Calafia in California with some Chobani

I had been wanting to try a  new restaurant in Palo Alto since seeing it on Cara‘s blog a couple weeks ago.  Go figure that it takes a blogger all the way from VA, to show me a tempting to place to eat essentially in my own backyard ;) 

To start the evening, Andrea and I went to The Wine Room — also in Palo Alto.  Now I have to say that we had a really bad experience here before.  That is, we had NO experience.  They were supposed to open at 4p, but didn’t even acknowledge us until 430 and blew us off explaining that they were not ready to open due to an earlier private party.  Let’s just say as of 515p we left for elsewhere since they still were not open.  Why we gave them another chance on Friday night, I’m not sure, but I believe in second chances when it comes to wine ;) 

Really the ambiance was quite cozy and lovely filled with sitting couches, dark wood, benches and small tables.  Very cute.  The wine list was ‘okay’ and a bit over-priced if you ask me.  However, the service was good and we must have ordered the biggie glass of wine because check these out! 

Supersized vino


We also had some mixed olives, which were marinated in a really tasty EVOO (not 

Alright, onto the restaurant du jour: Calafia!  I loved how they offered an entire menu devoted to vegetarians and vegans.  How great is that?  Honestly, you should click the link above just to drool over the choices.  Go ahead, I’ll wait ;) 

While waiting for the rest of our party, Andrea and I continued our vino slurping tasting at the bar.  The bartender was so kind and let us taste all of the Pinots they had available.  Unfortunately, I thought they were all duds.  We settled on the MacMurray Ranch Pinot, which was good, not great, but good. 

Once our hubbys and another couple arrived, we sat down for dinner and proceeded to EAT

We selected two appetizers for the group: 

Duck Dumplings
fresh ground duck shiitake mushrooms scallions ginger green onions sake sesame oil, with dipping sauce
Tempura Fried Vegetables(VG)
served with a most appropriate dipping sauce

No duck for me, but the tempura veggies were perfectly crisp, not too greasy, and were of a well-rounded variety of cauliflower, red onions (fave!), and zucchini. 

Like I do before visiting any new restaurant, I scope out my planned meal :)  Here is my entrée: 

Gluten Free Spaghetti (GF) Spinach, walnuts, English peas, pumpkin-hempseed pesto, parmesan, vegetable stock & a small amount of butter


Oh dear lord, this was GOOD!  I loved the crunch of the walnuts and the lightness of the GF pasta.  Excellent pesto that I’m eager to recreate. 

Zach’s entrée: 

Braised Sonoma County Lamb Shoulder (GF) (DF) Chic peas, Swiss chard, minty bacon padron pepper sauce


A blurry lamb-y bowl-o-food.  This meal carried the highest price tag and got the worst reviews of the evening.  Zach said it was good, but not worth the price compared to how affordable and delicious our meals were. 

Rachel’s entrée: 

Vegan Love Fest (VG) Lemony chic pea puree, grilled radicchio, grilled red onion, kalamata olive jalapeno tapanade & basil


Forgive the fact that the pizza looks radioactive — I assure you it was not.  Though I did not reach over and stab a slice for myself, Rachel concluded it was a perfect pizza. 

After dinner, we walked to ColdStone Creamery, which I hadn’t been to for a handful of years.  Now I know why: I can’t contain the fat-kid within.  I was dippin’ my spoon in every body’s ice cream like a Tasmanian food devil on crack.  Not good, people, not good.  Well the ice cream was good, but my behavior was assuredly not.  There was a photo, but I will spare you the disaster ;) 

The other good highlight of my weekend was this guy: 

Blueberry Chobani


Would you believe I’ve NEVER had Greek Yogurt?  Well okay, I suppose I have when it’s used in place of sour cream, but never a proper cup of my own Greek Yogurt.  Thanks to Courtney, I won some coupons off her blog for 12 Chobani’s all for meeeeee!  I picked up 6 to start: 2 Blueberry, 2 Raspberry, 2 Strawberry.  Upon returning from the grocery store, I dug into the one above.  Verdict: Stupendous!  I cannot believe I’ve been missing out for so long.  I loved the thick texture and the sweet fruit bottom.  The only negative IMO, is that they are 140 calories and priced at $1.99 per yogurt cup.  Usually when I eat yogurt, I prefer a max of 100 calories, but these are too much of a WIN to squabble calories over! 

Do you eat Greek yogurt?  What brand?  And what else am I missing out on???

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22 responses to “Calafia in California with some Chobani

  1. YAYYY! So glad you finally got the coupons and that you love them as much as I do! You’ve gotta try the vanilla, honey, and pomegranate next – they’re ALL delish!
    They’re $1.99 out there? They’re only .99 here – and I thought we always had the higher prices on everything!

  2. Oh Coldstone… so good! I’m the same- I want to get the most ice cream possible on trips like that (even if it means trying everyone else’s… multiple times!)

  3. I got the grilled tofu black bean tacos at Calafia, and although no pics were taken, they were stupendous! I’m not a vegetarian, but I was not at all missing my chicken in those tacos. I can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu. :)

  4. Ooooh, I LOVE greek yogurt. It is so much thicker and creamier than other yogurt. That restaurant sounds pretty amazing and your meal looked GOOD. Makes my forthcoming dinner of BLTs seem pretty sad, lol.

  5. amy

    I use the Greek Fage yogurt and love it. Its $1.89 in florida. I get the fat free and add my own strawberries or blueberries. Its only 90 calories.

  6. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! :) I have so many questions about wedding planning, I don’t know where to begin! I’ll definetly be following your blog, and I’m sure I’ll be contacting you with questions… thanks!

  7. Jill@MySoCalledHealthLife

    OMG girl you HAVE been missing out!! RUN out to your store and buy pineapple chobani. It is LIFE CHANGING!! (sorry about all the caps ;-) )

  8. Your cali living is making me jealous! And I loveee greek yogurt. My current favs are Fage 2% and TJ’s Honey Style. Delicious with jam/fruits/cereal/anything really

  9. Just found your blog & I LOVE it :D So cute!!!
    And YAY for finding Greek Yogurt..I’m totally addicted..I’m sure you can tell by the name ;)

  10. That pizza is vegan?! It looks oh so good. The first time I tried Greek yogurt I thought it was totally gross and now I’m hooked. I just tried Chobani for the first time the other day and it was extra creamy and delicious, yummm. Wish the price was a little lower though…

  11. Oh my goodness – I used to live in Mountain View and would go to the Trader Joe’s by Calafia all of the time, but never actually went to Calafia. I hear its AMAZING. Thanks for the recap.

    Also, you were a greek yogurt virgin (well, practically)!?!?!

    Welcome to the world of low calories, low sugar, high protein FABULOUSNESS!

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