Thanks for the Birthday wishes!  Bloggers are such incredibly sweet people and I love you all :)  Admittedly it was a bit of a boring day overall, but I did score free vino on United.  For some reason they flight attendants gave me 3 glasses (and actual glasses with the first-class vino).  Nice :)

Did I tell you I bought a pair of shoes last week?  Yep, I did.  It’s actually the first pair I’ve personally bought in, well, a month or so.  That must be a record.  And what is a record is that I found them online ( in less than 5 minutes and purchased in 10.  Score!  I’ll showcase them soon enough , but they will probably make their debut in Kauai just a few short weeks away.  And, er, I may have bought a pair of boots on Sunday.  Dang ShopItToMe emails.  They lure me right in.

Today I’ll hit ya with another business look and day-to-night shoe.

Work wear (yes it's still dark out)

Doh!  You can barely see the shoes.  This is what they look like close up:

JS Brown Pumps

I bought these probably 2 years ago at Marshalls for about $40, which was half of the retail price.  I have a similar pair that I showed you back in June that are black and white polka-dottted as seen here.

Here’s another look — more casual Friday.  And what do you know, recycling the same jacket.  ‘Spose I like it much?

Casual Friday look, Jan 2010

It’s no secret that I have a love for shoes.  And from what I gather, so do many of you bloggers out there, so I ask…

Would you be up for a shoe-giveaway (from me, to you)?

I’d either highlight a favorite shoe of mine to give away (in your size of course) or have you give me an idea or two of the shoe you are looking for and be your personal shopper/buyer.  Thoughts?

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32 responses to “Shoes-Day!

  1. Those shoes are adorable!! A nice pair of brown pumps is something that I definitely need. And YES to the shoe giveaway!!

  2. BRING ON the shoe give-away! I’m in need of some new basic black heels myself!, but I’m not picky! That’s so nice about the flight attendants serving your wine first-class! =)

  3. I sure you could guess my feelings on a shoe give-away. hehehe. Yay for free vino! I just got me a Delta SkyMiles number so I can stick with Air France and their unlimited free wine for all. :-D

  4. Those are so cute! I have a really cute pair of brown pumps, but theyre a touch too big and slip off my feet so I never wear them. So sad.

    Shoe giveaway? That may be the best idea I’ve ever heard!

  5. That crazy ol’ ShopItToMe- gets me every time!

    Cute shoes… and a giveaway? Intriguing…

  6. I’d be up for the giveaway- I’d like you to highlight a favorite shoe of yours:)

  7. ur Friday casual look is my absolute favorite of the bunch. its no doubt you have great style but u can pull off so many looks effortlessly and always looks really fashionable. <3

  8. Um girl, I have loved every single pair of shoes you have posted. I am a stilettos girl all the way from Steven Madden to Nine West. Unless it’s -20 like right now then I break out the UGGS.

    You always look so put together and cute in every photo you post. :)

  9. Those brown pumps are chocolate killer! Love em!
    I’d love to enter a shoe giveaway from you!
    Going to Hawaii? Jealous, my brother is there now :)

  10. Happy belated Birthday Shanna! A shoes give-a-way! Heck yes! But isn’t it your birthday and us blog readers should be buying you shoes? : )

  11. i know this a shoes post but I love your pants!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I love your pants too! And the shoes of course!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful lady!!

    Your outfits are fabulous as always! I LOVE Marshalls, no, more like obsessed. Half of designer brands? Don’t mind if I do!

  14. You are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I love your style and jessica simpon shoes are so good-such a deal especially when you find them at Marshalls! =) Thats the best feeling ever!

  15. yay for free wine :) did you use your new cocktail napkins! i love them by the way…

    Um yes to the shoes…DUH! hahaha

  16. Happy belated birthday! And yes on the shoes giveaway!

  17. I am a shoe addict so um YES I would be interested in a shoe give-away!!

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