Happy Monday friends!

How was your weekend?

With 6 weeks off of work and a newborn, I have no sense of time anymore.  I really need to detail a ‘typical’ day for you because it is so not what used to be the norm.

This past weekend, my Mom left {read: sad Sad smile} and my SIL arrived!  Despite being limited in what we can do, we did make it to froyo on Saturday along with a walk in Palo Alto, and a glass of vino at the Half Moon Bay Ritz-Carlton on Sunday.  Not too shabby eh?


Otherwise, most of our time is pretty much spent like this:

Jan 7 2012 daddy2

Yeah he really is that cute Winking smile  Oh, so is the hubby Smile with tongue out

Okay moving on to the title of the post: commitments.

At my company, each year we typically have to set ‘objectives’ for which we are then measured against at the end of the year.  This is how we eventually get raises, promotions, etc.

This year, our company is changing to ‘commitments.’  What’s the difference you say?  Well apparently there is a sense that there is more personal devotion by committing to something than to simply have an objective to do it.  I’m still wrapping my head around it a bit. 

While I am not sure what my 2012 work commitments will be, I do have an idea what I’d like my 2012 personal commitments to be.

This year I am committed to:

  • Love and care for my son with every ounce of my being.
  • Make one-on-one time for the hubby via date nights, getaways, small gestures of love.
  • Reinvigorate my fitness – once I get the all-clear from the doctor, I plan to return to Bikram, bring Sawyer to PlaYo (mommy/baby yoga), etc.
  • Volunteer more.  I don’t know what this looks like yet. but I do miss the feeling of giving back.
  • Practice flexibility and patience.  I’m pretty sure this will be forced upon me by nature of having a baby, but I really want to put in the effort to be more relaxed in these two regards.
  • Travel!  2011 was spent touring the US for various weddings.  This year, I’d like to take some dedicated trips: NYC (haven’t been since I was 10!) and perhaps Spain or Argentina in the Fall.
  • Continue to take care of myself.  I’ve heard too often of ‘Mom’ falling off the priority list, but I know that I will be a better momma and wife if I make time for me.  This will include girls nights out, pedis, retail therapy (as required Winking smile), exercising, reading, etc.

What are you committed to this year?

How do you take care of yourself?

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24 responses to “Commitments

  1. It’s great to set some time aside for yourself — you’re right, you’ll be a better mommy and wife by allowing yourself that time! :)

    Also, when you make your NYC visit, you best be letting me know!!

  2. Exercise is more important for me mentally than physically; finding time to fit in some type of workout each day is really important to me!

    Your boys are too cute!

  3. I set goals for myself at the beginning of 2012 but the big umbrella that everything falls under is to do what’s right for me – mentally and physically. And to take it all one day at a time.

    Sawyer is a-dorable!

  4. the new commitments thing at work is so vague, no one has explained anything to us yet. but yeah it kind of sounds like the same thing but new lingo! my two biggest goals for the year are to run a 5k and to travel to a new country i haven’t see yet.

  5. I think it’s so important to take time out for yourself. Even more now that you have a baby to take care of. You definitely need (and deserve) that “me time.”

  6. Priya

    Love that pic of your men enjoying some bonding time! I agree that it’s so important to get some “me time” and also some alone time for mommy and daddy.
    I think shifts in corporate lingo are kinda funny sometimes – not sure that calling it goals/objectives vs. commitment changes how I personally feel about achieving success in my career.

  7. Love love your commitments girl…I too have to definitely agree with making time for yourself and the hubby. Though having a newborn is the most special time in any new mom’s life, I think it’s first very important to take time for yourself and for you and your husband’s relationship/marriage. I believe that always comes first so you can be a better mama! And amen to pedi’s and wine dates, yes please! ;)

    I absolutely love love Bikram yoga! I’ve been meaning to mention to you that I practiced for a couple months about a year ago but had to cancel it b/c it got too darn expensive (esp. coupled with my Equinox membership), but would love to take it with you sometime! Where do you go? I’ve only gone to Being Yoga in Burlingame. And sometime you’re coming with me to Equinox for a kick-ass cardio sesh :) xoxo

    • P.S. Heart is bursting at the adorable cuteness that is baby Sawyer…love that photo with the hubby, too cute! He has the cutest little face, and look at that head of hair! Love it :)

      • I love that photo too ;) It’s sorta precious huh? Thanks for the love!

        Another Bikram fan? Yipppeeeee! I go to Bikram San Jose, so it’s not really convenient or close, but I love it. I’m totally open to exploring new studios and would love to try a cardio sesh at Equinox. I am itching to get a bit of a work out in.

  8. Shanna, your boys are so beyond adorable!!! I also have so many “commitments” for myself this year! Ella is 2.5 and baby #2 should be here soon! :) as a mom of a 2.5 year old, I know its way to easy to leave yourself behind! Its so easy to just say you’ll find time, but you won’t, you have to just do it!!! That’s my goal this year! More mama time!!! Ha I’m starting with some relaxing raiki tonight! Enjoy your time with the little man, it goes by so fast!

  9. YES! Come to NYC and bring that little handsome boy with you!

  10. Awe this post is so cute! I’m so happy for you! I cannot imagine the lack of time and personal time you are losing. Take care and I’ll be thinking of ya! :)

  11. YES YES YES to this post!!!!

    I feel exactly the same way! Time for YOU is def something that you need to keep on the priority list. Because, yes, it often gets easy to forget about!!!

  12. Mindy@FSLblog

    I’d kill for a stroll on the beach & a glass of wine at the Ritz!

    Your commitments sound right on point.

    If you go to NYC, let me know the dates! Maybe we can grab fro yo or a glass of wine 😊

  13. I’m totally missing Bikram! That would be a goal for me for sure once I can get back into exercise. All of your goals sound just perfect for new mom-hood. I can’t get over all the cute pics of Sawyer. He’s so photogenic, just like his Mom!! I hope your trip to NYC will include a slightly north-bound detour. Then our boys could get their first bestie-boy play date!!

  14. Your list is great and I’m sure you will completely commited to the first two! ;-) Sawyer is adorable by the way! <3

  15. This year I’m going to be commited to being both the best mom and wife I can be. I really don’t want to be one of those moms who forgets she is married with a husband! I want to make my husband love me even more this year! :)

    I take care of myself by eating helathy foods and buying almost all our groceries at the local organic store (my splurge), working out, doing yoga and meditation and also just taking time to do things I love like watching Lifetime movies or reading gossip magazines. Oh, and I can’t forget shopping too!

  16. Love your personal commitments! I commit to being kind to myself, traveling more, being more patient with my loved ones and eating really good food. Sawyer looks sooo tiny in that picture. Precious :)

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