More pictures, less words

Another weekend gone by too fast, particularly since my bestie was here so briefly.  The saddest part is that I don’t know when we’ll see each other next.  Our boys may already be walking!  Meep!

Since pictures are more fun than words, I’ll skimp on the latter and get on with it Winking smile

4th of July started out with Bean’s newest addiction:

July 4 2012 Peets

We followed the day up with some fun at Stanford Mall:

July 4 2012 zach beanJuly 4 2012 bean me

Having my bestie in town is pretty much the best thing ever.  Having our baby be besties too is pretty darn wonderful too:

July 6 2012 bestiesJuly 6 2012 Bean Tot

My Mom and Gregorio have a new addition to the family – he’s pretty adorable, no?

June 2012 cody

As long as we’re talking about new family members, my Dad’s buffalo had a new baby a few weeks ago, he (she?) is already 80 pounds or more. Yikes!


And to round things, out, my SIL just climbed Mt. Rainier on Friday.  She’s incredible!


So what’s on deck for me?  Personal training, spin classes, bean time, and typical reality show watching.  Yes my life is very exciting Winking smile

What’s on deck for you?

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18 responses to “More pictures, less words

  1. We’ll certainly have to plan something! I don’t like not knowing when I’ll see you again either. :(

    But I do love looking over all the pics we got of our boys together. They sure do make a cute pair!! :)

  2. That picture of the two babies is absolutely adorable!!! I have some fun things on deck for today! Grocery shopping (I love it!!) and then coffee with a friend :D

  3. Awww it sounds like the bean’s first 4th was good!!

  4. hehe your life sounds as exciting as mine. Though with Bean you def have an excuse. I’m the same way though, I’d prefer to post photos then actual words. Writing up blogs takes forever.

  5. I love that Sawyer is always smiling. He’s just too precious!

  6. Reality show time is definitely part of my schedule, too, no shame. :) Glad you had fun with your friend and got the babies together!

  7. Lisa

    Awww, it looks like you girls and the babes had a great time! I’m meeting up with Andrea and little Tate next weekend! Thanks for sharing your Bestie :)

  8. Could those babies be any cuter?? (The human and animal babies!)

  9. Lesley

    Gorgeous babies – too cute for words!

  10. Hey now, I find spin classes quite exciting! ;) <3 the pic of your big man n' your lil' man.

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