You know those rumors about women getting woefully ill their first trimester?  So bad that they have horrible aversions to food, smells, cooking?  Yeah, that’s not me.  (Un)fortunately I still have as big of appetite as ever and nothing is really off limits.

And though I haven’t had any cravings (minus ice cream), my eats have been pretty standard.  So much so that it will bore you to tears to see what I ate on another work week day. 

Instead I’m going to show you highlights of WIAW…


Here we go!

013 (5)

Lemon Basil Spaghetti – recipe coming soon

009 (6)

Pumpkin pudding spice muffins – another recipe coming soon

005 (10)

Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble cereal – warning! Dangerous overeating with this cereal.  It may be the best cereal I’ve had in a looooong time.

004 (12)

Sweets!  I finally found Frango cake batter chocolates (Jessica from How Sweet had them on her blog months ago) and Dreyer’s Coconut Pineapple ice-cream (tastes like a pina colada Winking smile)


This is my first Think Thin bar.  I went with the peanut butter and can I just say excellent choice?  I kinda loved it and it’s 20g protein for 230 cals.  Not too shabby!

What do you think of the Think Thin bars?  What’s the next flavor I should try?

When you eat ice-cream, do you go the fruit route or chocolate route?

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42 responses to “WIAW–highlights

  1. That lemon basil pasta looks super yummy! As do those muffins. Mmmm… and now I’m hungry. Good thing lemonade cupcakes are in our near future! :-D

  2. Those muffins look delicious! :) I’ve never tried think thin but luna protein bars are my favorite bars right now. And my family doesn’t buy ice cream! Boo. :(

  3. This is very belated but congratulations! I’m sure you are going to be the most stylish mom in heels…and no way should you ever stop wearing them!!

    When I was pregnant I had the most horrific aversion to Persian food for some strange reason. I can barely be around the smell of kabob to this day. Consider yourself lucky my friend!

  4. Your WIAW is making me hungry. I have not tasted 90% of your eats, now I’m curious and want to try buy some to try them.

    Coconut ice cream that taste like pina colada? I’m in.

  5. I have that same cereal at home I love it!! It’s one of my favorites, love the berry clumps :D

  6. That pasta looks amazing. Im excited for the recipe. :)

    When it comes to ice cream, Im all about the fruity flavors. Or you know, cookie dough. The only time Im interested in chocolate ice cream is when it includes peanut butter. Otherwise Im not interested.

  7. I like Think Thin Bars too! I have only tried the crunch PB and enjoyed it, but want to taste the fudge brownie next

  8. I am taking the same approach with my WIAW tonight. My Wed eats aren’t very interesting! And I go chocolate first…almost every time!

  9. coconut pineapple slow churned??? wow, must stop by the grocery store after work, that sounds amazing.

  10. ummm. the pasta. looks to die for. can’t wait for the recipe!

  11. I definitely had food aversions my first trimester. I was starving and miserable but no food sounded appetizing, and when I’d try to eat my throat would close up. I lost so much weight. Much better to have a hearty appetite and feed that baby!

    • It may have been nice to lose some weight cuz then I could eat more later…mwuahahahha

      • bakebooks

        Don’t you be worrying about your weight now! Just enjoy the experience, satisfy your cravings and focus on feeling good…yokey dokey? ;)

        No Think Thin bars here! Ugh – I wonder if they’d ship some to me…hmm…I’ve heard they’re super good – what’s in the ingredients?

        Fruit – in cream? Oh no…no, that’s wrong…unless your chopping up bananas on top – and drizzled with chocolate or butterscotch syrup – y’know ;) Another thing I want from the States – Dreyers!! Just the carton looks cool.

        Can’t wait for the recipes. Do you bake often? When?! It seems your always on the go!

  12. I really like the Think Thin bars- they are some of the best tasting ones I’ve tried!

    My friend Jaime had a “feed bag” for the first 6 or 7 months to keep a variety of snacks in… shall I suggest you use it as an excuse to buy a fun new bag? ;)

  13. I have been majorly craving fruity ice cream over chocolate this summer, which is weird because it’s usually the COMPLETE opposite! You’re really lucky that you haven’t had morning sickness- from what I hear, it sounds horrible!

  14. Amy

    I personally like the Lara bars cause they have no preservatives but the Think Thin are good, I like the white chocolate chunk, their sooo good.

  15. Glad to hear you’re not one of those people who starts hating food when they get pregnant :) Pudding muffins you say?? Recipe please! I’m much more of a chocolate ice cream person, but vanilla with a spoonful of peanut butter has ALWAYS been my favorite. It’s classic.

  16. I am so touch and go with those kind of bars… but it seems like the Think Thins are pretty popular! They just never seem to fill me up.

  17. OMG where did you find the Frangos?! I want more!!

  18. Pumpkin Pudding Muffins?!

    **Taps Foot Impatiently**

    Where’s that recipe woman?!

  19. I’m super jazzed for you about your pregnancy. I agree with Mindy pumpkin pudding muffins recipe first!

  20. That ice-cream looks SO delish! I’ve never seen that!!

    And congratulations on the pregnancy!! My friend just recently found out she is pregnant too, so talking on the phone yesterday, I asked if she has anything foods that she’s liking/disliking. She said that the smell of ground beef (I guess they cook it a lot) grosses her right out. I mean, I think it would for me, too, and I’m not pregnant.

    This is so exciting for you!!!! I hope you don’t come into contact with any funky smells that set you off! haha

  21. melissa

    That ice cream looks so good – I love anything with coconut in it. When I order ice cream I usually go for a rich creamy flavor, like cookies & cream or mint chocolate chip. So good!

    I’ve never had a Think Thin bar – I’m too put off by the price of bars to try a lot of them!

  22. Holy FREAKING Moly!! Girl, I had no idea you had a sweet bun in the oven!! Congrats my love, I really need to catch up on your blog!! Love you!!!


  23. ohmygosh How am I just finding this!? I’m going to add it to today’s post since I did a WIAW recap and we didn’t have you on the lineup this wed! <3 If you ever need help adding your blog/photo to my page just holla at me girl! <3

    can't wait for these recipes! esp the muffins! omggg! <3

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