Labor day, but overworked mind

Happy Labor Day friends!

Let’s hope you all have the day off and are enjoying it to the fullest Open-mouthed smile

I have today off and also had Friday off (9-80 work week off-Friday), but my mind has been go-go-go! 

Does that ever happen to you?  Where you just have a list a mile long of little things you want to tackle?  I’m a list person, so that’s been a big help, but I just feel like there are so many items to still check off… I don't know smilemeeep!

So let’s make like my brain and get a little scattered and random, mmmkay?

My cookies from the Amy and Jess’s Sweet Swap came courtesy of Heather at Mile 26 and More (check out the link to see what happened to the Oatmeal Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies I sent her Confused smile).  She sent me M&M cookies (recipe form How Sweet).  I think she must have known I’ve been craving M&M cookies.  They were so good, so doughy, and so addictive!  I had to give the last 10 or so to my hubby to take golfing today so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them as I stood at the counter.

001 (10)

Last week while in Denver, I came across Bobo Bars (made in Boulder).  I fell in love.  I bought more every day at the cafeteria.  I want them every day, they are that good.  They are dense, filling, oat-y with a bit of flavor, and many options.  Bummer is, that I just realized that they are TWO servings not one. FML.  That’s twice the calories I assumed.  Dangit.  But the PB is soooo worth it.  I’m thinking cinn-raisin is up next…

022 (5)

While running errands on Friday, I inadvertently picked up two bags of Halloween candy.  Oops.  Not sure how that happened, but boy am I glad it did.  I have a slight obsession with  candy corn this time of years and I also snagged some candy-corn-ish mallows (?).  Yeah, yum.  I’m sure my friend Tina would be pleased Winking smile

002 (11)

And since my mind is a cluttered mess that would put Hoarders to shame, let’s not worry about a smooth transition and just talk purses. 

It’s time for me to transition to something new for the next month or two.  Help a girl out would ya?

018 (6)021 (9)020 (7)019 (6)

  1. Coach cross-body purse – love that I don’t have to hold onto my purse, but it’s pretty small so that means I need to pare down my purse innards.
  2. Multicolor leaf doctor’s bag style purse (from boutique in Santa Cruz, CA) – I got this last year and just loved it.  It fits everything and screams “Fall is coming, Fall is coming!”
  3. Magenta floral hobo (from ShopSuey) – this purse can fit a kitchen sink and will keep Summer going just a little big longer.
  4. Brown envelope clutch (from Aldo) – I don’t get nearly enough use out of this cute little thing.  The inside is decently roomy (roomier than the Coach), but since it’s a clutch, that means it will never be hands free.

Alrighty, let’s get some discussion going…

Favorite Fall candy?  Candy corn all the way!  With Reeses PB minis (in Autumn foil colors Smile with tongue out) a close second

Have you had a Bobo bar?

And most importantly, which purse next?


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29 responses to “Labor day, but overworked mind

  1. I say the leaves bag, still summery b/c it’s mostly white but the leaves are a tribute to the season that’s coming :)

  2. VERY pleased indeed. I want some candy corn in my life too. :)

  3. Number two is totally my favorite!!! That’s SO cute!

    I actually don’t like candy corn! Am I Crazy??

  4. Oh my goodness candy corn is one of my favorites! I can’t really keep it in my room though, hello binge!

  5. Bag #2! So cute. I also love the clutch, but I agree it would be hard as an every day bag.

    I love mini-Reese’s and any mini candy bar, and candy corn too!

  6. Definitely #2 with the purse – you’re right, it says “Fall is almost here.” Love it!

  7. id love to try candy corn!

  8. I like the magenta one myself…

    Fall candy — somehow Reese’s cups taste better in fall colors, same with the mini Hershey bar bags (with Mr. Goodbar, etc). But my FAVORITE are the halloween oreos.

  9. I love candy corn. End of Story. Mwah!

  10. fave fall candy=anything pumpkin spicy! i love your doctor’s bag with the leaves so that’s my vote plus it’s a little fun and quirky! never had a bobo bar?! believe it or not, i only own 1 purse but it’s convertible from a messenger to a handbag easily.

  11. Hmmm I say go for option 2. A good transition bag!

  12. I say go with all four bags! I honestly love each one, and think that alternating from time-to-time keeps things fresh and fun. How’s that for making your life even more complicated?! ;-p

    But if I HAVE to choose, I say go with either 2 or 3 because they’re colorful. There’s nothing like a pop of color once the days get shorter and the weather begins to turn.

    My favorite fall candy is definitely Reece’s mini cups. Any peanut butter + chocolate combination makes me happy, however there’s something special about Reece’s that makes them simply irresistible. :-D

  13. Halloween candy is out!? Oh geez, I’m in trouble.

  14. Glad you enjoyed the cookies! I always have to hide them b/c they’re so addicting!
    Luckily I’m not a big candy corn person, but I love anything pumpkin flavored and I’m so excited to begin baking pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, etc……. :)

  15. Yay for cookies! I’m so glad everyone had a successful swap!

    I’m fond of the magenta hobo bag… maybe because it is a bit more summery than the others and I’m just not ready to call it quits yet?

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