Christmas trees and Christmas lists

Really, where is Sawyer?  I mean come on already!  Sure he’s got 10 more days, but I expected him to be like his mama and be insanely early.  Argh Smile with tongue out

But it is Friday and we’re just over a week from the big holiday, so I figured today’s post should focus on the happiest time of the year!

Zach and I are are still forming our traditions.  This is our 4th Christmas living together and the one tradition we’ve really kept up with is cutting down our own tree.  I absolutely love it.  This year we went back to the place we went to first: Frosty’s in the Santa Cruz Mountains. 


Purty right?

There were so many good trees to choose from that it didn’t take long.  This year we wanted to go a tad smaller since we have enough ‘stuff’ going on and didn’t want to maneuver around a massive tree on top of it. 


Naava likes to come too so she can pee on all the other trees to help us pick out the perfect tree Winking smile

Zach is in charge of hanging the lights when we return home and I do the ornaments. 


And to add a bit of holiday cheer, we have a few other decorations around the house:


Moving on to Christmas lists….

This year it’s been really tough.  The only gift I really want is a healthy, happy baby boy!

But still random things go through my head so here are a few items I drummed up:

Silly / ridiculous:

  • Cinnamon cupcake from Sprinkles
  • Cinnamon roll from Los Gatos Café (seriously, so freakin’ good)
  • Rose gold diamond band(s) like these or this one to go with my push present ring (size 6)
  • Kate Spade or Hunter rain boots (darn Piperlime gave me  the idea, but they had no size 7.5)

Acts of service:

  • Healthy dinners and a fully stocked fridge everyday
  • Someone to vacuum the endless cat/dog hair that appears
  • Unsolicited offers for foot and back rubs


  • New jammies.  I’m sick of my old ones and could do with getting rid of some too.
  • Leopard pumps/shoes like these (totally practical right?)
  • Curling wand

What’s on your silly / service / practical Xmas list?

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22 responses to “Christmas trees and Christmas lists

  1. naavi is so adorable, love her! And a beautiful tree!

  2. The tree looks great!

    And I hope you receive a curling wand. They’re the bestest….

  3. I can’t wait to get our tree this weekend! Though I do wish our tradition included Ilya a bit more. He never helps out with decorating the tree. Says it’s not his thing. :-/

  4. I love your family tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree! How fun! Keith and I like talking about what Christmas traditions we want to have for our family and kids. I think we’ve agreed on Italian on Christmas day instead of the typical ham or turkey both our families usually make.

    On my Christmas list this year is a new pair of comfy slippers! That’s it! :)

    Sawyer is going to be here any day now! I’m just like you in being early and prepared for everything so I’m keeping my fingers crossed Cameryn is here early around week 38! I hope she’s like her mom! But you never know!

  5. your tree is gorgeous! i love my hunter wellies!! so functional! silly: dark chocolate, service: pay someones bill at the grocery store, practical: a clarisonic

  6. My fingers and toes will be crossed that Mr. Sawyer will make his appearance this weekend! ;)

    And what a gorgeous tree – love it! I love your tradition of cutting it down – which I’ve never done before. And you’re so lucky you get the hubby to string the lights, I have to do it all! Although if I ask nicely he may oblige ;)

    And what’s a curling wand?! Wish list for me is a new laptop – I am so sick of my crappy one – it’s so bad the Yahoo & Google search engines don’t work and my Google Reader won’t load – ugh!

    • And I am alll for those Guess leopard pumps with the red toe – hot hot hot!!

      • Hehe, I love the Guess too, but wouldn’t you know they aren’t that comfy? I saw them at Marshalls for half the price and tried them on. I’m leaning towards the Enzos.

        And YES let’s hope Sawyer makes his appearance soon!!!

        Maybe we need to go laptop shopping together. Mine is driving me bonkers too :-/ Grrr…we’ve been good girls, we deserve new ones ;)

        Have a great day lovely!

        • Yea I remember that about Guess shoes – definitely not the most comfortable!

          YES! Let’s plan a date after Christmas to go laptop shopping! And to think Sawyer will be in tow with us (assuming he arrives on time!) makes me all giddy ;)

  7. The tree looks so pretty! I have lots of practical stuff on my Christmas list (rain boots on mine, too!)

  8. Hunter boots are great, I highly recommend trying to find a pair in your size! I want a bunch of cooking-related things (like a deep frying pan), but I don’t have much room to store them so who knows what I will do if Santa listens to me!

  9. Hunter Boots are the best. But I saw some waterproof Cole Haan ones at Bloomingdale’s and I have to say that I am considering leaving the Hunter ones behind!

    You look fabulous by the way!

  10. I really like the ornaments in the bowl. So simple yet so pretty!

    You just can’t go wrong with leopard pumps. I’ve wanted a pair for about a year or two now. I’m not sure why I haven’t just purchased them already!

  11. Awe that is too cute about the only thing you want for Christmas. So cute in fact.

    I’m loving the guess leopard print pumps!

  12. Ha ha, love your lists. A fridge full of healthy meals all the time would be seriously amazing. I get so sick of planning grocery lists and planning all the time :( On my practical wish list is a running jacket and a new phone!

  13. Gorgeous tree!

    This year, I’m hoping Santa will bring me warm fuzzy earmuffs, new running shoes, a giant Reece’s peanut butter cup (saw it in New York, but it was $30–caraazy, no?), and a trip to Turks and Caicos. Oh, and I could use a new pair of pajamas too…aaaand unsolicited foot rubs. ;-)

  14. Your tree is so gorgeous, I’ve never had a live tree! We almost got one this year, but I didn’t want to deal with the fuss of taking care of it. Maybe next year though!

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