Shoes-Day! New black boots and wineries

I’ve been itching for an excuse to wear boots during the day time and I figured our trip to some Santa Cruz wineries on Saturday would be the perfect opportunity!


Pregnancy is really throwing things for a loop fashion wise and I’m starting to gravitate to some more flat – options like these boots above.  I love the fold-over slouchy look of these black Madden Girl boots.  They zip up on the side to change up the look a bit.  I scored these babies at Marshalls for $49, though they retail for $89.  They probably won’t make it through more than a few seasons, but I probably won’t be in flats – land for more than this season Winking smile

Here are some other shots of the boots around the wineries:


Both the above pictures were taken from Mountain Winery.  I had a few sips – well more like liquid touching the lips and I was definitely not wowed by their wines.  However, their venue is out of this world!  It’s also a gorgeous concert location.  Seriously amazing.  I coordinated a wedding there about a year ago and it was just as fabulous then.


While out and about, we also hit up Cooper-Garrod and Pichetti.  So weird to go wine tasting and not be the loopy one Smile with tongue out

Have you broken out your boots yet?

Do you like the tailored boot look or slouchy?

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43 responses to “Shoes-Day! New black boots and wineries

  1. I’m wearing my first pair of boots for the fall season right now! I love those black boots in your pictures. Very cute!

  2. wow first flats shoes-day post! haha i love me some flat boots, there’s almost more flat boots out this season than heeled ones. I’m trying to find a pair of heeled ones for work and have been overwhelmed with all the “riding” boot styles. I’ve been wearing boots for a few weeks now. We keep having cold fronts coming in and out and my boots have been officially dusted off!

    • Not the first flats in Shoes-Day ;) But there aren’t that many!

      There are a ton of riding boots. What kind of boots are you looking for..I’ll help you find ‘em!

      • I had a favorite pair of pointy toe, knee high, (no slouch) boots that weren’t too high and weren’t too low (maybe 2 inch heel) that I wore every winter for like 5 years to the point i had to sadly throw them out last year… it seems like there aren’t any of those type of shoes out this season! i might have to find a round toe replacement, I suppose… let me know if you find any! (no tory burch please don’t tempt me)

  3. I almost rocked boots today for the first time this fall, but couldn’t decide whether to wear them up or folded down and then just bagged them completely. I am wearing tights though. Baby steps…

  4. I’ve been wearing boots since Sunday. It’s too cold here to wear anything else. I really like those black boots. They are cute! :)

  5. I have been wearing my boots for a month already!! We’ve had surprisingly cold weather here for a while. And I love wearing them!!

  6. Yaaay for boots!! Have yet to break out the boots yet….although this post has me wanting to put on a pair for work so I think I will today! And I love both the slouchy and tailored looks :)

    You look gorgeous girly and I am loving that outfit…and if I may say, the girls are looking good…if ya know what I mean ;) What a great perk to pregnancy!

  7. Kat

    yay for boots season! I’ve worn my slouchy boots a few times since “fall” is here (a few days of the 80s in Florida :). I am definitely going with flatter shoes since being preggo!
    I went to the Epcot Wine & Dine festival this weekend with friends and was the only one not wine-ing – but it was fun anyway!

  8. You wear slouchy boots well! I like the tailored look. But I have shorter legs and feel like they give me more length. This could all be wishful thinking though. Today is the first time it could be considered ‘boot weather’ in Orange County, but I will probably wait until next month to officially make the jump. I’m a sandals girl at heart.

  9. I like both boot looks. It just depends. I’ve been eying a pair of brown Madden Girls. I think they have them at DSW, and I hope to pick them up this weekend. Woohoo!

  10. Yay for boots! I love the look of those. So unique!

  11. Heck yes, I’ve broken out my boots! I need another pair though, one pair won’t cut it this year.

  12. These boots were made for walkin’! And girl, you rock them. ;)

  13. I broke out my boots about a week ago. I love those black ones-so classic. I need a nice pair of black boots.

  14. I’m just a boot fan in general. I am loving that trench girl!

  15. I just found your blog and love it! The Mountain Winery is so gorgeous (I live in Norcal too :)). Can’t wait to read more!

  16. I broke out the boots while in MN but haven’t yet in Arizona. I did buy a fabulous pair of caramel boots while there that I just got in the mail today! I can’t wait to spray them and wear them possibly on Thursday when we have a high of 56! I like all boots but typically buy more of a slouchy boot! BTW, you look so cute in that purple dress with your little bump!

  17. I am so desperate to wear my knee boots that I wore it last week at Disneyland. Big mistake….even though we went during the evening, it’s still not cool enough for boots though. I was sweating that I had to take off layers and stripped down to my tank top and had my hair up (…and wearing boots). I’m sure I looked really out of place. I think I will try to wear them in November.

    Loving your outfit as usual. Thanks for the review on the wine tasting and the facility, might check it out sometime for a girls trip.

    Is the winery hear the main highway (either 101 or 5 freeway?)

  18. I’m more of a slouchy boots gal – I just like that look better on me. And I haven’t broken them out…yet! The current weather report says that it’s going to be 73 degrees in MA this weekend. WHAT?!

  19. I’m wearing boots today for the first time this fall, actually! Although, they’re not quite as high as yours (shaft-wise) and I’m just wearing them under my pants. Looks like a gorgeous winery! I don’t know what I’d do with myself at a winery if I couldn’t partake much! ;)

  20. I prefer the tailored boots on myself — somehow the slouchy ones make my legs look really thick. You’d think it would be the other way around!

    Shanna you look amazing!

  21. I have broken out my boots!! and i loooove it!

  22. I’ve worn boots once so far, and I was way too excited about it. :)

    I love that second picture from the winery, its gorgeous.

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