Italian Tofu – Manga!

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Though I’m a “recovering vegetarian” (14 years) and have been for about 6 years now, my go-to foods are still in large part vegetarian.  Maybe it’s because I hate touching naked meat (ugh, slimy chicken breasts), or maybe it’s because I’m not savvy with the master meat cooker (the grill), or maybe the chewy taste still freaks me out every now and then.

For all those reasons and more, I’ve become a lover of tofu.  But not just any kind — it’s got to be Xtra Firm.  (TWSS)  I recently found a brand of tofu that has blown away the competition.  I seriously could eat this, err, raw.  Does that make sense even?

Orzo, garlic and tofu

I’ve actually started to create meals around this tofu — it’s that good!  Though apparently my hubby thinks it’s disgusting.  One step forward, two steps back…dangit.

Cut up tofu and 3 ginormous cloves of chopped garlic

I heated about 1+ tbsp EVOO in a large non-stick skillet — medium/high heat.  After adding the garlic and stirring for about a minute, I added the tofu.  The high heat sears the tofu and gives it a nice golden brown color.  I then reduced the heat and loosely added a lid to ‘steam’ the tofu through.  (By this time, the oven fan had to go in since I went a wee bit heavy on the garlic — you really wouldn’t want to smell my breath today ;) )

Meanwhile, I simply followed the directions on the back of the Trader Joe’s orzo and heated water to a boil, etc, etc.  I won’t bore you with the cooking pasta details.

While the pasta was cooking though, I added a simple marinara to my tofu/garlic mixture in the large skillet.  A hefty dose of red pepper flakes and cracked ground peppa, and the flavors were ready to simmaahhh!

Pair with a nice Pinot and wa-la, dinner is done!

My plate

I admittedly had another helping of the tofu and sauce.  I told ya I’m in love with this brand!

Have you made tofu Italian-style?  If so, how?

All-time favorite Italian dish? Pizza aside, I’m a sucker for good ravioli or manicotti.

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25 responses to “Italian Tofu – Manga!

  1. this is the first time i’ve ever seen tofu in an italian recipe! awesome!

  2. Ummm . . . can I just say I cant get past the “naked meat” comment. I totally giggled like a 12 year old boy when I read it. :)

  3. I’ve made tofu a few times and to be honest I just didn’t like it! I like it in soups or from a restaurant, but I just can’t seem to make it work at home.

  4. great dish shanna!! I’m not a huge fan of tofu but I have made it as a pasta before and thought it tasted pretty good!

    Excited to find out who wins your shoe giveaway!!

  5. Wild wood tofu is my favorite! Their tofu burgers are great too! TJ’s makes a copy cat of them

  6. Bianca

    Bridge brand Tofu is the BEST firm tofu I have ever tried. It can be a little bit tricky to find, but it is worth it. They used to sell it at Whole Foods, but now I can only find it at my local Health food store. They also sell a todu salad that is totally amazing.

  7. Where did you get that brand of tofu? I haven’t seen it in any stores out here. :(
    But I will try the Italian tofu dish! I love new ways to use tofu.

  8. Hahaha! I think the slimy meat is one reason I stopped eating it! I hate touching meat so I used baggies or forks – always! EEEKKK


  9. andrea

    i love tofu! but i grew up eating it, being asian. aside from eating it plain with a little soy sauce (and lemon, green onions and bonito :)) poured over it, i’ve mashed it up and scrambled it with eggs and veggies, or even just used it in place of the scrambled eggs. i put it in salads, soups, chili, stir fry, you can use it in place of meat in lasagne or baked pasta (first mash it up then sauteed it in garlic, salt and pepper to give it a little more flavor). i haven’t had tofu in a while, and your recipe has inspired me to try something new. yay!

  10. I haven’t made Italian style tofu- but anything sauteed with garlic is worth making in my book. :)

  11. What is up with men hating tofu?! I made an excellent brown sugar garlic tofu dish tonight and my Boyfriend thought it was “just okay,” sighs!

  12. I love tofu! It’so versatile. I think I might try this dish out.

  13. I LOVE eggplant parmesan!! So delicous. And then some pasta on the side, too. Of course. What is Italian food without pasta? Sort of random question, but I’m curious-what made you start eating meat again?

  14. tortellini is probably my favorite:)

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