Closet Giveaway: Blue Crossbody Purse

Hi blogfriends!  How did your Friday night treat you?  Yesterday was my “off-Friday” from work and (gasp!) I actually took it off, including from posting.  Some days, the fur babies, laundry, and DVR just take precedence ya know?

Based on this post, you said you were interested in giveaways from my closet.  I really should have posed the question 2 weeks earlier since I just took about 50 items to Goodwill — some brand new…Meep!

But I do have this (1 time use only) Chinese Laundry Blue (I think it’s purple-ish) Crossbody bag just for you! :D

Prior to heading to Italy in February 2010, I had wanted to buy a crossbody purse so I could have my hands free while shopping seeing the sights.  After searching high and low, I found this on and LOVED it, particularly the bright turquoise satin interior.  Then when I received it, I realized it didn’t have a zipper top, which was a necessity for me so I could minimize the chance of pickpocketing.  Oye.  But I still wanted to “try it on for size” and used it once.  Other features are an adjustable shoulder strap, drawstring top, and interior zipper pocket.  For some odd reason, this purse has not made it back into my handbag rotation in over a year, which means it’s just takin’ up space for me to buy somethin’ new! ;)

I want one of YOU to have it.  And don’t be surprised if it comes with some of my favorite goodies as an extra bonus :)  US and Canadian residents can enter (though I have to figure out the food aspect if I’m sending to Canada).

You can enter 3 ways: 1) Tell me one thing you can’t part with in your closet (even if you never use/wear it); 2) Mention this giveaway on your blog; and/or 3) Add me to your Google Reader or subscribe.

Make sure to enter a new comment for each entry.

I have a lot more closet giveaways in the future!

Update:  Ooops, I’ll pick a winner Thurs Mar 24 at 5p PST and announce Friday Mar 25.

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41 responses to “Closet Giveaway: Blue Crossbody Purse

  1. OOH girl, I cannot live without my perfumes (which are in my closet). I have the biggest fear that I will be smelly one day even though I showered ha. That bag is so cute-I’m always jealous of your fashion.

  2. I love my red pea coat to death!

  3. Ashley C.

    I still have the first pair of heels I bought even though I do not wear them anymore.

  4. I want to win :) I have a gold glittery dress that I have kept in my closet for years. I wore it one and it was itchy and uncomfortable, but it looked great. I don’t know when I’ll wear it again but I can’t get myself to get rid of it because it’s too pretty looking. I like things to sparkle in my closet, lol1

  5. I have you on my google reader (of course).

  6. there are a couple dresses in the back of my closet that I just can’t give away! I haven’t worn them in years, but always thing maybe when the colors/patterns come back in style, maybe I’ll find a way to “cuten” them up a bit… :p

  7. kimberley

    One thing i cant part with is my beige pumps… even though they are worn out I dont want to have to wear in a new pair…. and i cant find the “perfect pair”… (the same ones) hahaha

  8. Kat

    I have some old grungy blue pants which i LOVE and my husband threatens to dispose of every time he sees them… but they are super comfy! :)

  9. Melissa

    Given I am a avid shoe lover, it would have to be my Steve Madden Luxe Pumps with studded rhinestones and faux snakeskin! They are my staple, and definitely a conversation starter!

  10. I have about 20 old purses in my closet that have been completely beaten to death, but I just cant part with them. I just know if I throw them away, I’ll need them. :)

  11. You’re already on my Google Reader. :)

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  13. Love the purse! One thing in my closet I can’t live without – well, right now my room is a mess and the majority of the stuff is on my FLOOR, not my closet. But anyway. Call me boring but my favorite thing in there would have to be my cowboy boots I got for Christmas! Bright green! Matches all my tack so when I ride nobody will mistake me for a tree. Wait…

  14. *Andrea*

    i have these beaten up stilettos but they’re my favorite…nude 5″ pumps! can’t through them out.

  15. *Andrea*

    follow you on Google Reader: )

  16. ADORABLE!!! I love the blue on the inside :)

    I subscribe to you on Google Reader!

  17. I refuse to part with my turqoise Coach tote, it’s too cute to give up but totally impractical and I can only use it a few months out of the yr.

  18. Such a cute idea!! I could never part with my jewelry. Even though it’s practically all costume, I’m an accessories lover and can’t part with!

  19. Ooh fun! I can’t live without my Birkys (Birkenstocks!) in the Summer…omg lovvve them!! :)

  20. I can’t part with my prom dress! Or bridesmaids or graduation dresses either:)

  21. and you’re on my google reader of course!

  22. Anonymous

    I have a dress I bought in Europe that I can NEVER see myself parting with! It’s like a gorgeous souvineer from a great experience in my life for me.

  23. I have a pair of heels my bf got me that are SUPER cute, but they absolutely kill my feet within 3 minutes of walking in them. :( They will sit in my closet forever because they’re just too pretty to part with!

  24. Lauren

    I have a pair of jeans from college that I can just not part with! I don’t even wear them anymore…but I just can’t let them go. They were my most favorite pair…7 years ago!

  25. Lauren

    Subscribed! :)

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  27. Bianca

    I have a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s that i got for my senior prom. They are strappy purple suede, and although I am totally obsessed with them, I never ever have an occasion to wear them. I would still never part with them.

  28. kristin

    My red pea coat! I cant let it go.. even though we live in Hawaii! I guess I think someday I may need it. :)

  29. kristin

    I subscribe!

  30. Off fridays? Aerospace engineering? do you by any chance work for Lockheed too?

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  32. I have a couple of dresses that I just looooove. That make me happy inside! :)

  33. And you’ve been in my Google Reader for a while now! :)

  34. My old stuffed Winnie the Pooh from my childhood :)

  35. Laura

    I cannot get rid of jeans! I rotate between about 5 pairs, but own like 25. I just can’t part with them! lol

  36. Laura

    Added to my GR :)

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  38. Laura

    I have this amazing green coat, it actually looks similar to Andrea’s. My boyfriend and his sister got if for me for Christmas this year. I wear it just about every single day. I LOVE it.

  39. I can’t live without my chapstick!

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