Happy Shoes-day Tuesday everyone!  

First things first, I got this amazing comment from Anna at Zone Perfect on my Protein Bars post and YOU guys can benefit!!!  I love the blog world! 

Thanks for the reco, Kara! We want to give everyone a chance to try ZonePerfect bars, so we’ve made a discount code just for readers of Shanna’s blog.
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This post also features a bonus Birthday shout-out to Rachel!  We went out on Saturday night to celebrate her Birthday and settled on Straits on Santana Row, where the food is good, but the people watching and drinks are even better ;)  

This was the outfit du jour:  

The Hampton dress by Lulu


Thanks to Courtney’s post  a few weeks back, she showcased some cute new dresses from a few online stores I hadn’t heard of — one of them being Lulu’s.  I think it’s a safe bet to say the reason I hadn’t heard of it is because it targets, err, umm, a generation younger than me ;)  But that won’t stop me..shoooot!  This dress is called Summer at the Hamptons and was $56.  It’s a very comfy dress and runs pretty true to size (it was slightly big at size small (Juniors)).   

These shoes are great go-to wedges for a little glam to an outfit.  Surprisingly they are from Banana Republic!    

Silver wedges from Banana Republic


I bought them with a gift card 3 years ago or so and I’m pretty sure they were ~$90.  Usually peep toe sling backs are my nemesis because they don’t stay on, but these ones do.  WIN!   

Back to the Birthday celebration.  It was such a nice night that we were able to sit outside.  And despite our horrific service (okay not horrific, but certainly not good), we enjoyed our 3 bottles of Rutherford Merlot, several appetizers, and various Asian / Indian infused dishes.  Best part was the surprise birthday dessert for Rachel.  I think she’s pleased ;)   

"A special Birfday dessert for me?"


The dessert was a dense persimmon pudding like cake and was AWESOME!  I think it was my favorite bites of the night.  We all dug in, no germaphobes here!  

We also did some round-robin photo taking at the table: 

2 out of 3 hubbies are weird


The third husband is out of view in this picture.  I’m not sure which one is the normal one ;)  The one on the right is mine! 

After dinner and a quick stop at Ben and Jerry’s, we headed to the V Bar at Hotel Valencia.  I’m pretty sure Andrea had the bright idea to make Rachel (and the rest of us girls) take a shot.  Enter Buttery Nipple.  Andrea gulped hers and Rachel and I were wusses chose to sip ours.  I have no clue what’s going on in this picture and apparently I don’t have an qualms of posting unflattering pics of myself! 

Feel free to supply your caption of this hot mess-ness!


Alas, this is how we ended the night and all of us weren’t too worse for the wear on Sunday — yay!  

Me, Birthday girl Rachel, and A!


How many wedges do you own?  

30 Days of Insight: The five songs I’d have on a desert island and why.  Tell me about your favorite 5 songs and why :) 

  • “I’ve had the time of my life” — it’s from my favorite movie Dirty Dancing and it was the last song played at our wedding :) 
  • “Wind Beneath My Wings” — this song is just so unbelievably beautiful and has so much heart, and grief, and emotion tied in.  Many memories. 
  • “Butterfly Kisses” — when I heard the song about 14 years ago, I knew it was the song I’d dance with my father with at my wedding…and it was ;) 
  • “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” — how can you not love this song right along with Cyndi Lauper?  It was my anthem as a little girl and today…as a bigger girl! 
  • “Mo Money Mo Problems” — this song screams DANCE to me and also has so many memories.  I bet Notorious B.I.G. is hanging out with Tu Pac somewhere.  My husband can rap this whole song too and I find that very charming..haha ;)
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31 responses to “Shoes-day!

  1. erinsloves

    I LOVE Lulu’s and that dress is soo cute!!

    5 Songs I would have:

    “Kashmir:- Led Zeppeling
    “Climb to Safety”- Widespread Panic
    “Bulls On Parade”- Rage Against the Machine
    “Carolina”- Eric Church
    “Patience”- Guns N Roses

    That was so hard to just pick 5!! Just simply LOVE all of those songs.

  2. Five songs I can’t live without:
    – “Don’t stop believin'” : Not just because it’s a Glee anthem, but that doesn’t hurt.
    – “Free Fallin'” : The lyrics “she loves horses and her boyfriend too”… I always thought they were written about me.
    – “Brown-Eyed Girl” : I used to sing this song to my horse in competition to calm both of our nerves. She’s my brown-eyed girl and I always get misty eyes when I hear it.
    – “If this is it” : This song is tied with “Hip to be Square.” Heuy Lewis and the News is one of the first two CDs owned by my parents and I spent countless childhood hours listening.
    – “Meet me Halfway” : There are some memories here that I’m sure S will agree should never be forgotten. :)

    • Oh these are funny A because I can totally sing them in my head. Free Fallin is a great choice. I was convinced Brown Eyed Girl was about ME!
      Cracks me up that you listen to Huey Lewis, but I love his songs!

      Meet Me Halfway has some of THE BEST memories EVER!

      • I know Huey Lewis and the News is a bit corny. But in college my fav club always started their dance floor with a video of Huey Lewis and the News singing the national anthem. And for some reason that and listening as a kid has made a special spot in my heart for Huey. Don’t worry, I won’t name my kid Huey or anything… but I guess my secret listening habits are out! ;-P

      • Oh, and you and Sassy can share “Brown-Eyed Girl.” I can have two girls :)

  3. AWESOME pick on the dress! I was totally eyeballing that one too.
    Mine came in, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it…it’s a little short. :(

    • Too short? Nonsense ;)

      I bought TWO MORE dresses besides this one..and one is a wee bit see-through but with leggings it will be cute. The other is a hot one shouldered number.

      Thanks for the intro to Lulu’s!

  4. I only have 2 pairs of wedges- I think they’re so cute, but they rarely “work” for me… my fav type of shoe is the peep toe slingback, though!

    Aaaahhh buttery nipple… my fav memory of this shot is when my parents took me and a few friends out to eat for my 21st birthday and they offered a free shot on the house. My friend screams “do a buttery nipple!” and she’s sitting right next to my dad…

    Did I mention I have pretty conservative parents? Awkward…

  5. Those shoes are adorable!! I have a similar pair in beige from NY and Company and I wear them with everything!!

    Alright, song time!

    1) Hey Jude (Beatles)- This is one of the best songs ever. Yes, that was a slighty hyperbolic statement but I really do love this song. Also love that they purposely made it super long (all the “nah nahs” at the end) just to screw with the radio stations.

    2) Don’t Stop Believing (Glee)- I know you should usually roll with originals but this song just makes me so damn happy!

    3) Word of Your Body (Spring Awakening)- Figure I can have one downer song in the mix. And this song is a downer AND beautiful.

    4) I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)- Pure happiness.

    5) Fool In The Rain (Led Zepplin)- My dad and I are obsessed with this song. At school once I wanted to download the song but couldn’t remember the name so I called my dad in the dorm lounge and loudly sang him the melody so he could give me the name. I got the name and then was forced into my room for disrupting those doing their homework, haha.

  6. 5 Songs?

    1. Life is a Highway — not the Rascal Flatts version, the old one :) This song just pumps me up and makes me want to dance around like a fool
    2. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong (?) – This was our “first dance” song at our reception
    3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow — by that Hawaiian guy, not Judy Garland – this songs and the guy’s voice makes me cry every time!
    4. Enter Sandman – Metallica – I’ve seen them a few times live with my sisters, I loved rocking out and body surfing and the fun bonding time with my fam!
    5. The Long and Winding Road – The Beatles — I just love this song. My mom used to sing it all the time!

    So I don’t know the names of the bands/singers. But I love all of these songs!

    • 3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow — by that Hawaiian guy, not Judy Garland – this songs and the guy’s voice makes me cry every time!

      ….by that Hawaiian guy…I love that! That’s how I am with songs and artists. And I agree, this version is Amazing!

  7. That dress is HOT and so are those shoes!! I’m not a big wedge person though – I don’t own any! I’d much rather have pumps :)

  8. I am really loving the outfit, I can see myself wearing that. We have the same style :)

    While I was reading the post, I was like “What those are BR shoes?” I haven’t seen those…then you wrote it was from 3 years ago. I am a huge BR shopper, I think most of my work clothes look like BR catalog, lol!

    I’m suppose to be saving so I’m not proud to say I bought 2 pairs of wedge shoes from BR this season alone :(

    I like too many songs to just pick 5. I love remix of songs so if I put 20 songs in one remix track, can that count as 1 song?

    I love the Butterfly Kisses song too, I’m close with my dad so that song made me teary eyed.

  9. Aww, thanks for posting that comment!!! Hello Zone Perfect :-) I seriously woke up thinking about how today was Shoes-day and I couldn’t wait to read your post. Then I get a little added shout out bonus from Zone Perfect!!! It’s funny because I had a ZP Fudge Graham bar a few hours ago and tweeted about how much I loved it.
    Great pictures and dress, it looks really comfortable. I only have one pair of wedges, but they are my Coach wedges and they are the only pair I need :-)

  10. Love that dress! You’re so adorable :)
    Glad you were able to enjoy your friend’s bday- looks like it was a lot of fun! Nights out are always the best.

  11. amy

    Love the dress and shoes, so cute. So keep us updated if u come across any bars that are good nut not alot of preservatives and ingredients.their so hard to find. By the way u looked great in ur outfit. Very fit!!!

  12. Maria

    Girl, your dress is so uber cute! I heart it! Need to check out that online store. Oh – and wedges? Too many to count. As for songs, gotta think about that one – I listen to everything!


  13. I LOVE that dress. It shows of your killer legs. I’ve never heard of Lulu’s but I’m going shopping now. And is it just my wishful thinking, or is that dress comfortable? It looks it.

    • Killer legs? Wow, now that’s a compliment Tracey — thanks :) :) I personally have major qualms with my legs..argh..but that’s neither here nor there..hehe.

      And YES the dress is surpisingly comfy and billows out right around the tummy so it’s a great dress to wear when you know you might be eating a lot..hehe

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  15. That’s not just the best anwser. It’s the bestest answer!

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