Tired of my maternity fashion yet?

It’s no secret that I wanted to make sure I was a fashionable preggie.  Gone are the days where you have to dress yourself in sacks and tents to camouflage the precious bump.  Now it’s all about accentuating what your mama – or in this case, baby – gave ya!

Here are my suggestions for places to shop (and if this part bores you, photos are at the bottom Winking smile):

  • Motherhood Maternity – this is a good store for basic tees, tanks, and even maternity / nursing bras.  There clothes are fairly cheap, not the greatest quality, but their knits are pretty good
  • Mom’s the Word– if you live in the SF Bay Area, I highly suggest this store for it’s personal shopping experience and high end brands, fabrics, looks
  • Destination Maternity – this is a great online site that often has mega-sales!  The have a mix of brands including Pea in the Pod, Motherhood Maternity, and Heidi Klum
  • Bashful Bump – this local store (find it online too!) reached out to me to try their maternity body suits.  You can check out a look below!  It’s great for wearing something sleek and comfy underneath layers!
  • Zulily – Zulily options change daily so you gotta keep your eyes peeled Winking smile But they often will have HUGE sales on Lilac Maternity which is a fabulous brand with super cute looks.  Downfall is that it takes up to 3 weeks (or more..argh) to get your goods. I’ve also ordered a ton of baby clothes, blankies, nursery décor from here
  • Overstock – who knew Overstock had maternity clothes?  But they do!  And I was able to score that cute green wrap top shown below at *half* the original price.  Nice!
  • Gap Maternity – the in store selections are small, small, small.  Pathetic actually, which makes it hard to really, truly shop.  But they have some good odds and ends, particularly work pants.

Here are some representative looks:

Aug 26 2011 belly

Casual Fridays: Skinny jeans from Motherhood, light blue Gap tee, VS strappy sandals, ruffle brown blazer

Sept 8 2011

Work wear: Grey jersey wrap dress purchased at 40% off from Destination Maternity (although it’s Motherhood brand), paired with Nine West maryjanes, and VS coral cardi

Sept 9 2011Sept 9 2011 night

Day and night looks: I wore this diagonal blue/white striped shirt (via Destination Maternity) paired with Motherhood skinny jeans, and red Steve Madden patten peep toes for the day and then switched to Alfani camel boots at night

Sept 10 2011 night

Saturday night out: This is the Lilac shirt from Overstock I mentioned before. I saw it on my preggie friend Vidya and had to have it immediately.  I love it.  Tons of ways to wrap it, shows off the belly, and is soft as silk.  I paired it with my Unisa peacock slingbacks and a pair of Forever 21 skinny jeans (—> also a cheap clothes option.  I normally wear a 25/26 and these stretch skinnies are a 27 and I can button them up and be super comfy all evening).

September 12 2011 2

Monday’s work look: I scored this skirt from Gap Maternity for $15!  Weee!  It’s purple and black ‘geometric’ design is fun, yet subtle enough for work.  The waist band fits at my belly button now, but as I grow it will also work right under the big ol’ bump.  I paired the skirt with a black tank from Motherhood, Express cardi, and Guess modified maryjanes.

Sept 14 2011 bodysuit

Bodysuit basics: This is the 3/4 length black maternity bodysuit I received from Bashful Bump.  I was hesitant at first since I hadn’t worn a body suit since 7th grade, but ended up really liking this!  The material is great and it’s so nice to be able to *tuck something in* vs where something as a tent.  It’s a great layering piece.  I’ve paired it with my J Brand Mama J jeans and black Enzo boots.

Sept 14 2011

25.5 weeks preggers look: The top and bottom of the outfit above are both from Gap Maternity.  The pants are a full-panel black work pant (no stretch in the legs) and the top is a coral lightweight sweater – this was the first time I could wear it since it seems to run fairly big and I got the XS.

What look do you like the best?

Any unusual places you find great steals?

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45 responses to “Tired of my maternity fashion yet?

  1. My fav is the diagonal strip shirt day to night look. Second fav would be the green wrap shirt. Hawt!

  2. you are such a stylin mama!! i love how you are staying true to yourself and not turining frump just because your belly is growing! very inspirational. i love the blue and white striped top on you and that green wrap shirt is so cool too! so stinkin cute!

  3. Your maternity fashions are SO cute!!! I like seeing them :)

    My best place for steals and deals is either TJ Maxx or Plato’s Closet (the resale store) or Clementine, a local consignment shop. I love them all!

  4. You are so cute! I am in love with that green top!

  5. I love that diagonal striped shirt. I love the last outfit too though. You look extra glowy in that picture.

  6. I love your maternity fashion! My favorite outfit is the diagonal striped shirt with the boots! So stylish! :)

  7. Cookie

    With A! Love the stripe and beautiful green shade! SO Homesick for you two/three! Xoxox Cookie

  8. I love the grey jersey wrap outfit and the green wrap shirt from overstock — you look fabulous!

  9. You always look incredible! Seriously, you should be a maternity model! Since I work from home and it’s been 90+ degrees my whole pregnancy, I’ve stuck with basic, boring, athletic maternity clothes. I’m excited to check out these sites though now that Fall is approaching!

  10. What fun outfits, you look amazing! I love the outfit with the blue diagonal striped blouse :)

  11. Ahhh Shanna you are the most adorable, stylish pregnant woman ever! I can’t believe I get to meet you in person tomorrow, can’t wait! :)

    I am absolutely loving the 3rd look (striped shirt, skinny jeans tucked into boots), so cute! And I second Jen, you need to be a maternity model and be my fashion consultant ;)

  12. I shopped almost exclusively at Lucy, Japanese Weekend, and Old Navy for my ugly maternity clothes. And the minute Maya was born I packed that stuff up and gave it away. Literally, the next day.

    You, on the other hand, look very cute in everything!

    Overstock.com. Really? I had no idea!

  13. I think I might actually be sad to part with my maternity clothes Ameena — how wrong is that?

    Overstock totally surprised me too!

  14. I think you accomplished your goal! I really love every single outfit you posted…especially the green top – I want it (and I’m not pregnant)!!!

  15. I like the stripe blue top. I think it will be fine to wear it too even after you give birth. You give me so many ideas. I love fashion posts

  16. I love all the looks! If I had to pick one it would be the dress with the coral cardi! I’m a huge fan on dresses! :)

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  18. Never tired of your fashion, maternity or not! Love the stripped shirt!! Oh and your brown hair :)

  19. Um. So maybe I’ve been watching Tyra a little too much but either way I think you should get into maternity modeling. No really. Please do because you are gorgeous while pregnant and one of the most beautiful woman in the world to begin with.

  20. NO! I don’t ever plan to be pregnant again but I still LOVE your maternity fashion. You make pregnant look goooo-ooood! Love that green top on you especially. ;)

  21. Kristen

    Love the peach sweater with pants! I never knew maternity clothes could be so fashionable.

    Also like your hair darker, question: did you get low lights or all-over color? My hair color is similar to your blonde and I’m debating going darker. Thanks!

  22. bakebooks

    You have 10x more style than preggo or not. Love the black pants in the last one :)

  23. Never tired! You are stunning my dear. If I look half as good as you when I am prego, I will be one happy mama. ;)

  24. I’m Not!!!! Just wish you and I were pregnant at the same time so you could have been my fashion consultant!

    I love the Grey jersey wrap dress with the red shoes! The first pic is kinda how I looked my entire pregnancy. I wore one of 5 pair of leggings with long H&M tanks with open whatever those things are called, the jacket thingys…ugh…I’m the worst

  25. I’m kind of obsessing about your wrap tops, especially the green one! Omg, I want it!

  26. Nope, not tired of it yet! I’m secretly hoping you’ll keep all your clothes so you can send them to me in a couple years! haha. I think I like the last look the best.

  27. You’re looking hot, hot, hot Miss Shanna! I love the red peep toes and brown boots in the third photo! You need to be the official model for all pregnant women. Seriously, you’re looking good, girl!

    Oh, and I’m definitely remembering this post for when *that* day comes…which, I’m thinking is probably a ways away, but eh, you never know! (Mr. Right needs to come along first!) xoxo

  28. Very fashionable preggy lady ;)
    I lived in my maternity jeans (black skinnys and blue boot legs) and rocked maxi dresses with cute little cardi’s and denim jackets when it was cooler.

    Love that you are kicking it still in your heels. Even when I am not preggy I tend to wear flats as my hubs is same height as me in flats ;) but I do miss ma heels.

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