Let’s catch up, shall we?

I think the one week hiatus was one of the longest I’ve gone since starting my blog (in May 2010 <—wow!).  Like I said, I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  I’ve gone back and forth recently on whether I want to keep it up as much as I have.  I’ve enjoyed blogging to record what’s gone on in my pregnancy and now with my lil’ Soybean here, but other than that, I’m not extremely motivated in the HLB  community as of late.  Perhaps that’s because my blog really doesn’t fit in the “healthy living blog” genre.  Ultimately my blog is just a diary of my life…


Let’s catch up.

Valentine’s Day was spent with little hoopla and fanfare.  Instead we opted for some vino, spaghetti and meatballs at home with the bean.  He splurged on some formula.  What a wild man. 

Feb 13 2012 smile

Wednesday I went to a Mommy and Me class that was fabulous.  I am loving bonding with new mommies and spending the day talking about all the craziness we’re experiencing.

Thursday 2 of my new mommy friends came over for a lunch date and more gossip.  We tried convincing the lil ones to pose for a pic, but Sawyer was not having it.  Poor guy!

Feb 16 2012 S Willamina Preston

Friday Zach’s brother arrived along with his fiancé to meet the soybean!  He’s so lucky to be so loved by all his family Smile  Despite having a 7 week old, we were able to do quite a bit in the short time they were here:

Saturday: Coffee shop in the AM, SF in the afternoon – Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square and drinks at McCormicks, then Little Italy for an early dinner.

Feb 18 2012 Pier 39

Sunday: AM walk to the coffee shop, excursion to Nebbia Winery in Half Moon Bay, followed by lunch at Moss Beach Distillery, and a stroll and sparkling wine at Ritz Carlton.  

Feb 20 2012 Moss beach

We capped off the visit with some Cali staples: In & Out and Pinkberry.  Btw, the salted caramel froyo is ah-maz-ing!

So there ya go.  That’s what’s been happening in a nutshell.  And while you’re reading this, I’m at at follow up doctor’s appointment with the OB.  Wish me luck!

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26 responses to “Let’s catch up, shall we?

  1. What great pics! Every time we go to HMB, I always want to stop at Nebbia. Did you like it?!

    I haven’t had frozen yogurt in forever, but I think it’s time I stop at Pinkberry – such a fan of salted caramel anything!

  2. I enjoy reading about your life…. as healthy living mama ;-)

    It is kind of clear that your priorities have shifted and you are very busy with the baby, only natural.

  3. Mmmm… salted caramel fro-yo… that sounds soooo good!! Good luck at your doc appt!

    BTW, I just can’t get enough of Sawyer in his little elephant hat. Every time I see it I smile a little bit bigger. :-D

  4. That first pic of Sawyer is beyond cute! And I personally think blogging is a very personal thing, so do it when you can and about what you want! Healthy living goes way beyond what you eat and how much you workout anyway. :)

  5. Sawyer is such a little cutie!!

  6. Such an adorable picture of the little guys!! They all look so happy to be there, lol.

  7. I totally relate with what you said at the beginning, Shanna and am glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’ve kind of excluded myself from the HL community lately, because *for me* it didn’t feel so healthy. And really, I think part of the appeal for me was that being a part of it gave me clear guidelines for what to write about. It’s harder when you don’t fit in a certain niche, but also pretty liberating. Lately, I find that writing from my heart always suits me better, even if that means it only makes sense to me and even if it means I have no pictures to share OR even if that means, no one is reading. I write for me and I could care less if anyone comments.

    If sharing a personal diary is what makes you happy, then that’s all you need :)

    • Exactly Lauren! I feel like reality can be a little warped if you take HLB’s as what works or should work for everyone. I will never be the type to work out at 5a or train for multiple marathons or gush on and on about chia seeds and hemp milk. I am finding I prefer bloggers who portray a more balanced lifestyle anyway….

  8. Don’t worry about being a healthy blogger, unless you want to be a healthy living blogger. you can still be healthy and enjoy reading other health blogs. it’s your blog and you do what you want ;) and we love it cuz we keep coming back for you and your shoes, cute baby pictures and funny stories! ;)

  9. I feel you on not feeling like blogging lately. I think with a baby it is just so much harder since they take up so much of your time, especially when breastfeeding.

    It looks like you are keeping busy with lots of fun activities! Your weekend with your brother in law sounded so much fun! I’m glad Sawyer is able to do all that stuff with you guys. Cameryn doesn’t do too well in restaurants yet.

    • Yes yes yes Kjirsten! Having a baby totally changes priorities and what I do with my available time. We’ll see how much I keep blogging in the future…

      Have you tried keeping a dark cover over C’s carseat to get her to sleep during a restaurant outing?

  10. Tiffany

    I’m expecting in May so I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts! Don’t change anything!!

  11. Hope the doctor visit went well! That first pic of Sawyer is so sweet- I think he looks like you in it! Wait- Pinkberry has salted caramel now?? Crap, I did not need to know that!

  12. Pinkberry = amazing. Their dark chocolate is my absolute favorite.

    Hope all went well at the appointment!

  13. Well thanks for the update but I definitely don’t think you need to apologize for being gone. Look at the things you are buys with!!! If I had something that adorable staring at me every single day, I would keep my laptop closed too. :) He is so previous Shanna!

  14. Girl, I can’t belive you are balancing all of that with your child. I am seriously amazed. I’m glad to know you are doing well, I was actually just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. :)

  15. Oh my goodness Shanna, he just keeps getting cuter!! I love that first picture.
    I hope the doctors appointment went well!

  16. Good luck! I have a follow-up tomorrow to find out if my ovarian cyst has grown at all. Yep, pregnancy brings all sorts of things to light. :(

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