WIAW: Indian food meet-up and blogger “sweet swap” recipes

Clever title eh?  When in doubt, just throw it all up there, right?

My big ‘eats’ disappointment this week was scheduling a special lunch date to Hobees so I could devour some seasonal carrot cake pancakes only to be told they didn’t serve them for lunch.  Um say what?  It’s a diner and you serve breakfast all day.  Sigh.  I ‘settled’ for sweet potato pancakes Winking smile

This isn’t exactly What I Ate Wednesday, but I’m sure Jenn and Peas and Crayons won’t mind!


Guess what I’m doing tonight though?  I’m meeting up with the gorgeous and sweet Shayla from The Good Life Open-mouthed smile  We are trying a new contemporary Indian restaurant called All Spice in the SF Bay Area (<—go ahead and click to see the menu!).  It’s Shayla’s first foray into Indian food and I’m happy to lead her to the dark side…mwuahahahaha.  We have already talked about ending the night with froyo.  We’re well-balanced like that.

And in lieu of Amy and Jess’s 2nd Blogger Sweet Swap, I made something special for my paired-up-partner Elizabeth at Random Stupidness, I made something based on her desires.  She noted she was a fan of chocolate – dark, no milk!—and, of course, pumpkin!

One of my favorite pumpkin recipes just happens to be the photo header in my blog and is courtesy of YumSugar.com.

So without further adieu, I show you Fluffy Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies:

You’ll have to click for the recipe, but note my substitutions:

  • I did not have any nutmeg, so I just doubled my cinnamon – because you can never have enough cinnamon!
  • I used 1.5 cups of dark chocolate chips (no milk)
  • Yield was about 36 cookies (hard to know when your hubby keeps stealing them off the cooling rack!)

Pictures of the yumminess:

019 (8)021 (11)020 (9)022 (7)

023 (9)

Are you participating in the Blogger Sweet Swap?  If so, what are you making?

Have you made a new blend (blogger friend)? 

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32 responses to “WIAW: Indian food meet-up and blogger “sweet swap” recipes

  1. I am sooooo excited to bake my stuff! I’m just a little later in the time range due everything going on before my long weekend…

    Your cookies look awesome!

  2. i love pumpkin cookies! have so much fun with Shayla tonight! she’s the sweetest! i trust you will do a good job welcoming her into the delicious obsession of Indian food ;)

  3. Mmmm… pumpkin cookies. I’d be stealing them off the rack if I was there too! Hehehehe ;)

  4. You’re the sweetest Shanna!! So cannot wait to hang out again…especially while experiencing the deliciousness of Indian food and be taken to the dark side ;) There’s no one else I’d rather do it with! And we’re definitely topping it off with fro yo, can’t wait! :)

  5. i just made a new to me pumpkin dessert that’s raw & vegan (who am i?) it is so good and tastes like pumpkin pie for real! even nate <3s it!

  6. I am not a fan of Indian food. I had a really bad experience with it once and have never been able to eat it again! I think its a texture thing….but who knows maybe I’ll love it someday!

  7. I’ve never had Indian food. I’ve always wanted to try it. :) These pumpkin cookies look great! I like that they are so simple to make too.

  8. Aww man, I wish I had known about the blogger sweet swap! That sounds so fun! I love how fluffy pumpkin cookies are :)

  9. Priya

    Pumpkin and dark chocolate – I really didn’t think these two flavors would work well together until I had one of these amazing muffin-like cookies. Seriously good stuff! :-)
    As always, thanks for sharing these and the cup-cakes. :-) Perfect combination of sweet & tart on the icing too.. love the lemony touch!

  10. I don’t want to swap – I just want to get. Gimme Gimme :D

  11. Not participating this time, but if there’s a Christmas Sweet Swap I am SO in!

  12. Ugh! I was supposed to be doing the blog swap but I never got an email :( wahh.

  13. Ohhh yum! I am a dark chocolate lover as well. :) Do these cookies taste super pumpkin”y”??

  14. I wish I lived in Cali I love both of you girls so much…we’d all have so much fun together!!! Jelly!!!! Have a great time!!!

    I love the cookies. Love. Will try and add this to the Halloween baking list!

  15. Those pumpkin cookies look super delicious!

  16. Omg pumpkin cookies! I’ve been having such a pumpkin craving, I want these! lol :D

  17. I love how fluffy those cookies look! Mine always come out pretty flat, so I want to try these out and see what happens :)

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