Pregnancy weight gain and photos

Yesterday’s post certainly sparked some great comments – I encourage you to check them out.  I had no idea so  many people felt the same thing at HLS or had similar experiences in other venues.  I think one thing we can all agree with is that overall, it was a fabulous weekend.  And more than that, the blogging community is pretty darn fantastic 99.9% of the time.  Those are some good odds Winking smile and I’ll take ‘em!

Moving on…

It comes every week and yet it excites me every time!  It’s Friday!  And I have some fun plans this weekend which include, seeing Contagion (love these types of movies), getting a mani/pedi, eating at Patxi’s for deep-dish pizza (I die!), and maybe going back to brunette Surprised smile

But for now, let’s just put it all out there with this pregnancy thing okay?

I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Just the normal 24 week check up.

All is well with Baby Boy O Open-mouthed smile

By the numbers:

  • Weeks into pregnancy: 24.5 weeks
  • Days to go: 108 days 
  • Pounds gained: 13.2 lbs (average is 11-17 lbs)
  • Current waist size (measured at belly button): 32.5 inches ( a good 6.5” larger than normal)
  • Ta-ta size increase: 1++ cup size
  • Uterus size (weird I know – outside measurement on stomach):  I measured at 23 cm, which is just about right on.  They say after 20 weeks and 20 cm, it’s about 1 cm per week. 
  • Baby weight: >1.5 lb (according to What To Expect website)
  • Baby length: 8.5 inches crown to rump (according to What to Expect website)
  • Weeks until next ultrasound: 12 weeks!  Too long to see my lil one again!

Alright…moment of truth, here is me in a bikini at exactly 24 weeks (almost 6 months!!!  Meep!):

Sept 5, 2011 1Sept 5 2011 2

Now that’s a belly!  Winking smile  (And yes I’m wearing sunglasses inside – it distracts from the belly..hahaha).

Have a faboosh weekend!

What’s one thing you are excited to do this weekend?


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47 responses to “Pregnancy weight gain and photos

  1. Look at YOU hot mama! Way to rock that baby bod! You look fantastic :)

  2. You really do make being pregnant look fabulous!

    I am looking forward to picking up my wedding outfit this weekend…woo hoo!

  3. Lookin hot bestie! You’re certainly rocking the skinny leg + belly pregnancy look. :-D

  4. You are carrying SO well! I hear that’s a benefit of a boy; it’s all belly and nothing else. Probably an old wives tale but I find it to be true.

  5. Straight on, you don’t really pregnant at first glance!
    I love the side pic though, awesome baby belly :-)

  6. I’m glad Baby O is doing well — and looks like you’re doing well too!

    You look amazing!

    Off to check out the HLS post comments…

  7. You look awesome!! I LOVE the belly! :)

  8. Cookie

    What a beautiful pic of you both!! It’s so pretty I think I would just run around in my undies! Zach won’t mind!

  9. Way to work it, girl! Show off what your momma gave ya… or in this case, show off what your baby gave ya! Love it!

    By the way, I’m loving my darker hair. I can’t wait to see pics if you go for it.

  10. Look at your lil’ bump! love it!

    I have a good weekend planned (hopefully!). College football game tonight, movie night in tomorrow, Bears game to watch on Sunday!

  11. Lady, you look FANTASTIC! You are seriously glowing. That whole pregnancy glow is a FACT on you :)

  12. Priya

    Looking gorgeous, mama.. The belly n that million $$ smile looks adorable on you!

    We plan on watching Contagion this weekend too but VJ is betting that I’ll get grossed out n squirm throughout the movie. :-)

  13. You look AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh you’re totally glowing )

  14. Whoo! Work that bikini!! I cannot wait for this weekend. My brother is coming in from Virginia and it is going to be a lovely family weekend :D

  15. Hello, fabulous! You look so gorgeous!!

  16. You look great! I finally see your bump. ;)

  17. Wow you are one smokin’ hot mama! Love it and love that you’re rockin it :)

    Seriously girl you look so gorgeous and glowing…and can’t wait to see you as a brunette…I may be biased but I think we have more fun ;)

  18. First timer here.

    Love reading some wonderful posts from the archives! I missed HLS but hopefully would make it for Foodbuzz :)

  19. Yay for dark hair in the fall! As if you don’t already look hot enough, lady! You’re rocking that bikini :)

  20. Okay…can I hate you because your 25 week preggo body looks 500x better than my 4 month post baby bod. Look at you…seriously the sexiest pregnant girl ever! I want those arms and legs!!!

  21. hot mama! you look so tiny for 6mos seriously!!! are you gonna wear heels until the end? wish we were at FNO!

  22. Oh darling if I only I looked as good as you did pregnant then I wouldn’t be working hard to get this baby body rid of (6 months after giving birth haha). You are rocking that baby body fa sure!

  23. Kristen

    You totally rock that bikini!

    I have been thinking about going back to light brown for fall (instead of my usual highlited blonde)…please share pic’s if you do :)

    I’m looking forward to running in the lovely fall weather with no humidity (for the south anyway)…and trying some new recipes!

  24. You look adorbs, you are all belly and it’s too cute for words. From behind you probably look totally pre-preg?

  25. I echo what everyone else said…you really do look fabulous!!

  26. Wow you are clearly one of those preggo mamas that only gain in the belly!! I love you for keeping it real, sharing details, posting pics and your uterus size lol! XoXo

  27. OMG seriously, you are the cutest pregnant girl ever. you look great!

  28. I hope I look as good as you when I’m preggo! ha

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