It was a ‘B’ weekend

Seriously, where does the time go?  I’d like to boycott Sundays because they signal the pending doom of the week.  I kid, I kid ;)  It’s been a busy and productive weekend filled with activities.

After walking the dish, I wanted to Bake something for my Bestie in honor of her (30th…GAH!) Birthday!  She, like me, loves her peanut butter almost, but not quite as much as pumpkin.  So after searching the interwebs over the last week, I found a recipe on Jif’s website that also included coconut.  Um, really?  That sounds delish!  Ingredients purchased and ready to go.  My Gma forcefully made me hinted she would like pumpkin cookies too.  Me turn down baking something pumpkin?  Heck no!  Once again, I borrowed Julie’s recipe for easy pumpkin spice cookies, but this time I threw in pomegranate seeds and raisins (small handfuls of each?).  They were glorious!

Now for my PB Coconut Bars, care of Jif.  I was so enticed by this recipe because it called for whole wheat flour versus white, and actually didn’t have that much sugar or butter.  I assumed this is because PB — the not-so-secret ingredient would make it all tasty and perfecto mundo.  Well you know what they say when you assume?  Yep, you got it…it makes an @ss out of u and me ;)  Well these guys looked decent enough.  The frosting I also made tasted good enough, but when I bit into the bar, I did not have the flavor explosion I was hoping for.  Dare I say it tasted nutritious?  Almost like a breakfast bar.  Not overly sweet, no real punch of coconut.  Rats!  Would I make this recipe again?  Hmmm, perhaps, but next time, I’d boost the vanilla, add some cinnamon, use brown sugar instead of white sugar and use sweetened coconut instead of unsweetened.  Well what did others think of them (particularly the bestie)???  LOVED THEM!?!?  Huh?  I’m so confused.  Is my palette failing me?  Surely it must be.  Well no matter, it made for a lovely dessert to provide as a pre-dinner treat.  Next time, I’ll go with my gut and make Andrea’s delicious looking congo bars from Can you Stay for Dinner?

Platter 'o treats for the bestie

Coconut PB bars and Raisin Pomegranate Pumpkin cookies

Off we went for some true Italian food in Mountain View at Vaso Azzurro.  If you haven’t been and are in need of a mood boost, run, don’t walk, here!  The staff is so gregarious and you are serenaded by a phenomenal family of singers while you dine on delicious focaccia and olive oil saturated with garlic, red pepper flakes, and fresh basil.  After a few bottles of some quite tasty Ventana Pinot Noir, we had a table of 9 people strong singing our hearts away… “When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”  Oh such fun.  I think the Bday girl liked it :)

Happy 30th Bestie!

Onward to the Buddha Lounge…okay, okay, it’s now called Zen, but I’m going with my B theme alright? ;)  Somehow we were conned into Bottle service too….worth it?  Nah, but fun to get VIP treatment of course and as long as the Birthday girl is happy, I’m happy!!!  We had so much fun getting our dance on and being hot sweaty messes!

After a night of drinking and dancing, my body wanted something fresh in the morning.  Green Monster time!  My Mom and Gma were even going to try some — woohoo!  So in the mix went 1 cup very packed frozen spinach, 2 Bananas, 1.5 cup chocolate soy milk, and 1/2 cup water.  Ta-da!  All 3 generations thoroughly enjoyed our GMs!

GMs for the generations

And to round out this amazing weekend was a drive to Big Sur for which I leave you these fabulous photos!  I’ve had a request to make homemade pizza so off I go ;)

Ginormous Redwood

Beyond beautiful

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7 responses to “It was a ‘B’ weekend

  1. Shanna, your sweets look so delicious! I love your creativity and how kind you are to bake for your best friend!! So glad that everyone loved them, even if you didn’t think they were your best. They sound absolutely mouth watering- peanut butter anything is perfect! And thanks for the shout out, it made me smile!

    Looks like an overall wonderful time! Have a lovely night!

  2. peanutbutterfingers

    yummmm! all your treats look fantastic!

  3. Yum, I must try the Coconut Bars.

    I just found your blog and wanted to say HELLO. I went to the recipe page and immediately the coconut bars caught my eye.

    I like making bake goods as gifts too, just like how I love receiving them. Your friends are lucky that you make such good treats.

    • Welcome! I’m so glad you found me…and you’re another Cali blogger! Woohoo! I too love coconut in almost everything!

      I’d suggest incorporating some of the adjustments on the recipe if you make them and have fun :)

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