Just when you thought you knew…

…enough about me, you’re going to find out more ;)

Thanks to cupcake queen Courtney, I’ve been tagged on the Four Things survey!

Four TV Shows I Watch:

  • Real Housewives (all but Atlanta) — I’m so not loving Camille right now!
  • Top Chef
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Gossip Girl


Four Things I’m Passionate About:

  • Food and wine (because they go hand in hand)
  • Shoes!
  • Traveling
  • Loved ones (including the pets)

End of our wedding day

Giza, Egypt with the MIL

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much:

  • “Is it too early for wine?”  (the answer is always no)
  • “I miss my bestie” (she moved to Boston :( )
  • “You’re breaking my balls” (yes I’m aware I don’t have balls)
  • “Please take ____ away from me” (usually when I’m having a fat-kid moment)

Bestie and me last Xmas

Four Things I Learned In the Past:

  • Your life does not end when you get your first B; I got mine in Grad school and heck, I’m still alive :)
  • It’s okay to be vulnerable, and sometimes it’s necessary
  • For every bad, there is a good
  • (Try to) live in the moment — so hard for me!

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  • Lasik surgery on Jan 20th.  Meep!
  • Being pregnant
  • Kauai for my friend Anne’s wedding next month
  • My next bestie-only European vacation ;)

Four Things I Love About Winter:

  • Knee high boots (and skinny jeans)
  • Crisper Cali weather (so I’m not the sweaty beast I normally am)
  • The rain (again we don’t get snow, but we do get rain and I like seeing it now and then)
  • Chili…lots and lots of chili

Standard winter look

Okay now I have to tag some more lovely ladies, so here goes:

Have a fabulous Saturday!  Despite having to work, I know mine will be great :D!

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14 responses to “Just when you thought you knew…

  1. I always say “Get off my sack” and hate how people point out I don’t have one. Duh, I know that….it’s just a saying!

    Camille is an absolutely nutcase. I used to watch the ATL but cannot stand Nene, she is too ghettolicious for my taste.

    Jealous of all your travels!

  2. You look lovely. I love all the boots that you always share. I wish we had crisp weather versus snow sometimes.

    Good luck with Lasik.

  3. Haha, I swear I watch all the Housewives except Atlanta too! Plus I can’t stand Camille right now either! She is super annoying!

  4. bakebooks

    I love this! So nice to get to “know” you more. No snow! It’s snowing lightly here now – kind of beautiful…but only because I’m inside with hot cocoa ;) – otherwise I despise it and need to live in a warm climate – must move!

    Kaui next month?! Amazingness.

  5. i am in the middle of a gossip girls marathon :) totally in love with that show – their fashion is just amazing!

  6. You should come out here for some “crisp” winter air. :) I’m looking forward to our next vacation, and also to being preggers. Well mostly, just to eating like a fat kid every day for nine months. hehehe :)

  7. Yes!!! Real housewives is my fave too!! All except atlanta, I know…me too. Hehe, I actually like Camille because I think she is stinking cute and lives in the best house!!

    Your pics are amazing!! I can’t wait till I will travel to Egypt!


  8. Love Vampire Diaries!! Damon is definitely the hottest vamp around. Take that Edward Cullen! lol

  9. ugh, Camille! Someone make her go away! WE have so much in common! I also survived getting a B, who would have thought!? Lasik surgery?! That’s awesome! Mama Pea recently got it done. Good luck girl! I’m sure everything will go smoothly and you will have even sharper eyes for spotting cute shoes! ;)

  10. You had me cracking up through out this post. I don’t like Camille either!! I was really having a hard time deciding on who my favorite is this season, but I think I’ve decided on Kim.
    That is AWESOME that you went to Egypt- I didn’t know that!! Looks like a really cool country :D

  11. Can I come to these parties of yours when I am in the San Francisco area? They are such fabulous host. They should be featured on one of those reality TV shows about parties.

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