Well friends, I have some potentially horrible news.

Like really terrible.

{Before you start to worry, please note I’m exaggerating}

But this news is really just, well, sad. 

My feet are swelling Surprised smile

And you know what swollen feet mean?  Really uncomfortable shoes-day.  Sigh.  All my beloved shoes are starting to hurt my feet just a wee bit.  [Let’s be real..all my shoes always hurt a little, but this is like end-of-day-walking-around-a-city-for-10-miles-in-4”-heels discomfort).  Yeah.  Bummer.

I think it hit home yesterday when I donned a new pair of shoes to work.

Aug 15 2011

In the outfit is a loose cami from NY&Co along with a gold blazer also from NY&Co, which is paired with a Gap jean pencil skirt (non-maternity and fully buttoned..woohoo for small victories! Thumbs up ).

The shoes are Jones New York purchased from at for $69.95 (down from $89, and I had an add’l $10 GC).  I quite like the shoes and their slightly shimmery gold color and lattice-like cut-outs, but sadly, they do pinch my (swollen) feet a bit.  Sigh.

Here they are up close (via DSW and below):

007 (11)010 (13)008 (11)

So there you have it:  Tragedy Tuesday Shoes-Day.  Oh whatever will I do if my feet don’t go back to normal size.  Massive blog giveaway for size 7.5 shoes???

What do you do with shoes you love, but don’t quite fit anymore?

Are you a fan of the jean pencil skirt?

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44 responses to “Shoes-Day!

  1. Love those shoes! If you don’t like them, you know where to send em!! I have a few shoes that are too big for me if you want to do a trade. :)

  2. Kat

    I like the skirt – very cute :) I’m down to 2 pairs of pants I can wear without buttoning… but that’s something!
    my heels are definitely starting to feel a little…. small :( I am hoping this is only temporary and my feet shrink back down after the baby’s born!

  3. I would cry.
    For days.
    Just the thought of not being able to wear some of my favorites…
    too awful.

  4. Adorable! I’m a 7.5 if they need a babysitter ;)

  5. I happen to wear a 7.5. Weird…
    Love those shoes! Save em for later :)

  6. I’ve never really grown out of shoes, but it’s always tragic when a pair hits the dust. The leather on the side of some peep toe brown heels I used to always wear to work tore a few weeks ago. I still can’t bring myself to throwing them in the trash… sigh…

  7. Loving that skirt, quite cute!
    Those shoes are great too, just hold onto them for later :)

  8. I LOVE those shoes! If it makes you feel any better, I have gone up 1.5 sizes in running shoes. Apparently its totally normal for people who have really high arches because they flatten out, but I havent even had kids yet. Pretty sure my feet are going to be gigantic when I get pregnant.

  9. I would be in total denial and try to convince myself that they fit. Then I’d probably cry a little.

  10. Your are too cute!!! Love these shoes!!

    I never wear heels due to my large body {almost 5’10!} and I wish I wasn’t a giant when I rocked cute shoes like this!!!!


  11. Those are cute shoes! If shoes don’t fit, I tend to keep them for like 6 months and then give them to Goodwill. Right now, I’m only wearing comfy shoes, but thankfully I work in a gym and it doesn’t matter what type of shoes I wear!

  12. ack, that really stinks girlfriend, I can’t imagine getting a whole new shoe wardrobe…but what a good excuse to shop! I am a size 7.5 ;)

  13. LOVE the whole outfit! You are always so stylish :D
    & Ahhh!! What are you going to do about the feet swelling?! I guess there’s really nothing you can do- all part of the fun :)

  14. bakebooks

    I love the skirt! I can barely walk in heels now…I can’t imagine with a bebe…it reminds me of Mariah Carey almost full-term and still in heels!!

  15. Love the outfit and those shoes! AH! I have a pair of faux-snakeskin green heels that somehow shrank over a period of time! I FINALLY put them in a donation bin. *Tear*

  16. Oh nooooo! Tragic. I’m sure your lil feet will bounce back. No worries! (PS: Cute outfit… as usual :) )

  17. Oh no…really terrible! I’m j/k, do not worry, your feet will be back to normal soon, after the baby is born. This might be a good opportunity to buy new shoes! That’s the positive right?

    I’m size 7.5, I’m all for a giveaway.

    I use pencil skirt a lot for work and normally they sit high up on waist because I like those kind of design and love Banana republic skirts, which are usually pencil skirt styles.

  18. Too funny – Tragedy Tuesday Shoes-Day
    I always say if my shoes don’t hurt they probably aren’t cute enough :)
    Maybe its just a phase? My best friend didn’t get swollen feet for both her babies but she delivered early for both of them so who knows – i’m totally loving those shoes though even if they hurt :)

  19. I’m a 7.5!!!!!! haha I hope it’s a giveaway ;)

    I just bought some sweet kicks. I’ll have to post a picture tomrrow!!! :)

  20. Shoes don’t fit me right since pregnancy. But I’m not a size larger either. I think I just need to buy a contraption to stretch them out a bit around my toes. Try that maybe?

  21. On the bright side, if your feet don’t go back to their normal size, at least you would have a fully justified reason to go on an all-out shoe shopping spree bonanza :)

  22. oof! Those shoes look so painful! I always avoid wearing heels unless I absolutely have to, even though they do make my legs look awesome. :P

  23. Love those shoes! They are really cute. I’d be so sad if my favorite shoes didn’t fit me anymore :(

  24. You poor thing!!! The feet will go back! I luckily didn’t swell until my last few weeks…that was prob because I lived in sneakers and slippers! You have all these gorgeous shoes to sport everyday…which can add to the cause. Ugh,..what us women do for fashion ;-)

    Your feet don’t look swollen if it’s any consolation!!!

    My mom has this amazing shoes collection. You guys would get along. I am borrowing a hott pair for HLS you will be proud :-)

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