Swimsuit Sabotage

In just a few days, I’ll be slipping into one of these:

8 swimsuits, 7 days...makes sense right?

So knowing this, why the heck did this happen on Friday night?

The Saboteurs

Okay, so  I didn’t eat all of this junk (source), but I did manage to snarf down nearly 1/2 bag of Twizzlers, 1/2 bag of popcorn, a bag of Skittles, and a small handful of preztel-PB sandwiches.  Oye.  And this was on top of having 1/3 of a frozen pizza.  Can I blame it on the terrible movie we watched?  (FYI, The American with George Clooney sucks).

Although I’m certainly not “dieting” for my trip to Kauai, I have been trying to be more mindful of my eating (and overeating for that matter) since the start of the New Year.  And, well who doesn’t want to reign in the eating a bit knowing they’ll be living in a bikini for a week?

Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.  Anytime I tend to put pressure on myself — overt or not — I end up sabotaging it.  Intellectually this makes plenty of sense, right?  I must have felt like I was restricting in some way and then when I opened the flood gates just a wee bit, the Hoover Dam was released ;)  (Well not really compared to my truly epic fat-kid moments, but you get the point).

Why, then, do I continue this pattern knowing that it very likely will result in an unexpected splurge?

I think I am putting way too much emphasis on what I may look like in one of these:

or these   






Silly me, I think my priorities are a bit messed up.

For the next few days and for the entire vacation, I intend to not worry about how I look in my bikini.  I will not deprive myself of extra pieces of my friend’s wedding cake.  I will not forego an unplanned trip for shaved ice or ice cream. 

I will, however, have a blast with my friends.  I will go back for seconds.  I will go paddle-boarding and stand in my bikini proud.

Yep, there you have it :D

Am I the only one that self-sabotages?

What are your great tips for feeling confident in a bikini? No surprise, here, I say a good wedge to elongate the leg.  Oh and a smile :)

Favorite swimsuit resources? For me it’s VS, Marshalls, and Alloy.com

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38 responses to “Swimsuit Sabotage

  1. Oh no…I wrote a long a$$ response but it got deleted, ugh!

    short version:
    – you will look great in the bathing suit, you will knock em dead in those colorful bathing suite (spotted the VS patterned suit)

    – Whenever I tell myself that I can’t have something (like sugar/dessert) then that’s all I would think about it and it will consume me. so I just eat everything in MODERATION.

  2. Shanna i am seriously in the same boat as you!! I always ALWAYS do that to myself. When I know I cant have it I want it even more… If i’m not thinking about it i probably wouldn’t even eat it! You will look great and I love your bikinis, I even have some of them :)

  3. I think you’ve come up with the right strategy heading into vaca. When I get too focused on a timebound goal (lose x lbs by y date), I find that because of that pressure I can go astray. I do better when my actions are moderate and I’m less stressed about them. Hope you have fun on this trip!

  4. I only wear VS. Their suits just make help to make everyone look good and they last forever.

  5. LegallyBalanced

    I know you’re going to look fab so don’t stress over treats (stress can lead to weigh gain also!!) I’m right there with you though. Sometimes my weekly treats turn make me feel soooo guilty. Then I step on the scale and calm back down. If you live a healthy life like I know you do then little slip-ups here and there won’t do any damage. Have fun on your vaca and strut your stuff in those bikinis!

  6. You are exactly right about putting too much pressure on yourself! Once you tell yourself you have to cut back, or can’t have something, you are by nature going to want it! I suppose its the rebel inside us. Enjoy everything in moderation and make no food is off limits that way you won’t feel the need to over-indulge! I’m so glad you realize what was happening and made the conscious deicision to stop it in it’s tracks and remember to have fun! You will look goregous in your bikini!

  7. I do the exact same thing as you. Trust me- it’s normal. Here I am trying to eat right for the half marathon I’m training for and the trip to Vegas I’m taking in a couple weeks. And what do I do? Take down over half a bag of swedish fish after my disappointing run on Saturday and buy a box of chocolates to split with Mon just because it’s $1. Silly!

    I see these things as just me realizing I need to keep on working on good “moderation” so I don’t feel like I’m deprieving myself. Constantly a work in progress…

  8. Yes! I had a nasty habit of doing that in the past. I’d always have events, vacations or whatever that I wanted to be good for! Well, all the pressure always made me fold and I ate much worse than I would’ve if i would have just chilled out and gone with the flow.

  9. I am so jealous not only of the fact that you are going somewhere that you can wear a bikini. But the fact that you can wear a bikini. Ha, I usually pack like 9 bathing suits for a 4 day trip. I usually only wear 2. Who knows why we do it??? Oh and wedges all the way with the bikini!

  10. Andrea aka Bestie

    I’m with ya S! Except I’m more worried about being see-through pale. :)
    But I’m sure we’ll look fab in our suits. :)

  11. So glad you told me about that movie- we were going to watch it, but can totally stratch that one off the ‘must watch’ list- lol!
    I LOVE that purple bathing suit– soooo cute :)
    It will be so nice to get out & enjoy some sun!

  12. I love those suits! I’m all for VS suits… and I almost bought that orange/navy striped one two years ago and then last year! ;)

    my boyfriend always used to be amazed at my collection. he just doesn’t understand the need for more than 3 suits.

    …and I probably have 17.

  13. Cute swimsuits! I’ve heard VS suits fit really well. I may have to look into one of those for this year!

    And girl, you are definitely not the only one who self sabotages. Been there. I’m so glad you are giving yourself a break and not limiting yourself. You got this, girl. Plus, you look amazing already!

  14. I do the same thing. I am going to Florida in a few weeks, and I find myself wanting to restrict- but I have found what works best for me is just to keep doing what works.
    I love alloy!

  15. I ate wayyy too much junk food this weekend. But hey it happens! I’m the type of girl who can’t have things in moderation because once I get a taste for it, I want the whole thing! Haha, so jealous of your vacation. I’m sure you will have a fabulous time and look stellar in those super cute bikini’s ;)

  16. I used to be SUCH an emotional eater, ugh. And pressuring myself to eat/look a certain way always led to a disaster. You will look fabulous in those bikinis but having fun worth more than how you look :)

    P.S. Don’t even get me started on bathing suits. I have to special order because tops seriously do not come in my size. Even the VS employees were stumped.

  17. I love VS swimsuits and those from Target or TJ Maxx. The ones that you have are so gorgeous, I’m jealous of your vacay I wish I were going away! And I don’t self sabotage but I’m really anal about what I eat.

  18. Great post! I know exactly how you feel. I find that when I put restrictions on myself, I end up gaining weight. It’s tough. So, I usually try to make those small decisions everyday that I know will pay off “one day.” This helps to maintain a long term focus.

    Also, when going to the movies, I usually pop my own popcorn at home and bring (smuggle) it into the theater in a small ziplock bag. I’ll order a drink to share with my partner and that way I don’t over do it. I also save money!

  19. I have that orange stripey VS swimsuit too! VS makes the most flattering suits, I love them. My tip would be to apply a sparkly leg lotion, I feel less blah that way, especially when I’m as white as a ghost. Enjoy yourself!

  20. bakebooks

    Oh man I just talked about this on my post…the over-eating and feeling horrible. That’s my issue – I do it and feel so uncomfortable and in pain literally – I can’t even sleep because of it…

    So you do not have to worry. You ARE NORMAL. I can’t believe that YOU are worried about it?!! YOUR GORGEOUS – JUST THE WAY YOU ARE – whatever you look like. Life’s too short too worry about our stomachs…but it’s hard to adhere to that when I make myself physically sick from the over-eating. And not just a Friday night – it’s every night for me…

    Just 1/2 the bag of Twizzlers and 1/3rd of the pie? Meh – Girl, you got no worries at all ;)

  21. We booked our trip for Hawaii April 28th! I’m feeling the same way!! I’m more worried though that I’m so pasty and bathing suits always look better when you aren’t blinding neon. haha You are so super gorgeous that I know you will look stunning in your bikini! Wear it proud! I know that I will do the same and I also self sabotage when I decide I need to cut back in my diet. Sometimes I think it is because deep down I know I dont need to cut down! I think the same might go for you :)

  22. You are right now! Have fun with your girls and don’t deny yourself of experiences. There are always healthy alternatives, it just takes a little more effort finding them!

    Hope you have a great trip, jealous you’ll be out in the gorgeous weather!

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