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The time has come

Hey there friends,

The time has come – I’m back to work today.  I’m excited, but also my heart is aching over missing my little bean.  I never imagined it would be this hard.  Perhaps after a few days, it will become a bit easier. 

It was a pretty darn good weekend though.

Friday I spent the day with some other mommy friends and kept that evening low key.

Saturday, Zach and I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new couch (and chair).  As I’ve mentioned, we loathe our current couch and have been searching high and low for something we liked.  We found this:


We should have both pieces by mid-May.  Woohoo Open-mouthed smile

Following the furniture shopping, we hit up a new wine bar that was nearby.  The outside ambience was very strip-mall, but the interior was nice.  And, I ended up having a fabulous uber cheap Carmenere that I now want to buy by the case. 

We followed our wine adventure with some Yogurtland (cookies and cream with pralines and pecan and dulce de delicious and tons of toppings):


Being that Saturday was rainy and cold we opted to stay in for the rest of the night and watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Wow.  Just wow.  I had read all the books and thought they were phenomenal.  The movie actually did the first book justice and left me looking forward to the next two in the series.  The movie is intense, so beware. 

Sunday was typical errands day: Peets, groceries, getting work clothes ready, working out, and preparing bean’s stuff for the babysitter.

Alright, here I go…wish me luck Winking smile


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