Shoes-Day! Taupe bootie repeat

Hey there!

How was everyone’s weekend and Monday?  I spent Friday night catching up with the faboosh Shayla of The Good Life over Mexi food.  Total win-win situation.  And she was so kind and got me a GC to a spa –  I’m making her go with me Winking smile  (twisting her arm on that one)

Saturday was spent steam cleaning carpets (oddly enough, I love this) and having a scrumptious dinner made by our friends Dan and Kate (thanks guys!). 

Yesterday I began going through the claim process for reporting the butthead that hit my car in my apartment complex 2 weeks ago and didn’t leave a note.  Therefore I  have to pay the deductible to get a whole new bumper.  Let’s hope karma comes back and bites him (or her) in the booty.

Moving on…

Below is the outfit I wore Friday night to meet up with Shayla:

Feb 24 2012 1Feb 24 2012 2

In the mix is a olive military jacket (via Marshalls), black ruffle top from White House Black Market, 7 for All Mankind jeans, and taupe patent leather booties by Steve Madden (gift from bestie!).

Here are the booties up close:

Feb 24 2012 booties

These shoes definitely have some height to go with their funk appeal.  I don’t wear them nearly enough but I should.  Next time around, I’ll wear them with skinny jeans – they get rather lost under a boot cut. 

Oh and since the bean also joined us for dinner, here is what he wore:

Feb 24 2012 1 (2)

Red plaid onesie and black pants from Baby Gap and brown knit booties from Shayla Smile

Do you think booties go better with skinny jeans or boot cut?  Or does it depend on the shoe?

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21 responses to “Shoes-Day! Taupe bootie repeat

  1. Sorry to hear about your car!! When my car was still relatively new, someone dented the whole (both doors) driver’s side of my car in my old apt complex, and didn’t leave a note. I was so heart broken, and not to mention furious!! How can people be so mean? It was clearly someone (in a blue car) trying to back into a spot and failed. I checked every blue car in the lot for signs of my silver paint, but couldn’t identify them. I didn’t end up getting it completely fixed (it was $5k+ for a purely aesthetic fix), just buffed and repainted, and I still get reminded of that awful person every time i go to get in my car. :(

  2. Love love love the bean’s outfit!! I also think you are looking amazingly stylish these days (and I do love those booties), but I just can’t get enough of the Sawyer fashion. :) He is looking more and more like you every day!

  3. fitandfuninthird

    He is adorable!!!! Look at those little shoes!!!

  4. I think booties can go with either, but I prefer them with skinnies. Or even better, with a skirt or dress!

  5. I think it just depends on whether you want to show the booties off or not! And that plaid onesie…what a stylin’ little guy!

  6. I’m so sorry about your car. I hope that person get his/hers. Grrr…

    And I really think it just depends on the shoe and the rest of the outfit. I like how you paired them here but can also see how they would look great with skinny jeans.

  7. I like booties better with boot cut jeans, but only because I have short legs and I feel like I can pull them off with skinnies! The bean! I love it!

  8. Loved loved our night out girl – it was definitely faboosh!!! And you’re so going to have to twist my arm to go to the spa with you ;) Haha can’t wait!

    I loved your outfit that night – always looking stylish girl! And I just loved soybean’s outfit too! It was so good seeing him and he’s such a cutie pie! I echo Andrea and think he looks more and more like you – I meant to tell you that Friday! :)

  9. Oye I am so sorry about your car!! That sucks!!! Arggg

    Shoes are super cute! I think it depends on the booty what kind of pants. You look like you’re doing it rightt!

    Yey for a spa day with Shayla…how sweet of her!!

  10. Sawyer clearly takes after your fashion sense ;)

  11. Skinny jeans or boot cut, it doesn’t matter as long as you can carry yourself well, right?

  12. Gotta’ love Baby Gap. :) Enjoy that spa trip; I know you will!!!

  13. Love the booties. Both yours and his. :)

    Sorry about your car. That’s so frustrating. I don’t understand why people refuse to just do the right thing. Someone whacked my car door in the work parking lot, and never said a word. I know exactly who it was too – the paint marks are red, and there’s only one red car here. Jerk.

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