HLS Part 2–inspired!

Did you get past yesterday’s long post?  Sorry for the wordiness, there was just so much to share!

And if you’re new to the blog, join me on twitter @shanlikebanana Smile

GAH!  How did I forget one of the best things about yesterday?  THE SWAG BAG!


Seriously, look at that spread!  AND, that’s not the end of it.  I picked up even more stuff the next day.

My faves were definitely the Nugo Darks –I’ve been touting these forever and now finally others will see how awesome they are.  Also finally got to try Larabars and Odwalla, since I’m too cheap to buy them myself.  Tons of Quaker goodies too – can you ever go wrong with Quaker?

After not a great night’s sleep, Jillian and I knew that coffees would be in order before breakfast – neither disappointed.  In fact, all the food and snacks of the day were quite good (so many vegetarian options) and there was no way I could go hungry Open-mouthed smile


(note: upper left picture from Meghann at Meals and Miles who organized the entire Healthy Living Summit – talk about a GREAT job – so many kudos to her!!!)

I can’t even begin to capture all the amazingness of the day, but the standouts were:

  • Learning to write a better recipe (note, don’t post other people’s recipes in its entirety, and be specific in your recipe instructions!)
  • There is negativity in the blog world (boo Sad smile) mostly coming in the comments section (but there’s ways to combat it!)
  • Dawn (author of The Flexitarian Diet and nutrition consultant to Chicago Cubs) was a fabulous Keynote speaker and I could totally see her and I being friends
  • Numbers work for some people in tracking their health (me!  did you read the scale is my friend?)
  • Your blog can make you $$$, but it takes work and perseverance (not sure I have the time for it, but options are nice!)

I felt like the day ended rather abruptly and plans were very up in the air for what to do for dinner.  So my roomie Jillian and I


went to twitter and tried to find the scoop.  It took a few hours, but finally we just decided to go out on our own and after a lot of walking, we settled on an outdoor table at Opa – WIN!  Great food and even a lil sparkling wine was necessary Winking smile


We had such good conversations!  Jillian and I have a lot in common and we could have chatted forever!  But alas, our night needed to end….not before Sweet Endings though!


That would be PB drizzled across the top of PB and vanilla fro-yo.  Oh hot damn, was that tasty.

Before I knew it, we were in bed and my alarm was going off at 520a to catch my flight back to Cali.

Until next time HLS!

Day 2 HLS impressions:

  • I thought I’d know more bloggers
  • The attendees of HLS rocked
  • Swag bags make me very, very happy
  • Dawn, the “Flexitarian” is a fabulous speaker
  • I wish there was more of a coordinated dinner event on Saturday
  • Loved really getting to know my roomie!
  • The panel discussions were beyond insightful – I’d love to be on one next year!
  • I’m inspired to make Shanna, like Banana a better blog –> hold me to it okay?
  • New friends are the best Smile

What inspires you?

Fave fro-yo flavor? Topping?

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36 responses to “HLS Part 2–inspired!

  1. I’m glad you had a great time! However, I’m sad we went on different years because I would have loved to meet you! Sigh…

  2. I feel the same way about Saturday night- I wish there was an organized event of some sort!

    So nice to meet you this weekend!

  3. I’m sad we didn’t get to meet at dinner @ El Vez Saturday night but it sounds like you had a great time!!

  4. I would have loved to hear the one about making $$ from your blog. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to do what I enjoy :) Opa looks great! I got froyo this weekend too. Espresso and vanilla are in my top 5 and I always go with peanuts, granola and cookie dough on top.

  5. Holy swag!! Thats a lot of stuff you’ve got there, thats so awesome.

    Would you believe I’ve never been to an actual fro-yo place that offers toppings? I feel so deprived.

  6. Our dinner did end up being SO GOOD — kind of craving that spicy feta dip right now! I was thinking the same thing about being on a panel. I would love to do that if the opportunity were presented. Maybe we should start thinkin’ now for next year!! :)

  7. Hi I found your blog on Carrots n Cake. I’m from Central California near Monterey. I was really excited to find some other Northern California Bloggers. HLS looks like it was so much fun! And no, definitely can’t go wrong with Quaker!

  8. I wish I could have gone to HLS, it sounds like a lot of fun! Cool way to meet all the bloggers you interact with on a daily basis! i’ll have to go next year, or maybe to a different blogging event if it arises! Keep us posted ;)

  9. I would be so nervous to meet all these people. ;) What an interesting experience!

    Sappy but my fiance inspires me every day. He served in Afghanistan and is just such a strong, determined, positive person.

  10. Priya

    That swag bag looks amazing – so very different from the crap I came back with after engineering careers fairs back in the grad school days! ;)

  11. i just read both of your HLS posts – I’m so jealous I didnt go!! I backed out of buying the ticket because I wasn’t sure if i would have a job etc. and now I regret it!! So glad you had fun though!

  12. hey shoe buddy! totally agree about the nugo bars ::drool:: apparently, they are based in my city!! would it be wrong to beg them for more samps haha? so glad i got to meet you, wish i would’ve had more time to chat! =^.^=

    good luck with baby, you will be an amazing mother! x

  13. I knew that HLS would be such a fun time for everyone so I am not surprised that you had a great time. I wish it was closer though.

    I love getting swags too….I was impressed with that we got at Foodbuzz last year and I bet HLS was the same too.

    Welcome back

  14. Glad you had a good time! I went last year and while I learned a lot, the most important thing I came away from the weekend with was new friends!

  15. Loooooved meeting you!!!!!! I am so wishing we had more time or I could have had din with you Sat night :(

    Do you have the notes fro the afternoon sessions? I am trying to get them for the monetize your blog sesh! Let me know!!!

  16. Look at all of those goodies!!! I wish I was there with you! It looks like you are having so much fun!

  17. LOVED getting the chance to meet and talk with you Shanna!!! Wish the conference was longer to have more time together. :)

  18. Wow that looks like so much fun! AH. I’m glad you had such a great time. I do agree though, there is a big negativity coming out of the blogging world and I really wish we could fix that. :)

  19. Last year I also felt like I’d have known more bloggers- I guess that just means that there are really a ton of us, huh? Glad you had a fun weekend! :)

  20. I’ve enjoyed reading your HLS recaps, I’m so jealous of all the fun you had. And the SWAG, omg. Everything in my life should involve swag.

  21. Hi Shanna! I work for NuGo and would love to connect with you to see if you want to try a new product we’ll soon be offering. I don’t see any contact information on your blog, but if you email me at SAnderson@NuGoNutrition.com and let me know your shipping info, I’d love to chat :)

    P.S. We included you in our NuGo HLS recap: http://www.nugonutrition.com/2011/08/26/nugo-at-the-third-annual-healthy-living-summit/

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