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Detox to normality

I love having guests, I really do.  I’d like to think I’m a darn good host too — well one thing  is for certain:  I know I feeeed my guests well.  Fresh baked goods and creative dinners are a must. 

But there is also one reason I’m happy to have them go and that’s to stop eating so darned much! 

What’s my philosophy on food and fitness while guests are in town?  Go with the flow.  That can be hard when you’re type ‘A’ like me ;)  What I mean is don’t be too strict with your typical caloric intake and workout regimen.  While I didn’t get any one superb workout in over the weekend, we went hiking twice, climbed the dish once, and I resorted to my apartment complex gym once as well.  The important thing is that I was spending time with my family whom I only get to see 1-2 times a year!  The best part of group activities is being able to catch up while getting your fitness on :)

As for the food, well that’s even harder for me.  During the week I stick to ~1400 calories per day without much difficulty.  If I have an extremely draining workout, I’ll have 100-300 calories more.  On the weekend, I tend to go ape shit splurge, which I fully intend on reining back in ;)  But I know that “breaking bread” is one of the most enjoyable activities when in good company.  The sweet, the savory, the vino, the exotic, the comforting, the rare treat, and the last morsel.  All of these are too good to pass up because you’re worried you’ll fall off the wagon. 

A few tricks I (try) to obey by:

  1. Eat slowly
  2. Drink plenty of water with your vino ;)
  3. Put your appetizers on a plate so that you can see just how much you are eating.  Think twice about going back for seconds.
  4. Don’t get dessert — even if everyone else is — if you’re not really hungry
  5. If it doesn’t ‘rock your socks’ stop eating it.  What’s the point of consuming calories if it doesn’t taste amazing.
  6. Share appetizers and meals when you go out to eat
  7. Have a big lunch or a big dinner, but not both!
  8. Create a plan to get back on track when your guests leave
  9. Throw away, or give away, any and all tempting goodies for which you may lose your control
  10. Make sure you tell your guests how much fun you had ;)  (I had to think of a 10th one to round it out!)

I’m currently on number 8.  I know my caloric intake was much closer to 2000+ each day and I’m bringing it back to where it should be along with increased cardio sessions, longer dog walks, and in-home dining for the forseeable future.

Any other ideas for detoxing back to normality? ;-P


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