Those wild Friday nights

I’m old.

More than anything I just wanted to watch my DVRed shows…hello Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  i think I may have actually felt a bit of sympathy for Camille the last episode.  But then that went away ;)

Though I was not at all in the mood to cook, I knew I’d feel better if I ate something healthy.  Prowling around the fridge and pantry lead me to these items:

Household staples

I cut of the tofu and let it marinate in TJ’s low-sodium soy sauce and crushed lemon pepper for about an hour and a half before cooking.  I sautéed all ingredients in a large non-stick skillet for about 30 minutes on medium-low starting with the onions and celery and finally adding the broccoli slaw.  Top with some Siracha and you have dinner!

Yum x2

And though this filled me up, I decided to have a little dessert:

TJ's never disappoints

Mini souffles for him and her

I have to say these were pretty good.  I under cooked them slightly which was a bummer, but at 110 calories for pumpkin deliciousness, you really can’t go wrong. 

My Friday evening may have also been accompanied by 2 glasses of Pinot Noir :)

And wouldn’t you know I’m back at work, not enjoying the 60 deg sunny day.  In the words of Snooki “Waaaahhhhh”!

Tell me one fun thing you’re doing or have done this weekend?  It’s okay, make me jealous

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9 responses to “Those wild Friday nights

  1. Nicole

    I have finished painting my bathroom which wasn’t fun but I’m glad it’s over!

  2. mmm i’m looking out for those souffles!

  3. Well…I’ve been packing. haha Doesn’t really count as fun, though. I’m moving back to school tomorrow, so it is a mad race to get everything ready now.

    That pumpkin soufle is only 110 calories?! I know what I’m getting next time I’m at Tjs!

  4. Those souffles are adorable! (Is it weird for me to describe food in the same way one would describe a baby? LOL) Feel sorry for Camille? Never! And, this is going to be a good season of Jersey Shore! ;)

  5. I had a swim meet today. I am going to Lake Placid tomorrow which will be lovely. I can’t wait to detox my body from all this crap bah.

  6. Dang, I need a TJ’s up here in Canada! They have the best things….

    I love quick dinners as I always find them the best and the most tastiest!

    I am a HUGE RHoBH, girl you know this, and I actually don’t mind Camille. I find her craziness adds a good punch to the show. She is gorg :)


  7. Meesh

    Your dinner looks delicious! Love when pulling random stuff out of the fridge makes something fantastic! I’m having a pretty lazy weekend myself, went bowling last night, which was fun!

  8. I love the tofu stirfry you threw together! I am terrible at making tofu at home, but you made it look so easy – I’m way jealous!

  9. I’m with you sister, my exciting Friday night consisted of DVR (RHOBH and Pretty Little Liars). And I’m not being a smartass, it was seriously exciting :) I also felt bad for Camille, it was the first time she seemed human to me. Buuut, she’s still a witch.

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