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4 weeks postpartum update


In a word that’s how I feel. 

Not about life.  That I feel pretty good about.

My postpartum body progress gets a big fat ugh. 

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I wrote how I was going to get back on track and going to rein in the eats and become more active.  Well I have become more active – in fact, I actually went to the gym (at my complex) on Monday for the first time in 5 weeks! Open-mouthed smile  20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes of light weights and abs was an easy way to get back into things.  It felt ah-maz-ing.  But that has not been enough.  Nor has my longer walks with the dog. 


Because I’m eating like a fat kid.  The lack of structure in my days, revolving door of houseguests, and Birthday treats (my birthday was yesterday) has really impinged my healthy eating. 

But hey, I own it.  I’m facing up to it.  I’ve been eating crap.  And too much of it.  I did hit the desired 2100 cals/day a few times, but more often than not, I was pushing 3000 I’m sure.

So with that being said, what measurements have changed since a week and a half ago? 

None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada. 

I am the same weight and measurements.  And it’s my fault.  (But I’d also like to silently blame those that say if you’re breastfeeding you scorch calories and can’t eat enough…not true my friends).

Admittedly getting on the scale on Monday pretty much ruined my day.  Believe me, the gift of being a Mom is far superior than weight loss, but in that moment, that number owned me.  Rather than round out my pity party with binge eating, I vowed to get back on track then and there.

It was fairly easy during the day and I stuck to eats like I would as if it were a work day, but the night was much harder…luckily a glass of vino was able to satiate me (for the most part).  The evening workout also was key.  And so was a nice 4 mile walk yesterday.

Here’s a pic of me at 2.5 weeks and 4 weeks post partum:

Jan 4 2012 sideJan 24 2012

It appears that my tummy is getting flatter and my face is thinning a bit, but I’m still aiming for more.

Let’s hope I can keep this time around I can keep my word…


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