Where have I been???

I haven’t blogged since last Thursday.  A lot can happen in just a few days.

Like, if you’re 9 months pregnant, you could have a baby.


Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Yeah, I didn’t have Sawyer yet Winking smile  He’s still baking, but almost done – I can tell.  I did get a smile out of every tweet and message wondering if his arrival was the reason for my absence. 

Frankly, life got in the way.  It happens. 

But I’m back and will pick up where I left off.

I’ve definitely been enjoying my maternity leave and using every possible moment of it.  Productivity has been the name of the game and I am going to continue to push until I can get everything taken care of.  I’m almost there!  I’ll do some baby – specific posts coming up.

But Saturday I was able to celebrate something else very special with this girl:


Her sisters threw her a baby shower while she was in Cali so that more people could participate.  They did a fabulous job and you can tell the bestie was surprised:


It was so great to be able to contribute and participate in such a fun pregnancy milestone.  Sure 20 weeks is on the early side, but it’s never too early to show some love Smile


She totally made a haul with all of her awesome gifts too! 


So happy for my bestie Open-mouthed smile

Unfortunately the rest the weekend didn’t go as planned.  I was really hoping to get the Christmas tree up and decorated since our lil man could arrive any day, but it looks like the tree will have to wait.

I’ve also spent a good time at the mall recently looking for the perfect ‘going home’ outfit and that’s proven to be difficult – even after going to nearly 10 baby stores! Seriously!  Argh. 

At least I’ve been getting my cardio on and squeezed in another prenatal yoga last night.

And of course, the thing that makes every thing better –> Baking!

I’ve had a boxed pumpkin pound cake mix for nearly a year and decided I should give it a go – I just had to add the butter and eggs.  And of course, rather than use a traditional loaf pan, I used my mini-loaf pan.  The bestie and I agreed this is far superior because then you don’t feel like you’re eating as big of pieces (so, then you just have more..haha):

001 (17)

If you’re looking for a good pumpkin bread recipe from scratch, try this one from Fitsugar.

And because it’s the holidays, it’s only fitting to make some festive Hershey kiss cookies, right?

004 (20)005 (20)

Oh and if you’re 9 months pregnant and becoming very clumsy with a giant belly, this may happen:

003 (17)

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?  I’m a sucker for a good frosted sugar cookie or gingerbread man Smile with tongue out  Sadly I don’t tend to make either.  Therefore, I’m willing to be sent donations!

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36 responses to “Where have I been???

  1. you are so damn cute !! You still look fabulous as ever, he will be here soon!!!!! xoxo <3

  2. I love your black dress and brown belt. I have an outfit that looks similar.

    Your cupcakes are beautiful, was that made from stratch? or box mix? I have a ton of holiday party coming up and would love to decorate my cupcakes that way.

    My favorite cookies (holidays or not) is chocolate chip and also snickerdoodle. I like a cookie with gingerbread flavor for Christmas time

  3. My holiday baking starts at the end of this week. Pretty freakin’ excited about it… :)

  4. haha I love the belly shot! I will most definitely be spilling all over myself when Im pregnant.

    Those cookies look amazing. Now Im thinking I should make some. :)

  5. You look so pretty! :)

    Those cookies look delicious!!! I love all kinds of cookies. I don’t discriminate. I really want to start baking asap! So many good cookie recipes around!

  6. Yummy! My favorite cookie is anything thick n’ chewy – possibly sugar cookies or chocolate chip. If it’s not chewy (or an Oreo), I generally want nothing to do with it. I’m such a snob. haha

  7. I bought bags of those mint hershey kisses last night at Target! I’m planning on making those this weekend too :) What recipe did you use for the dough? peanut butter or sugar cookie base? decisions decisions… i got the hershey hugs too because i wasn’t sure if the peanut butter base would go with mint, so i want to try both i think…

  8. Look at your thin and toned arms! Looking hot mama! :)

    And that Christmas tree is amazing! It is GIANT!!!!

    I hope everything is straightened out and you are feeling like life is back on track! You so deserve to just relax, enjoy and soak in these last few days before Sawyer arrives!

  9. Awww what a fun party! So cute that your bump got in the way of baking… Maybe your lil guy just wanted some cookies?! I bet so :).

  10. Yay so happy you’re back!! <3

    You and your bestie look absolutely gorgeous in the pic – so fun you two get to share this experience together :) And loving those cookies – looks delish!

    My fav xmas cookie has got to be my mom's tried and true gingerbread cookie, and with more frosting the better, hee – brings back so many childhood memories :)

  11. Priya

    First off – the Hershey’s cookies were muy delicioso!! Thanks for sharing, as always. :-) Sooo glad to see you are back on the blog.. but I’m slowly starting to realize that this is probably what things will be like after Swayer gets here – so I better get used to reading world news instead! :-(

    P.S. Noticed that Andrea is having a boy – a lil’ buddy for Sawyer.. yaay.. CONGRATS to A!

  12. wow the cookies look beautiful!! my fave xmas cookie are ginger snaps with extra ginger ;) i like em spicy! i cannot wait to see your adorable son, eeeps! he’s almost here!!

  13. Oh my gosh, you are too cute, girl!!!! That looks like such a fun weekend!

  14. Those are the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! I say I’m going to make gingerbread men every year and I still haven’t ever done it!! This must change.

  15. Cookie

    Gingerbread men done in my kitchen are the best. Xxxx rated!
    Sawyer I’m waiting. Can’t wait to see you! Oh . . . And mommy and daddy too!!
    Love, Cookie
    Cant wait to see Obi too!

  16. I thought for sure thought Sawyer was here until I saw a tweet of yours!

    Glad you got to have lots of fun with your bf! :)

  17. Okay, you seriously had me fooled at the beginning there! Very sneaky! ;)

  18. I love the flour on your belly!!!! I swear you’re the tiniest pregnant 9 month lady I know! I knew Sawyer wasn’t here yet! We all can’t wait to meet him though! Soon Soon Aghhhhh!

  19. I’m not much of a holiday baker but I will be making red velvet cake balls with my nephew this weekend and I’m pretty excited for that.

    P.S. I’m another Bay Area foodie pregnant blogger and I just now found your blog :)

  20. Hahahha!!! We are all on pins and needles over here fingers crossed hoping this little man made it into the world ;)


  21. Those Hershey Kiss cookies are beyond festive! And I haven’t been Twittering much lately, so I totally thought you were about to say you gave birth! Fakeout!

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