This was the word I picked from my Angel Card while at Bikram Yoga yesterday.  The owner of BYSJ decided to share a tradition: an Angel Card is selected at the beginning of each year, for which you will then dedicate yourself to achieving, understanding, becoming…

I picked Transformation.

My 2011 Angel Card Word

That can mean so much.  Body transformation (preggers?).  Emotional transformation (contentedness in where I’m at).  Mindful transformation (practicing of patience and the words I use to express myself).  Eating transformation (releasing bad food habits (like frequent “fat-kid” moments)).  Relationship transformation (finding more time to dedicate to nurturing my marriage).  Style transformation (surely I have mention shoes somewhere ;) )

Last night I had a sleeping transformation with the hubby.  We decided to switch sides of the bed so that I could be closer to the window.  I prefer to have the window wide open (even when it gets below 40deg) so I can cuddle deeper in the blankets.  I sleep a ton better.  Apparently the hubby feels like he may freeze to death.  So far, I’m not loving the transformation.  His side (now my side) isn’t broken in for my body yet ;)

In which ways do you want to “transform” in 2011?

And I have to admit that knowing I’m going to post all of my food has made me very conscientious of what I want to put in my mouth (that’s what she said..err yeah).


  • 9a–2.5 cups of coffee with 1+ tbsp vanilla creamer in each
  • 1015a–toasted whole wheat english muffin with <1tbsp maple-pumpkin butter on each half
  • 1130a–Toffee graham cracker from last night ;)
  • 2p–100 cal bag of lime-salt popcorn (sooo good!); baby carrots and a few tbsp spicy hummus
  • 415–peppermint tootsie roll pop
  • 6p–arugula salad with roasted beets, corn, slivered almonds, and ground peppa; 2 cut up Smartdogs on the side (for protein)

Salad garnished with TJ's parmesan ranch dressing

  • 7p–1/3 Sprinkles cupcake :)
  • 8p–1 glass of Pinot Noir


  • 90 min Bikram
  • 20 min walk with Naava

And I’ll leave you with a random question: Is there a way to comment on blogs within Google Reader? I’m so far not loving it :?

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20 responses to “Transformation

  1. No… I think you have to click on the post to comment. Yeah, it’s sort of an extra step, but I would probably lose track of all the blogs I read otherwise!

  2. you need to get the google reader “next” button…basically it’s a little thing you put in your bookmark bar and when you press it, it take syou to the next blog on your google reader list…so you can comment right away! changed my blog-reading world :)

  3. I want to transform in 2011 by working out more. I’m pretty good with the healthy eats but since I’ve been home on break my workouts have been pretty lax. There’s a gym at my apartment at school, though, so that shoudl help me work out more!

    I’m no help with the Google Reader question, sorry!!

  4. Thats an awesome word to strive towards! I really like that idea. I want to transform physically with getting into working out more and transform professionally since I hate my job and am planning on leaving this spring.

    No clue about the Google reader but if there is a way I want to know!

  5. great post! omg and I want that salad! looks incredible! I think my transformation this year is better acceptance of my body!

  6. Love the transformation angel card! That’s a great idea for starting the new year. :) This is kinda off topic, but the pic of your nails holding up the angel card reminded me… have you tried gel nail polish? I just got a mani the other day and it’s kinda like a combo between gel tips and regular polish. It looks like regular polish, but stays on for 2 weeks with no chipping. How cool is that? The only down side is you have to pick a color you like, because you have to go to a nail salon to get it removed. (The lady told me it needs to be “soaked,” but I’m not sure in what.) :)

  7. It’s amazing how so many thoughts can come from just one word!!

    Your salad with the beets looks so good!

    I am one of those that got out of the whole calorie counting thing. but I agree, it works for many people. As long as someone doesn’t get “obsessive” over it. Which is why I had to cut the was much healthier for me not to. A lot of people can do it, and stay in check, and it works for them, which is great!

  8. oo I like that! What a great Yoga teacher- I love how much those cards get you to think.

    I’m hoping to really transform the way I think- sometimes I still let my past get in the way and go through cycles of not eating then over eating. My goal is to not beat myself up over this but just teach myself how to shift my thoughts to the mentality that I should just eat real foods! (veggies/fruits/nuts)

  9. I actually use bloglovin to view all my blogs. It’s pretty awesome. You can scroll through your blogs one by one or just pick the ones you want to see – plus you can “like” certain posts and then view all of your liked posts. Check it out :)

  10. lime-salt popcorn – where did you get that? I bought a bag of olive oil/sea salt popcorn from Trader Joe’s and I inhaled it. I need to learn to pace myself. I’ve never really liked popcorn before so not sure why I loved that bag so much.

    Anyways, my transformation this year…is to stay in the present. I like structure and look forward to things happening in the future that I miss out sometimes on what’s happening NOW!

    In my experience, you have to actually open the blog link in order to comment on google reader. If you find a way around that, then let me know.

  11. bakebooks

    Hmm..well, this is not good for me. Because you eat very little to me. Especially compared to me. But I don’t want to be “that girl” that judeges – so I’ll shut my mouth :)

    That pulling out a card idea sounds wonderful – like a Fortune Cookie! …or the wrapper of a Dove Milk Chocolate…what? they have little sayings there…;)

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