WIAW–Mixing it up

Thank you for the lovely compliments on my hair – more pictures later, k? Open-mouthed smile

For those lovely ladies who wanted to know the name on for the Nine West shoes, I cannot find a style name anywhere – all the ticket says is NW7Teen Grey LE Sad smile  And that doesn’t do anything for a Google search. 

And of course, since it’s Wednesday, let’s do a little What I Ate from Jenn and Peas and Crayons!


I’ve got a mishmash (<—huh? that’s a word, so says Live Writer..who knew?) of food to show you:

001 (11)002 (12)006 (14)

Sunday night dinner and Monday leftovers: Israeli couscous (cooked in chicky broth), TJ’s garlic herb chicky sausage, 2 small yellow onions, chopped carrots, and seasoned with garlic salt, ground peppa.

007 (13)008 (14)

Lemon pudding layered with ‘nilla wafers – soo good!  I just need some cool whip on top.  *No cats were eaten during WIAW Winking smile

011 (15)

Brocolli slaw and tofu stir-fry in a spicy peanut sauce (made with 2 tbsp PB2, 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup soy sauce, garlic salt and a LOT of Siracha)

013 (10)

More vanilla wafers  from Sprouts – try this: 1 container vanilla Chobani mixed with 2+ tbsp maple-pumpkin butter plus ~10 crushed  vanilla wafers –> HEAVEN! Angel  Nilla wafers remind me of childhood – do you agree?


Dinner last night was my HLS swag bag Eden Organic pasta with 2 cut up SmartDogs and grate Romano cheese – so good!

What mixes are you eating lately?

What foods remind you of childhood?  For me, it’s Nilla wafers, Little Debbie snacks, homemade bagel pizzas, Honeycomb cereal…


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45 responses to “WIAW–Mixing it up

  1. Thanks for the style number – I’ll try and do some major research : )

  2. Thanks for the shoe name!! that actually was very helpufl, the style name is teen. and i found them in a jiffy on amazon ;)

    P.S. I just started using Live Writer and it has changed my life…

  3. Mmmm that lemon pudding looks delish! Nilla wafers most definitely remind me of childhood! Along with circus animal cookies, bagel bites, poptarts, fruit roll ups, and any kind of Mother’s cookies….ahhh memories ;)

  4. All of that food looks so good! I want to make that for dinner with the israeli couscous and the chicken sausage. Yum :)

  5. Nilla wafers totally remind me of my childhood — as do Little Debbies, Fruit by the Foot and those Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches!

  6. Nilla wafers, sugary cereals, and grilled cheese all remind me of childhood – and of course anything either of my grandmothers make.

  7. Nilla wafers, animal crackers, english muffin pizzas, pop tarts and fudgicles remind me of childhood!

  8. oooh I need to try that vanilla wafer + chobani + pumpkin butter concoction. Sounds divine!

  9. TJs has great sausages. Let’s see… tons of foods remind me of my youth, but the ones coming to mind are mac n’ cheese, meatloaf, bagel bites, and various cereals.

  10. TJ’s chicken sausage is yummy. The jalapeno flavored one is my favorite! :)

    I’ve gotten into some really weird combos as of late. All in the name of cleaning out the refrigerator…

  11. Oh goodness, I used to LOVE Nilla Wafers. I would dunk them in milk for like 5 min and then let them crumble in my mouth. Soo soo good!

  12. I maybe wrong but I think I posted a comment when you first posted the shoes…I own one similar to it from Nine west but it is suede :)

  13. Yummm all of those mixes look great! I love making soups, stir fries, smoothies, anything where I can toss stuff together is a winner in my book!

  14. Ahh Nilla Wafers are such throwback for me! I used to have them all of the time after school when I was younger :) So delicious dunked into milk or with cool whip between them like a sandwich

  15. haha nilla wafers! .. I think what reminds me of childhood are hot dogs and dunkaroos! lol and lately I’ve been loving salad mixes with fruit and nuts (not just plain veggies) :-D

  16. little debbie nutter butter bars and vanilla wafers – I think my sister and I lived on those… :-)

    xoxo from Trinidad

  17. Homemade pizza English muffins for me! Also, everytime I eat veggies and dip I am taken back to childhood. I used to be obsessed with bell peppers when I was little along with other things like cheese and crackers and pb&js!

  18. Bahaha “No cats were eaten during WIAW” — hilarious!! Everything looks simple and delicious! I used to love nilla wafers!!

  19. Gushers, Big League Chew, Combos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Apple Jacks, and Chocolate Milk

  20. Umm, LOVE how random your dinner was…but it looks SO good. Seriously, it kind of makes me want to have it for dinner too. Ha! I was actually planning a pasta dish for tonight…..hmmmm ;)
    & I saw your Tweet about the whole vanilla wafers + greek yogurt + pumpkin & was in AWE. I was like…OMG…I need to get Nila wafers RIGHT now. …so on top of stopping for dinner stuff tonight, I HAVE to get some Nila wafers :D

  21. Totally loving the lemon pudding with vanilla wafers! I luuurve vanilla wafers and can only imagine what the tangy-ness of the lemon pudding would add to it!

  22. That dinner looks so good! So does the lemon pudding. Why have I never tried that before?

  23. Mmm! The pudding and nilla wafers sound amazing! Is it sad that dunkaroos remind me of my childhood. I had terrible eating habits as a kid! hah!

  24. sarahsmodernbites

    ohhh I think our brains are in sync! hahaha that Eden pasta dish you created with romano is 100% what I have been craving! I just bought a huge container of freshly grated romano just for the occasion! LOVE love romano… and was planning on using TJ’s chicken sausage :)

    Those vanilla wafers make me think of my Sister when she was little.. she was obsessed :)… for me I think of pancakes and ‘Egyptian Eyes’ (kinda like French toast with an egg fried in the middle) and those oatmeal cream pies!1! OH and Funny Bones too… remember those?

  25. Your lemon pudding with vanilla wafers looks so good! :)

  26. bakebooks

    I’ve never had nilla wafers! Is that more of a U.S thing I wonder?…

  27. mmmm smart dogs are so good. and you’re totally right vanilla wafers remind me of being a kid. I didn’t like them haha. I like lemon pudding though, for sure and I like greek yogurt even more than pudding!!
    that multi colored pasta looks really good. Shake cheese is the best!

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