Making do

Good morning bloggers!  I’m back in Denver once again for another week of work.  Definitely going to be racking up the United miles this year.  I’m already day dreaming about how I want to cash in my miles: Greece?  Argentina?  Spain (again)?

I don’t know about the way you eat with your S.O. (significant other), but if you’re me, you often tailor your meals to be healthier and lower cals than your male counterpart.

Case in point, on Thursday  night, I wanted to make a ratatouille of sorts.  I knew that a plate full of vegetables would not make do for Zach, so I made sure to whip a batch of whole wheat spaghetti for him, adding at least 400+ cals to the meal.

As for me, I made do with my La Tortilla Factory 50 cal tortilla baked in the oven for 5 min on 375 deg, layered with half of a sundried tomato / mozzerlla Laughing Cow cheese, topped with my veggies.

Healthy pizza for one

To make the ratatouille, I lightly sauteed a large bunch of chopped up asparagus, 4 mini-zucchinis sliced, 1 small red onion coarsely chopped in a skillet.  For the first 10 minutes, I kept the lid on to bring out the color of the asparagus via steaming.  Add a heft amount of black peppa, garlic salt, and Hunt’s tomato sauce and you have a super light, super tasty ratatouille.

I ate this x2

I gotta tell you asparagus with marinara is de-licious!  :P

Friday night I was on my own since the hubby went to NH for a Bachelor party.  I had been craving pancakes, but never ever seem to make them at home.  In a moment of weakness at Target, I bought some mix for a rainy day.  Enter Friday.  We didn’t have any fresh berries, which would have made the ‘cakes rock, so I made do with a banana on it’s last leg that I mixed into the batter.  Also into the batter, I added a hefty dash of cinnamon and also 1 tsp of vanilla.

Two lovely, dense pancakes just for moi!

(Shanna) Banana pancakes

And as I was sitting catching up on DVRed shows (Pregnant in Heels –> hilarious!), I wanted an afternoon drink but didn’t want to open a bottle of vino.  Again, I made do with some leftover Bailey’s (from these cookies), and added it to Diet A&W Root Beer?  If you’re wondering if this tastes like a root beer float, it does!  Nom!

Saturday I spent the day wine tasting with my buddy Kurt from Chicago, his wife Jess, and friends Justin and Karen.  Once I snag some pics from Kurt, I’ll post a recap, but for now you’ll have to make do with these:

Wine tasting outfit: Banana Repuplic cardi, Paris Blues skinny jeans, Forever 21 tank, Charles David wedges


If there is one thing that is a necessity is adequate snackage when wine tasting.  In my bag was a liter of sparkling lemon water, macadamia cookies (from Kauai), Trader Joe’s honey wheat pretzels, and TJ’s wasabi peas.  Wouldn’t you know we (read: I) only broke into the wasabi peas?

So there ya go, that’s how I made do in the last few days.

In what ways do you make do?

Have you ever been wine tasting?  If so, where?

Are you a vino or hard alcohol type of person? (or nay altogether?)

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40 responses to “Making do

  1. I make do with food all the time because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy tons of ingredients for one dish that I may be craving. In a way, it helps get the creative juices flowing! And the last place I went wine tasting was southern AZ. It was super fun and cool to see vineyards in the desert. :) Have a great Monday!

  2. LOVE that cardigan- super cute!, as are you :)
    And I LOVE wine tastings- I now prefer wine to liquor, but I used to only drink liquor & hated the taste of wine- what the heck was wrong with me?! lol!

  3. I love wine tastings, my mom and I went to a food and wine show that was hosted in our city on Thursday night and it was such a great time, so much delicious food and so many different types of wine!

  4. I love that I’m not the only one that has to think creatively when it comes to making both me and my man happy when it comes to eating! He’s such a meat eater, and I could care less if I go a week without meat. somteimes I just make separate meals like you,but most of the time I find creative ways to compromise (i.e. huge garden salad with breaded chicken for dinner). So far it’s a success because he’s starting to *occassionally* try vegetables!

  5. Cute wine tasting outfit!!! I went to a wine tasting when I was in Spain with my family. It was a lot of fun!

  6. I usually tell Ilya he’s free to augment his meals by adding meat, which he usually does, but I don’t always do it for him.

    Love the cardi from banana… is that new?

  7. I used to be the co-chair/ founder of a business networking group a few years after I started my personal training business. I did a wine tasting with them and invited their friends/ co-workers. It was a lot of fun!!! I discovered yellowtail, tasty and inexpensive!

  8. Pancakes = a great weekend. It’s just a fact!

  9. I love wine tasting! My first ever experience was on a bachelorette party at a local place and then I traveled to Napa. It was amazing! We got some excellent wines! If you are ever in yountville I highly recommend Jessups cellar!

  10. I always add a little more “meat” to my fiancés dinners, literally. I don’t eat meat, so whatever meal I am making, I usually add some chicken to his portion. It makes him happy.

    I have been to a wine tasting once and can’t wait to go again. The winery had so many types of wine. Next time we are going to take a tour and see how all the wines are made!

    (Treats are absolutely necessary at a wine tasting, not only to “cleanse the pallet, but to keep the wine buzz at bay.)

  11. I didn’t think I was going to like Pregnant in Heels (but I watched it, of course- I have a Bravo problem) but I also thought it was funny!! I’m a vino and hard alcohol person- just depends on the night! :)

  12. I love Bravo shows and need to watch Preg in Heels – I didn’t know it started already!

    I definitely do food swaps like you do — Jason eats more than me and sometimes he’ll just have some PB toast for “dessert” for the extra calories. Or he’ll just have a bigger portion than me.

  13. bakebooks

    I DREAM of going to California or Europe on some cute bike/wine-tasting tour…who am I kidding – scrap the bike ;)

    Love your “pizza” of sorts ;) I wish I had your self-control with the cheese though!

    Thanks for your kind comment. I need any support I can get…

  14. Sexy outfit, I like! I love making little pizzas with flatouts or tortillas :)

    I’ve never been wine tasting before but I want to :D

  15. Totally relate to healthyifying my dish as compared to the hubbies. I’m single now but when I lived with my man, I always ate a healthier version of what he was having. But I liked that I could have a bite or too of his junk food :-) It felt less sinful that way!

  16. you look so fabulous in your wine tasting outfit pic! love that color on you :)

  17. Heyyy nice shoes ;)
    I have been to a wine tasting in NY! We went to 4 or 5 wineries…I lost count!

  18. Wow somehow my blog reader has skipped over your blog. I’m so upset right now.


    I love your pancakes. I always try and healthify my food and luckily my boyfriend likes his healthified now too.

  19. U always look so beautiful and classy! Love skinny jeans!

    I say go to Greece to use those miles, I hear its amazing there! xoxo

  20. I have that exact same Banana Republic cardi! I always get compliments on how my skin looks when I wear it – apparently it gives off a magical glow, lol.

  21. You know, I never actually knew what Ratatouille was until now. Good to know. I planned on going to a wine tasting when I was in Cali last summer but I never got around to it. Dark you, Disneyland! :P

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