It’s the little things

Welcome back from the weekend!

I hope you were able to spend a moment yesterday reflecting on the events that transpired 10 years ago.  I know I did.  My thoughts, prayers, and love go out to all those effected.

It’s for that reason that it’s important to remember the little things

It’s the little things that can make for a good day, a good weekend, a good life.

This weekend wasn’t anything special, but all the little things added up to make it good:

Friday after work was kicked off with my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season – altered to my liking of course:

Grande, non-fat, (decaf), 1 pump pumpkin spice, 2 pump vanilla latte with a drizzle of caramel on top.  So so delicious and not too sweet!  AND much less calories than the regular P-spice latte (my version is about 230 calories). 

Next up was movie night – I love going to the theater.  I think I go for the popcorn Winking smile  Let’s just be real.  Oh and we went and saw Contagion


It was pretty good, but not great.  Sort of documentary in style and also a bit depressing. 

Despite waking up before 7a on Saturday thanks to my dog and two cats, the rest of the day was also a WIN!

I started off my morning with a dog walk, cardio session and planks, and a trip to the nail salon equipped with a latte of course Smile  Fall colors now adorn my hands and feet!

Another little thing is that I decided on what purse to switch to for the Fall:

Sept 10 2011

You guys liked number 2 best and I agree!

Oh and another little thing I kinda sorta like – fitting into my size 1 American Rag jeans (shown above) at 25 weeks preggers Open-mouthed smile  Thank god for stretch in jeans!

I had my first Green Monster in a looooong time –> note to self: need more GM’s in my life. This mix was almond milk, banana, frozen spinach, and some hot cocoa powder.  Yum!

006 (13)

And I can’t forget that eating deep dish pizza was a huge little thing that made me very, very happy.  I love Patxi’s.  I really, truly do.

009 (14)010 (16)

Oh and if you wanna know, I had 3 (THREE!) pieces of the pizza on the left.  AND I made room for Yoppi froyo afterward (they had peanut butter froyo).  My stomach is an incredible beast, I tell ya Winking smile

Last but not least – refreshing the hair color for Fall.  Back to brunette baby!

Pictures coming soon!!!

What’s one little thing that made you happy this weekend?


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49 responses to “It’s the little things

  1. Mmmm… Patxi’s. That looks so good! I’m very jealous. :) Sounds like the weekend was a win!!

  2. Probably the little thing that’d make me very happy would be PHOTOS OF YOUR HAIR!

    But, other than that, there’s this one thing I love at work. We have a soap dispenser that, when you press your hand to it a certain way and squirt some soap out, the soap is in the shape of a heart for one split second.

    That’s my favorite.

  3. One thing that made me happy this weekend was my pumpkin spice latte yesterday and also bringing the pup to the park on Saturday morning. He loves it more than anything else! I can’t wait to see pics of your new darker do!

  4. I love that purse! I think it alone would make my weekend. :)

  5. YAY!!! You picked the purse I like best ;) Hehe

    I hope you had a great weekend! You look fantastic!

  6. You look adorable in the last posts pics! GMs scare me a little, maybe I’ll try one someday…

  7. But I want pictures nooooow! haha. I’m sure it looks great. The pizza sure looks awesome. It’s almost lunch time now, and that made me extra hungry!

  8. Other people’s good moods make me happy :) Sounds like you had such a nice weekend. Pizza-eating, hair-dying and pumkin spice-drinking? Yes please! I just switched to a less summer looking purse too. Do I even want to know how many calories are in a regular grande PSL? Probably not!

  9. You’re absolutely right – it’s the little things! My highlight = wedding outfit in my possession! SO EXCITED! I won’t be posting pics on the blog because I don’t want Vishnu to see it, but if you want a sneak peek, let me know. I’ll send you an email! :)

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! The purse is adorable, good choice! :) And that pizza looks incredible. I would have easily downed 3 pieces too. ;) Happy Monday!!

  11. You look great Shanna! Very cute purse and YUMMY pizza!

  12. I love the idea of mixing pump flavors – I never thought of that! Must try!

    I also love that your little bump is finally showing! :) Was the hot cocoa powder you use in your smoothie the ones we snagged from HLS?

  13. I saw your comment on Twitter about the frozen spinach in GMs. How much do you use? It’s a great idea!

  14. In spite of the circumstances that brought part of Scott’s family together this weekend, we had an amazing day celebrating the short life of his cousin with an awesome bbq. He would have been pleased. I seriously have not laughed as much as I did Saturday in a long time. Love the purse!

    • Krissie — I can’t access your blog at work, but by the tone of the reply, I’m guessing it wasn’t something good that brought you together and for that I’m sorry. But I love that you found the positve and that bringing people together was a good memory.

  15. I have never, EVER, in my life seen a pizza that looked like that. I wanted to lick my computer monitor.

  16. Ohhh I like the cocoa powder added to the green monster! You look adorable and glad you went with that bag!

  17. My whole weekend was a bunch of happy… I was at the beach with tons of family! Getting an extra 2 days with the hubs was my favorite part though :). Pizza froyo sounds pretty rocking!

  18. Mmmm I would love some of that pizza- it look delicious! Can you believe I’ve never had Chicago style pizza…booo on me. Haha :D
    Oh, I know I owe you the name of that purple nail polish- totally meant to look this weekend, but forgot. I will look tonight. It’s super cheap from Target, but it’s NOT NY&Co, I forget the name, but I will check!
    Lovin’ the purse- super cute & very fall-ish :)

  19. I read on another blog about using hot cocoa powder in smoothies — what a good idea!

    What made me happy this weekend: getting plenty of sleep and feeling rested for the week — that hasn’t happened in a while!

  20. Oooh, I can’t wait to see the new hair color! I’ve always wanted to experiment with brunette hair, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Maybe you’ll give me enough inspiration to give it a go. :-D

    Life really is about the little things…I find that when I stop and think about everything that brings me joy during the day, I swell with gratitude and joy! Pumpkin spice lattes and pizza are two of those little things that are truly wonderful.

    So glad you had a lovely weekend, Shanna! xoxo

  21. LOVE pumpkin spice lattes! And you have to be the tiniest pregnant lady ever – adorable!

    Michigan winning Saturday night was my little piece of happiness. Football is the reason for fall!

  22. I think it’s time I dye my hair. I’m so bored with it lately and fall always a good season for change :)

  23. Whoo hoo to brunette!! And I love the purse, very cute!

    One thing (actually 2 things) that made me happy was getting fro yo and a pedicure – I desperately needed one since my last one was about, oh a year ago! Yikes! My toes were definitely happy, and I agree, it’s definitely all about the little things :)

  24. yay you picked my purse choice! i’ve been wanting to see contagion as i used to work in immunology and i heard they did some serious researching to make the science convincing… i had some new fro yo over the weekend ( i usually do it once every 1-2wks since dairy hurts my tum) but it was called tutti fruitti and the tart and ginger lemonade (dairy free!) were AMAZING. i wanted a giant cup!

  25. Cant wait to see that brown hair! Brunettes do it better :)

  26. That pizza looks so good!!

    Love the purse and u look adorable in your jeans!!! Muah!

  27. Oooh if I had peanut butter froyo and pizza, I’d be one happy camper too!

    Sleeping in on Sunday made my weekend incredibly amazing :)

  28. I don’t know why but despite some hard things going on, I was reflecting this weekend on how happy I am that my fiance is home from Afghanistan AND out of the Army so we don’t ever have to be apart again!

    I also loved the weather this weekend and had some really good swims.

  29. Alexis

    Is your handbag an Orla Kiely? I love, love, love it! You’re such a fashionista! Happy Falltime(ish!)

  30. bakebooks

    Just 3 slices? Pshwah. I have no bebe and I can out-pizza you anyday :) You know it.

    Love that cute polka dot bag! Fun.

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