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1 week postpartum update

Oh friends, you are so wonderful.  I appreciate all your concerned and kind comments on the second part of my birth story.  Now that I’m a week past the somewhat scary aftermath, it doesn’t seem so bad.  In the moment, I didn’t understand the magnitude and afterward, it was mostly about pain management.  Again, I’m just so grateful for a beautiful birth!

Okay so let’s talk 1 week out stats:

Here is what I looked like on day 7:

Jan 4 2012 sideJan 4 2012 1 week postpartum

Based on other pregnancy blogs I had read, I assumed I would walk out of the hospital 15-20 lbs thinner.  Especially considering having a nearly 9 pound baby!  AND all the blood I lost. 

Well nope, that sure as heck didn’t happen. 

As of my 38 week doctor’s appointment, I had gained 25.8 pounds, but by the time I gave birth, I’m pretty sure I was about 27 pounds total weight gain. 

As of Wednesday (1 week postpartum), I lost 14 pounds and about 4+ inches from my waist (was at 38” and, now am at 31-34” depending on where I’m measured.  My ribcage is at 30”).

So yeah I was a lot of belly but certainly have weight elsewhere!  My thighs feel slimmer, but my face still is carrying some weight and I’m having some swelling.  Btw, I had a great deal of swelling in my ankles and feet the first few days after birth – perhaps due to all the fluids???

I have done nothing in terms of working out.  Nothing.  And I’m eating whatever I want so I figure once I start working out and eating better, the pounds should come off. 

Oddly enough, I’ve never felt more beautiful – and that’s tough for me to say since I’m not one to think I’m all that and a bag of chips Winking smile

Alright, let’s get on to Mr Sawyer’s stats:

Jan 4 2012

  • Birth weight: 8 pounds, 10 ounces
  • 5 days post birth: 7 pounds, 11 ounces (nearly 10% weight loss)
  • 8 days post birth: 7 pounds, 14 ounces (woohoo Open-mouthed smile )

So there ya go!  Again if you have specific questions, feel free to ask!

Tonight my SIL in coming in – yay!  And tomorrow my Mom leaves – big boo on this one.  I am not ready for her to leave in the slightest.  Things are going to get real around here Winking smile

As for weekend plans, I’m hoping for some walks, maybe froyo, and perhaps even venturing out to dinner! 

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Anything else you’re curious to know?


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