, his Fischer Price ball toy, his xylophone toy, his new drum, balls, kicking soccer balls, the stairs, dogs/cats, books.
  • Clothes:size 4 diapers by day, size 5 sleeper by nights.  Bean wears 12-18 pants (though we squeeze him in some 9-12mo) and mostly 18-24 mo tops (24 mo onesies are nearly too small) and 24 month pj’s.
  • Teeth:4!  He has his two bottom teeth and his two eye teeth (yes he looks like a vampire) and is getting his two front teeth any day now.  We are attempting brushing by simply giving him a toothbrush to gnaw on for now.
  • Other: Sawyer has learned the art of the temper tantrum.  He flings his body backward and lays on the floor looking all tragic and ridiculous.  I just look at him and go, “really?”  He’s not amused.  (Luckily I’m sort of amused … for now). He also seems to go ballistic when it comes to changing his diaper — most hated activity ever!


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9 responses to “Sawyer 1 year update

  1. Such a cutie! I can’t believe he’s already 1.

  2. I loved reading al about Sawyer’s first year update! It looks like he is going to be tall! My niece is a super tall girl and then Cameryn is the opposite and is so tiny. I love that Sawyer likes kicking a soccer ball, that is just too cute! I also got some ideas on what to feed Cam from what you feed Sawyer, I’m always finding it hard on what to feed her, I feel like she eats the same things over and over. And why are diaper changes so bad for babies? You would think they would like getting a fresh clean diaper! C will only stand her diaper change if it’s the first one of the morning otherwise it’s a battle! Sawyer is growing up so quickly and he is such a cutie! I bet you are so proud of him!

  3. Oh Bean. How can you be a year old already?!? I still want pics of your vampire teefs. Hehehehe :)

  4. Lisa

    Aren’t those toddler tanturms just the cutest….right now. I honestly try not to laugh at the sheer drama conveyed over having the iphone or TV remote taken away. Benjamin’s acting skills my land him a spot on one of those spanish soap operas! As usual Ben and Bean are still twinnies on just about every point – minus the height. He’s 25 pounds but a shortie (26 inches on good day!). I love that bathtub pic!! He’s gonna hate you for that one day ;)

  5. Aw! He has gotten big, but he’s just as cute as ever. :) It probably sounds nuts, but I was so sad when we had to pack away my son’s newborn clothes. I wasn’t ready for him to move on to the next size yet and wanted to keep him little forever! Now I realize that each stage is so much fun, and it really is such a blessing to watch them grow and develop their little personalities. :)

  6. I really col’dnut ask for more from this article.

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