Not enough pictures

Hey there — are you still in a food coma?  I’m slowly emerging from my very delightful one.

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures over the weekend, so below are just a smattering of some along with some other odds and ends.

Wednesday afternoon, two of my girlfriend coworkers and I left early to attend a Dailey Method class.  We followed it by a Starbucks and a cake from Satura.  Totally normal right?

That evening I went on my baking frenzy: 2 pumpkin pies (one with crust, one without + 2 extra ramekins) and 2 full apple crisps.  Nom.

I ate both ramekins, 1 slice of the traditional pie and about 3/4th of the crustless pie.  I have no shame.

Bean was festive for the big day:

And by festive, I mean the turkey bib he sported.

Our friends did an incredible job with the turkey.  Dark meat was braised in some sort of apple cider something while the white meat was barbecued on the grill:

It was quite good…actually it was great.  That being said, I still think I may go back to being a vegetarian full time (I’m about veg 96% of the time these days).

Friday I completely avoided the malls, did some Xmas shopping online, and had a play date for Bean.  Much more enjoyable this way.

Saturday, however, I was able to force Zach to the Gilroy Outlets.  The shopping was a-maz-ing.  If only we had about 20 more hours.  No seriously.  Even Zach would have shopped more.  There was a line outside the Coach store just to be able to get in to shop.  I had to text Zach pictures while he waited outside — like this one, to see if it would fit my laptop:


Let’s just say, I found out it does ;)

I found a million other things to buy and Zach tried to see if he could get it and say it was for Xmas.  No.  Big fat no.  I’d rather get something I didn’t ask for than be present while getting my gift.  Am I the only one that feels this way?

Sunday was lovely and productive: morning hike, some ceramic painting, groceries, laundry, a big batch of chili, and cleaning.

The only thing that has me down starting into this week is my lack of leftover pumpkin pie :P



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13 responses to “Not enough pictures

  1. Glad you had a good holiday weekend!!!

    I thought we’d have a lack of leftovers in our house. However, my roommate came home with a full pan of lasagna, and a blogger friend brought me some extra turkey. WIN.

  2. I ate my fair share not only on T’giving but the entire time I was home. No shame when it comes to good food!

    And love that picture of Sawyer – he’s so freakin cute!!!

  3. I moped around all night on Friday because I really wanted a piece of pie and didn’t have any. It was pathetic. The bad part about not hosting and cooking Thabksgiving dinner is that you don’t get to enjoy all the leftovers! I just bought a Coach purse with that same print :)

  4. Haha I’ve been on a baking kick too! I love it :)

    Sawyer looks adorable as always! I hope you had a great weekend, Shanna!

  5. Lucky girl, that is a nice laptop case! I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving – and seriously impressive effort taking down all of that pie! :)

  6. HI! I’m new to your blog! Your little bean is adorable!! Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  7. All of this looks great. Now I want some pumpkin pie!

  8. I ate thanksgiving with just a friend and our kids so we kept it very simple and unfortunaltey no pumpkin pie. We have a pumpkin roll with cream cheese icing whch was amazing but i need some pumpkin pie asap…i may have to make a mini one for dessert this week sometime just for me :)

  9. That turkey sounds amazing.
    Successful shopping days are the best. I love that laptop case. :)

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