A Christmas Poem from Baking’n’Books

Woohoo, we made it to Friday and Christmas Eve is just one week away! 

AND I’m not wearing my crabby pants today.  They didn’t fit ;)

I wasn’t going to post, until I came across this poem from Jennifer at Baking’n’Books and it brought me a smile so I thought I’d repost it. 

(She’s pretty awesome by the way!)



‘Twas the night at the Supermarket, when all through the store

Every creature was stirring, the food was the lore;

The vegetables were stocked by the fruits with tender care,

In hopes that the mad Foodies soon would be there;



The shelled peanuts were nestled all snug in their bins,

While visions of the Nut-Cracker danced in their heads;

And Mothers with their kids, and I all alone,

Took a glance at the crowds and gave a half-hearted moan.



When in the back aisle there arose such  a clatter!,

I sprang from my spot to see what was the matter;

Away to the Bakery I flew like a flash,

Raced threw the crowds, in a mad dash.



Candy, chocolates, Turtles and pie,

Cans of pumpkin and filling all piled sky-high;

All the ingredients and items familiar by name,

Which chocolate chips and hummus tubs would I inevitably claim?



New product finds – edamame as a dip?,

Thick nestle lattes? Oh my! – I could see my future pants rip;

Peanut Butter, Almond, which would I choose?,

Oh heck, I’ll take them all – I’d have nothing to lose!


But alas, I had to leave, ere I drove out of sight,

With a “Merry Christmas” Shoppers, and my wallet – quite light!


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7 responses to “A Christmas Poem from Baking’n’Books

  1. What a cute poem!

    Happy FRIDAY!

  2. bakebooks

    Oh! I could hug you right now! I’m having an awful day – life – and this just warmed my heart. You are such a good, beautiful person I can’t even express…and I want your address! To send you some good Starbucks :) Hope you have a GREAT day!

  3. Very cute poem – I commented on Jennifer’s site as well.

    I hope you have a good Friday and a great weekend!

  4. That poem is adorable! Saving it! Have a great weekend girl!

  5. “Thick nestle lattes? Oh my! – I could see my future pants rip” after a quick read of the poem, this made me laugh and smile :)

    Have a good weekend Shanna

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