My very first blogger meet up!

Hi blogworld.  It’s the last day for me in Denver and I’m back home to the hubby, and the beasts (dog and cats) and I’m stoked.

I’m also stoked with the awesome response from yesterday’s post.  Seems like you guys want to hear my weight ups and downs and want my closet goodies (<– that makes me so happy because I’m always giving away brand new stuff!).

This quick post is just to highlight my first blogger meet up with Lauren, from Lauren Loves Good Food.  She’s a native Coloradoan (is that the right word?) and was a such a sweetheart for driving from Bolder to Denver just for our meet-up.

Me and Lauren (pic stolen from Lauren)

Though we had anticipated going to a Chipotle-like Mexi place, but brilliant Lauren had the foresight to assume we’d want vino so we migrated a few places down to Via Baci.  They advertise:

Via Baci has a passion for fresh, light Italian foods with bold unique flavors.

…and they delivered!  Check out Lauren’s post for all of our eats!  My favorite was the vino (duh, winning..sorry I had to do it) and the flatbread that came with our hummus.  We also had a pretty fab waiter.

Though Lauren is nearly 10 years my junior, we immediately clicked and had tons to talk about!  Her happy personality is infectious!  Lucky for me, I travel to Denver often and hope to do another meet-up soon :)

Have you met anyone in the blog world?  How’d it go?

If forced to choose: Mexi or Italian?

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26 responses to “My very first blogger meet up!

  1. I have never done a blogger meet up! I think I would be nervous!!

  2. Yay! Glad you guys had so much fun! :)

    I love Mexican and Italian, but if I had to choose… well, no surprise here, I’d go with Italian. ;)

  3. Definitely Mexi!!! I’ve been having a Mexi addication lately, as it happens. That’s such a cute picture of you two!

  4. I’m glad you had a good time! I’ve enjoyed a couple meet ups! And am now even pretty good friends with a few of them!

  5. gosh, that’s a tough choice, but I think I’d go mexi!

    and I LOVED my blogger meetup.. Jamie @ Cupcake Dynamite lives only 2.4 miles away from me, so we’re now running buddies! small world, huh?

  6. Yay, I love this post! I had such fun and we’ll have to do it again :)

  7. Meg

    Awwww I love bloggie meet ups and I would LOVE to meet you!

    Italian alll daaa wayyy!

  8. I LOVE meeting other bloggers. Its always so fun. Glad you guys had a good time. :)

  9. That is so much fun! I want to do a blogger meet up but I’m not sure there is anyone around here… Have a safe trip home :) Checked out the pics on Lauren’s page and your food looks YUMMY!

  10. I did a blogger meet up awhile ago and it was awesome!!

  11. I love blogger meetups for real! You guys look adorable. They are so much…We should meet obvs!

    I love Italian food but Mexican also has a special place in my heart. I think I love Italian gnocchi, or is that Greek…I’m not too sure ha.

  12. bakebooks

    Oh so much fun! I’d love to meet you :) Vino included of course.

    Hmm…what is the real difference b/w Mexican and Italian? Both have cheese and breads right? So they work for me :)

  13. LegallyBalanced

    Mexi v Italian…how can I choose between those two delicious choices!

  14. Mexi HANDS DOWN!!! And I’ve never met up with another blogger, but I hope to now that I’m living in Boston. Seems like there are a lot of us up here. :)

  15. Fun times! I’ve been curious as to where you live, I thought DC for some reason!

    Blogger meetups-eeehh–most of them have been awesome except for one. All the girls turned out to awkward and boring, I don’t like when people portray themselves as something they are not.

  16. I’ve always wanted to do a blogger meet up! I’m so jealousss and I’d probably choose Mexican over Italian but it’s a close tie! :D

  17. I’m lucky to have met a lot of bloggers since there are many of us in the area, it’s always fun. Hopefully we can meet sometime soon though.

    Love the idea of closet giveaway. I was actually doing the same thing before and I had this grand idea that I would wear the items and post them and just give them away to raise funds for a race or charity that I’m supporting. Sadly, time is not on my side right now and that project will have to be put on hold until after the wedding.

  18. I love meeting blog friends! I met a bunch last summer at Healthy Living Summit and it was such a blast. Hope we’ll meet someday :)

  19. I’ve been offered blogger meet-ups but have never fully wanted to do it. I don’t feel I am that interesting and I am too new to blogging!

  20. Blogger meet-ups are so much fun, aren’t they?? Glad you had so much fun! :)

  21. Haven’t met anyone from the blog world just yet. And, I’m probably too busy to do so at this stage in my life. But, the concept is sound, and I’m sure it’s extremely useful.

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