2 years ago today…

…I had one of the happiest days of my life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for what we did for our anniversary.

Happy Monday :)

Feel free to tell me what year you’re celebrating with your spouse, boy/girlfriend!

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33 responses to “2 years ago today…

  1. Aww happy anniversary!!! :) Those pictures are amazing!

  2. Awww.. looking at all those pics really brought back the memories. Such a great day! :) Happy anniversary bestie!

  3. Thank you for sharing your incredibly beautiful photos! I’m totally wedding obsessed now that I’m planning.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Shanna I loved seeing these pictures! What a lovely day! You look so beautiful!!

    In January Jason and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary!

  5. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! And Vishnu and I will be celebrating dating annv number 6 this year!!! WOOT!

  6. GORGEOUS! You look stunning! These pics make me super excited for my upcoming wedding in October! Yay!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Love the wedding pics, theyre all so beautiful and you look amazing.

  8. Wow, stunning pictures! Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple!

  9. Your dress is absolutely stunning. Holy Moly!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I love love love love love your dress!! That’s exactly what I always pictured I would want when I get married, simple, not strapless, and lacey detailing. Absolutely stunning! oh and you are absolutely gorgeous too!! :)

  11. Gorgeous pictures- happy anniversary!

  12. Such gorgeous photos! I love you, the dress, the colors, the setting, all of it! :)

  13. Omg your wedding pictures are amazing! You are so freaking beautiful and I adore how you did your wedding outdoors. That’s what I would want to do in the future too ;)

  14. This is precious :) Happy Anniversary, Shanna!

  15. Gorgeous pictures! Happy anniversary!

  16. Aaww, you look absolutely beautiful!!! I love the idea of an outside wedding! Glad you had good weather :D

  17. happy anniversary you hot little thang!!!

  18. Happy Anniversary!!! Your wedding pictures are beautiful :) I hope you had an amazing day!

  19. Happy Anniversary!!!

    You were SUCH a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS Bride!!!!!!!!

  20. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful and romantic memory. Congratulations!

  21. bakebooks

    This brought tears to my eyes.

    You are a vision in white. Truly beautiful.

    And I love the Bridesmaid dresses.

  22. Your wedding dress is gorgeous! Happy 2 years! :)

  23. Lovely and beautiful photos Shanna. What a gorgeous and romantic wedding.

    Love the flowy hair too :)

  24. Aww! Congrats! Hope you guys had a fabulous time!!! We’re coming up on 4 years. It seems so fast…yet like its been so much longer too since we’ve already crammed 2 kids into those 4 years. LOL

  25. Beautiful wedding pics!! I’m at a year and a half with my hubby…half year anniversary? haha

  26. Awwwwww happy anniversary! Those photos are precious! You made SUCH a gorgeous bride (but I mean, no surprise there, haha)! :)

    This August will be our 3 year wedding anniversary and September will be our 7 year dating anniversary… my golly time flies!

  27. beautiful pictures – congrats! i will be celebrating my 1st wedding anniversary in may!

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